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You are a small-timer Luddite. I have no idea WTF ViewNX2 software is, much less how to use it.
You don't mess with the classics, my friend.
A space camp jump suit is never out of fashion.
Measurements are on price tags, click to enlarge. P is P2P, L is length from top of collar.1. Go to third photo, the one which shows the tags.2. Click to enlarge.3. Read size. (BB2) Read two numbers (21, 25.25), first is P2P, second is BOC length.
From above:I measured most of these or at least the same size/model. If the one you want doesn't have measurements, check identical size/model sweaters. Measurements are on price tags, click to enlarge. P is P2P, L is length from top of collar.
There are legitimate reasons for private feedback. One example is that in the case that ebay is a business for you then a competitor can see what you have bought and who you have bought it from. Without spelling out exactly how this information can be used, trust me in my saying that it can be quite valuable.
New Brooks Brothers Silk Ties. All are made in USA unless otherwise noted. Any imperfections are noted. Brooks Brothers often puts "Irregular" labels on overproduction. Shipped rolled up in 4x4x4 cardboard box. Price includes US shipping. Extra Long ties at bottom. Navy Wool Knit Tie. This tie IRL is a dark navy and does not look as blue as this pic shows. Italy. $32 Gold Wool Knit Tie. Italy. $32 Beautiful White / Light Lavender Weave Silk. Fabric is...
:nodding:Price includes US shipping. Contact me for quote in international shipping. Some of these are measured. Use that as a guideline for the others. I am not going to measure every shirt. Neither will Thom Browne. Gray Blue White Flannel Button Down with Sleeve Stripes. TB0. $110. Blue Short Sleeve OCBD. Bleached spots on front shown in pic. TB0. $100 White Oxford Cloth Wing Collar French Cuff. Inner label looks like a Brooks Brothers custom label,...
Thanks. I will call them tomorrow.
Your call, obviously. But I choose to trust the people from here over some random ebayer so I don't sell to them. I couldn't give you a name by name reason for everyone on my Blocked list, but I am not taking them off of it.
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