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Also +1 for bragging about your income. That is really relevant.
Razorback Talk??? Hogville is much better IMO. +1 that she's a Razorback fan, though.
Price includes US shipping. Fabulous New Without Tags Brooks Brothers 1818 Fitzgerald Dark Houndstooth Wool Sport Coat. Two button, Double vent. Made in USA. Purple paisley lining. About a 39S. Measures P2P 20.5, Sh 17.75, Sl 25.25, L 28.75. $210
Price includes US shipping. Contact me for prices for international shipping. New without tags Brooks Brothers Luxury Line Egyptian Cotton Shirts. These are super premium fabrics. Look at the close ups to see the rich detail. $52 Each or Two for $95 I have duplicates of some of these so if you want more than one, ask. Some may have GF hang tags and price tags. New With Tags Brooks Brothers Egyptian Cotton Pinpoint Button Down. All are Slim Fit. Made in USA. ...
Expensive alteration.
My feedback is 99.8% positive, so the record looks pretty clean. I have been starting, operating and selling my own businesses for 25 years now so I am pretty comfortable with my own ideas of what I should be striving for, professionally. Dealing with dipshits is just something which I prefer to minimize. That attitude costs me money sometimes. I can afford it.
I usually don't bother talking to those assholes at all. Yeah, the difference between TRS and not will cost me thousands of dollars per year. Dealing with idiots is not worth it. I just do other work and move on.
Nicholas: There goes a thousand dollars.Christine: Your shoes cost a thousand dollars?Nicholas: That one did.
Switch the buttons and wear it if you like the jacket. Brooks Brothers sells blazers which have smooth suit-like fabric. The difference between a navy suit coat and a navy blazer is the buttons and (usually) the fabric. People have these vague concepts of how a suit jacket is constructed differently than a blazer. It is not.* If you disagree, don't just tell me I am wrong. Give me measurable quantifiable differences of construction of a suit jacket and a blazer, not...
In the past, Brooks Brothers has made OCBD's for SHIPS.
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