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:nodding:Price includes US shipping. Contact me for quote in international shipping. Some of these are measured. Use that as a guideline for the others. I am not going to measure every shirt. Neither will Thom Browne. Gray Blue White Flannel Button Down with Sleeve Stripes. TB0. $110. Blue Short Sleeve OCBD. Bleached spots on front shown in pic. TB0. $100 White Oxford Cloth Wing Collar French Cuff. Inner label looks like a Brooks Brothers custom label,...
Thanks. I will call them tomorrow.
Your call, obviously. But I choose to trust the people from here over some random ebayer so I don't sell to them. I couldn't give you a name by name reason for everyone on my Blocked list, but I am not taking them off of it.
Maybe I wasn't clear. These are credit card chargebacks. I think this would be a slam dunk if it were a Paypal complaint because paypal has access to my documentation. Still call Paypal?
Anyone have experience with credit card (edit for clarification) chargebacks on ebay deals? Here is what happened 1. C.harles B.elina (marcusaurilius) bought two BB cashmere sweaters from me at the end of November for $140 each. 2. He sent me a message upon receipt saying there was a stain on the sleeve of one. I offered to replace it with a different sweater. He agreed. We swapped sweaters through the mail. 3. No complaints or correspondence about them through...
New Brooks Brothers Knit Ties, Standard length. Width listed in individual descriptions. Shipped rolled up in 4x4x4 cardboard box. Price includes US shipping. Black Silk Knit. 2 3/8 wide. Italy. $32 ALL SOLD BELOW Navy Wool, Made in Italy. 2.75 inches wide. $32sold out Navy / Yellow Stripe Wool, Made in Italy. 2.75 inches wide. $32 sold out Light Blue Knit Silk Knit. 2 3/8 wide. Italy. $32sold out Berry Knit Silk Knit. 2 3/8 wide. Italy. ...
I wouldn't laugh at the guy for being willing to knock out $10 per item. In fact, I give him a better chance of succeeding than the guy starting with the plan of "I'm only buying items which make a $100 profit".
I realize that I am in the minority on this, and I am not trying to convince anyone that my way is the best way. But her is how I handle it:If the buyer has not been a solid customer in the past I usually ignore and do not provide extra measurements. The reason for this is that over the years of doing this I have observed that "providing measurements" is usually a waste of my time. I mean providing measurements beyond the following:Suit jackets / sport coats / blazers:...
I sold a pair of used C & J chelsea boots to someone semi famous, Ricky Skaggs. I was curious enough to do a quick google search on the mailing address and it was indeed the musician.
Also +1 for bragging about your income. That is really relevant.
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