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More like a 45R IMO.
My listing price is the starting price.An important rule of negotiation it that you don't negotiate with yourself. If you name the price twice in a row, then you are negotiating with yourself.That said, because we are talking about relatively inexpensive items I will sometimes do it just to save time. However, if someone asks me for my best price and I give it, then I will not go any lower. Many people like to do that negotiating gamesmanship of asking for the best...
If it's not the first rule then it is pretty close to that.
Years ago ebay was full of it: JC Penney not Brioni Kiton...
Agreed. I would like to see it again.
Take your jacket to a mainline BB store which offers the MTM program and look through their fabric samples. If they have it then they will make a pair of trousers to your specifications. Expect to pay a hefty price.
This thread is not unwelcoming of new posters. This thread is unwelcoming of thin-skinned noobs who want to walk into the room and dominate the conversation. Your machine gun posts and minor pissing contests with some of the regulars is a distraction and a waste of my time because I have to scroll through it.Helpful hint: There are people here who have made a living on ebay for years, know far more about this than you do, and only post every few weeks. RMPL.
That bike should have spoked wheels.
Price includes US shipping. New with tags Brooks Brothers Cambridge Blue Blazer, 3 roll 2, single vent, Comero wool. $165 Cambridge is a slim fit version of Brooks Brothers iconic Ivy League / Trad blazer. Very lightweight, perfect for warm weather wear. Note that the 41R is labelled as 42R. But a 21.5 P2P is not a 42R, so I am calling it a 41R. Measurements: 36RSOLD P2P 19.5, Sh 16.75, Sl 24, L 29.25 40RSOLD P2P 21, Sh 17 5/8, Sl 24 3/8, L 29.25 41RSOLD P2P...
New Posts  All Forums: