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Nobody is. But there will be individual ebay transactions that you will lose money on. It is a PITA but you have to look at the big picture.
It was shocking. They crawl into a van that's hanging halfway off the overpass and IT FALLS OFF!! I can't be the only one whose jaw was hanging open in amazement because I never imagined that would happen. What is even more amazing is that the van fell forward off the overpass and landed upright. In the pre zombie apocalypse world it would have landed on its nose, past vertical and would have ended up upside down. But nobody thinks of that because everyone was like...
Price includes US shipping. NWT Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Khaki Wool Twill Trousers. Hand Tailored in Canada. Flat front. Waist 46, Length unhemmed. Retail $448. $99.
:nodding:Price includes US shipping. Contact me for international shipping quote. No volume discount. First quality unless otherwise noted but labels marked to prevent return to BB. I measured most of these or at least the same size/model. If the one you want doesn't have measurements, check identical size/model sweaters. Measurements are on price tags, click to enlarge. P is P2P, L is length from top of collar. Retail on the Cashmere sweaters ranges from $348 to...
Yes, the point I was making is that there is no reason to differentiate between the contiguous (or continental US) and the lower 48. I suppose it is based upon the assumption that it costs more to ship to AK and HI.Thanks, Brian. I was in Vietnam for about 2 months visiting friends and riding motorcycles. I am not Asian and I am not a Vietnam veteran, I just like the place and especially the people. As an entrepreneur I do not ever want to retire, except that I will...
A 13 ounce First Class parcel from North Carolina to Los Angeles costs me the exact same amount as sending it to Hawaii. With the type of packages that we ship if there is any difference in price for shipping to AK or HI it would be minimal.
Yes. The US made shirts are manufactured in the Garland plant by the same people who make the OTR shirts so the only difference will be in the details (beveled/rounded cuffs, two button/one button cuff, type of collar, etc.)
Yes, "Price includes CONUS shipping" shows that someone hasn't done his homework.
I have seen thousands of BB custom made shirts. Every must iron was made in the USA. Every non-iron was made in Malaysia. Granted, most if not all seem to be MTM. But unless this is a brand new program I would expect to have seen a few Chinese shirts if they exist. $160 is in line with their pricing for a US made MTM shirt with a base level fabric.The custom suits on that page are made in Thailand.
A few days ago I got a "I have paypal and will pay now!"Holy shit!!! You have Paypal?
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