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Sell a few dozen pairs of shoes on ebay with reasonable shipping charges, returns allowed, and no restocking fee.
I get about 40% returns for fit on ebay shoe sales. Sell them on SF where the buyers typically know their size.
Quick google search, ebay site: http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/build-your-business-online/deliver-great-service/handling.html1-day and same-day handling at-a-glance1-day or same-day handling gives you until the end of the next business day to shipHandling time starts when buyer payment clears Weekends and holidays don't countYou can set your handling time and order cut-off times for each listing1-day or same-day handling is not required to qualify for Top Rated...
Reduced **********Price includes US shipping. New With Tags Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Madison Gray Pinstripe Suit. Full Canvas Construction. Premium Saxxon Wool. Two Button, Single Vent. Flat front trousers. Jackets have baste stitching in place on shoulders and sleeves, button packs included. Trousers are unhemmed. Price tags, sleeve tags and Saxxon hang tags in place. Retail $1900. Made in Italy. $395>>>>$360 36SSOLD P2P 19.5, Sh 17 5/8, Sl 23, L...
I will research it for you. From ebay: When a buyer doesn't receive an item If a buyer doesn't receive an item, the buyer needs to report that they didn't receive the item by contacting the seller from My eBay. The seller should address the buyer's concern and provide updates on the delivery of the item, tracking information, or a refund. If the buyer isn't happy with the seller's response or doesn't receive a response, the buyer can ask us to step in and help. If...
Research it. You are responsible until the item is delivered to the buyer's address and you can document that it has been delivered.
You are still responsible for delivery even if the screwup is the fault of the buyer. If the buyer moved months ago and did not change his address in Paypal the USPS will not forward the package. He files as not delivered on ebay,You lose.You will be forced to refund. Maybe it comes back to you 3 months later. I had that happen a few months ago. I am 6 weeks into another one and have not seen it yet.
I am interested in this too. Hopsack is a basket weave and this is not a basic hopsack. The best way I can explain the difference is that the diagonals are more pronounced. This weave is common in older Oxxford blazers and I have only recently seen it in some made in Thailand Brooks Brothers Cambridge fit blazers.
Price includes US shipping. New With Tags Brooks Brothers Leather A-2 Style Flight Jacket. Buttery soft leather. A few tiny imperfections on the finish of each one, examples pictured. If the photo has a piece of paper with the word 'Small' on it then it is for the Small jacket. Retail $698. $215>>>>$195>>>>$180>>>>>>$145 Measured like a suit jacket: Small P2P 20.75, Sh 17, Sl 25.5, L 24.5 XL P2P 24.25, Sh 20 1/8, Sl 28.5, L 28.5
This is as old as dirt. I first saw this in a book by humorist H. Allen Smith. I doubt that any of you young whippersnappers know who he is.The head of the zoo in the midwest heard that a zoo in the Eastern US with a mongoose exhibit had been successful in breeding them in captivity. He wanted some for his zoo. He started a letter:Dear Sir,Please send me a pair of mongooses.Shit. That doesn't look right. Tried again:Dear Sir,Please send me a pair of mongeese.That...
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