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Research it. You are responsible until the item is delivered to the buyer's address and you can document that it has been delivered.
You are still responsible for delivery even if the screwup is the fault of the buyer. If the buyer moved months ago and did not change his address in Paypal the USPS will not forward the package. He files as not delivered on ebay,You lose.You will be forced to refund. Maybe it comes back to you 3 months later. I had that happen a few months ago. I am 6 weeks into another one and have not seen it yet.
I am interested in this too. Hopsack is a basket weave and this is not a basic hopsack. The best way I can explain the difference is that the diagonals are more pronounced. This weave is common in older Oxxford blazers and I have only recently seen it in some made in Thailand Brooks Brothers Cambridge fit blazers.
Price includes US shipping. New With Tags Brooks Brothers Leather A-2 Style Flight Jacket. Buttery soft leather. A few tiny imperfections on the finish of each one, examples pictured. If the photo has a piece of paper with the word 'Small' on it then it is for the Small jacket. Retail $698. $215>>>>$195>>>>$180>>>>>>$145 Measured like a suit jacket: Small P2P 20.75, Sh 17, Sl 25.5, L 24.5 XL P2P 24.25, Sh 20 1/8, Sl 28.5, L 28.5
This is as old as dirt. I first saw this in a book by humorist H. Allen Smith. I doubt that any of you young whippersnappers know who he is.The head of the zoo in the midwest heard that a zoo in the Eastern US with a mongoose exhibit had been successful in breeding them in captivity. He wanted some for his zoo. He started a letter:Dear Sir,Please send me a pair of mongooses.Shit. That doesn't look right. Tried again:Dear Sir,Please send me a pair of mongeese.That...
New with tags and hang tags Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Dark Gray Glen Plaid Regent Fit Saxxon Reserve Wool Suits. The plaid is subdued to the point that these look like solid gray from more than a few feet away. Full Canvas construction. Two button, Single vent. These are off the rack (not custom) Regent Fit suits made in Italy. Baste stitching in place in the shoulders and sleeves, sleeve unfinished, button pack in pocket. Trousers unhemmed and plenty long. I...
Sometimes the reason that a person is buying MTM is because physically they are outliers and they need this to get a good fit. So of course those suits will be unusual in some measurements and will be difficult to sell. I have scavenged buttons off Golden Fleece Custom jackets because measurements are so bad,
I provide a link to Andy Gilchrist's 'How to measure a suit' in my listings, but I am still convinced that most ebay buyers think it's too complicated.Here is a fun one from last night. BIN listing (not OBO) on New Brooks Brothers 1818 3 piece suit, listed at $335 plus shipping.Buyer: $200 shipped to my zip code?I didn't respond.1 1/2 hours later Buyer: Can you give me the front rise on the pants?Yeah, I'll be getting right on that.
More like a 45R IMO.
My listing price is the starting price.An important rule of negotiation it that you don't negotiate with yourself. If you name the price twice in a row, then you are negotiating with yourself.That said, because we are talking about relatively inexpensive items I will sometimes do it just to save time. However, if someone asks me for my best price and I give it, then I will not go any lower. Many people like to do that negotiating gamesmanship of asking for the best...
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