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That plexiglass mask defeats bullets so there is no way to know what other magical and terrible powers it has. If a plexiglass mask could stop a bullet it would still be like getting hit in the face with a baseball bat.
Never forget...
The day of the return, you may feel a slight sting. That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps.
I am always wondering what letters were taken out of names before the apostrophes went in.
This. 50 pounds to Japan costs less than $200.
Yes. Those things irritate me.Ebay sets up this stupid ass system which allows a buyer to jerk you around stealthily...and then under certain circumstances they will protect us from this system.
True. Second place is the first loser.There are winners in this world and there are losers. You get to choose which you will be.I only do BIN, but this type of stuff would be fun to put in the boilerplate of an auction listing.
New Club Monaco Shirts---Made in USA by Brooks Brothers Price includes US shipping. I still have most of these shirts even though the thread is closed. PM for availability. All Shirts in Thread are $26 each White Blue Yellow Stripe Brooks Brothers Country Club Egyptian Cotton Button Down. Retail $185 14.5-34.75 21.5, 15.5-36.5 23.5 Red White Stripe Broadcloth 16-35, P2P 22 Blue White Stripe Broadcloth 14.5-32, 18.5SOLD Harry Stedman Blue OCBD unlined collar ...
Price includes US shipping. NWT Brooks Brothers Tan Cashmere Premium Hand Tailored Sport Coat. Two Button, Single Vent, Spectacular Burgundy BB#1 Bemberg Lining. Retail is $3440 on this cashmere jacket. See the photo of the build sheet which documents this. $245 Size 44S Measures P2P 23.5, Sh 20 1/8, Sl unfinished 24.5, L 29.5. Use measurements to predict fit. If you don't understand measurements then google these terms: "How to measure a jacket Andy" Golden...
Price includes US shipping. I will help out with international shipping. All are new with no defects unless noted, but labels are marked to prevent return to BB. No returns. Tagged 40R means that there is a label in or on the jacket which says 40R. 40R without the word tagged means that I estimate the size to be 40R based upon measurements. Always go by measurements to determine fit. Sl un means sleeves are unfinished. Unless otherwise noted, buttons are...
New Posts  All Forums: