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Can any of you give me a step by step on how to get Paypal Multi Order Shipping to print ONLY the label (not the receipt half of the sheet)? I have started to use self adhesive labels but I don't want to waste half of every label on my non-ebay sales entered in PPMOS. I have worked it out already on the labels printed on ebay. My printer is a Brother HL2270DW, which I think is used by some others here.
I agree. I have measured hundreds of pairs of new BB trousers and have found that most are very close if not exactly what the tag says. I measure by putting a yardstick inside the waist and doubling the result.The one exception to measurement accuracy is Milano, and the poster above had mentioned slim fit pants. Milanos always measure .75 to 1 inch over tagged size. There has been much discussion of this in the past and the consensus seems to be that they are making an...
I never understood the big deal about 3D movies. If anything, I find the 3D format to be distracting. And I like to get absorbed in the movie.And I thought Avatar was a predictable, cliched piece of shit.
On the card it says "applies to select shoe styles only".
New shirts. Some new with tags. Price includes US shipping. Green White Check Short Sleeve OCBD BB2 $55 Green White Gold Long Sleeve OCBD BB2 $65 Blue White Stripe Long Sleeve Cutaway Collar. BB2 $60SOLD White Blue Green Check Long Sleeve Cutaway Collar BB2 $60 ALL SOLD BELOW Thom Browne Khaki Cotton Twill Camp Shirt. Red/White/Navy Grosgrain at side seams. Neck 16. TB2. $120sold Blue with White Grosgrain Short Sleeve Button Down. BB1. ...
Agreed 100%. Never ever go beyond "It is priced reasonably" to justify a price. It is a rookie mistake to go down that road.The idea that what you paid for something can be used to arrive at a "fair" profit is a childish concept.
Serious answer:My theory is that it is a combination of these factors:1. Buyers determine sales volume on ebay. There will always be plenty of sellers. So ebay values buyers more highly than sellers.2. A seller is more likely to be a business, so they are somewhat accustomed to the concept of the customer always being right.3. As a practical matter, ebay must choose one side and be consistent. They do not want to have to devote the manpower necessary to thoroughly...
Price includes US shipping. Some of these shirts have incorrect size labels sewn in so I am giving the neck / sleeve / P2P and ignoring the sport shirt SMLXL sizing. These shirts are all made in the USA by Brooks Brothers for these other labels. Click to enlarge. Club Monaco Spread Collar White with Blue Check. 15-31.75 P2P 18.75, 15.25- 32.5 P2P 19.5, 15.5-33.5 P2P 20sold. $39 Club Monaco Pink OCBD. 14.5-31 P18.75. $42 Club Monaco Blue University Stripe OCBD. ...
Funny that Rick and Michonne were quiet and alert for about 5 seconds after a twig snapped in the dark, and then went right on with the conversation as if nothing had happened. They are out in the middle of nowhere during a zombie apocalypse with a fire to bring attention to their location. What could go wrong?
According to Wiki, every military version of the M-16 has a bayonet lug, although I have seen a photo of an A4 which does not seem to have one. I carried A1 and A2 models and know they had them from first hand experience.
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