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Sizing down seems to be the case for most people but I wear 1000 Mile boots and Iron Rangers true to size. The 1K's fit me better, though. I find the IR to be narrow across the top of the foot and way too wide in the toe box. Too bad, because I have had a few pairs in my size run through my inventory and I like the look of them.
I have had them for several years. 6 or 7, maybe. Actually bought them used from SF member NAMOR.
Here are my freshly resoled 1000 Mile boots getting ready to ride Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for 12 weeks.
I'm like this. I don't request feedback, ever. I often don't leave it. If a buyer requests it then I leave it for them. I have feedback of a little over 2000. Today a seller with over 23000 left me a request for feedback. Really? Do you need another A++++++++ BESTEST SELLER EVAR ON EBAY!!! XOXOXOXO feedback? What does it matter?Shipping labels, by the way. I bought shipping labels from them. Put those fuckers in the mail to me and let's call it done.
SOLD Price includes US shipping. New With Tags Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Madison Gray Glen Plaid Wool Suit. Perfect for Summer! Full canvas construction. Hand tailored in USA. This is a custom made suit and I think if falls right in between a 42R and a 43R, maybe closer to 42R but it is labeled as a 43R. That means that the starting point of the pattern was 43R before they made adjustments. Two Button Single Vent. You can see a lot of hand work on these Golden...
New with tags Brooks Brothers Boys Cotton Blue White Seersucker Pants. Pleated. All are unhemmed and are about 34 inches inseam. Nice crisp, high quality fabric. The 14H pair has broader stripes and is pictured in the last photos. Retail $88. Price includes US shipping. $30. Waist Measurements as follows: 16 28.5 18 29.75 20 31.5 14H 30.5 16H 31.75 18H 32.5
Price includes US shipping. NWT Brooks Brothers Gray Golden Fleece Suit. Two Button, Double Vent, Pick Stitching. Full Canvas Construction. This is a Martin Greenfield made suit, which is usually preferred over the current Southwick manufactured GF suits. Extensive hand tailoring. Hard to find medium light gray. Mannequin shot is nearest to true color. 36R P2P 20, Sh 17.5, Sl 25 unfinished, L 29. Flat front pants are W31. unhemmed. Retail is well over $2000. ...
From Wiki:The original New Haven location remains the company's largest store. In 1974, the Press family sold the rights to license J. Press for the Japanese market, making it the first American brand to be licensed in Japan.[1] In 1986, J. Press was acquired by the Japanese apparel company Onward Kashiyama, who had previously been his licensee for 14 years.[2] Japanese licensed distribution is roughly six times larger than the American-made J. Press.[3]
I feel better now.
I have 4 of these. They will support all of the clothing you can put on them. description says that they will hold 250 lbs. I have far more than that on them with no problems except you must be very careful rolling them with that kind of weight. I had one tip over and when it went beyond the point of no return the weight caused the wheels on the other side to kick away from the center...
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