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Price includes US shipping. NWT Brooks Brothers Gray Golden Fleece Suit. Two Button, Double Vent, Pick Stitching. Full Canvas Construction. This is a Martin Greenfield made suit, which is usually preferred over the current Southwick manufactured GF suits. Extensive hand tailoring. Hard to find medium light gray. Mannequin shot is nearest to true color. 36R P2P 20, Sh 17.5, Sl 25 unfinished, L 29. Flat front pants are W31. unhemmed. Retail is well over $2000. ...
From Wiki:The original New Haven location remains the company's largest store. In 1974, the Press family sold the rights to license J. Press for the Japanese market, making it the first American brand to be licensed in Japan.[1] In 1986, J. Press was acquired by the Japanese apparel company Onward Kashiyama, who had previously been his licensee for 14 years.[2] Japanese licensed distribution is roughly six times larger than the American-made J. Press.[3]
I feel better now.
I have 4 of these. They will support all of the clothing you can put on them. http://www.amazon.com/Collapsible-Salesman-Rolling-Double-Hangrail/dp/B00079TDV6The description says that they will hold 250 lbs. I have far more than that on them with no problems except you must be very careful rolling them with that kind of weight. I had one tip over and when it went beyond the point of no return the weight caused the wheels on the other side to kick away from the center...
If this guy is not just goofing around then I would guess that he is mentally challenged.At least you don't have to worry about him speaking poorly of you if you won't give him the discount...or do you?
I recently received a message from an irate buyer who 'was disappointed that the alterations were going to cost him much more than he had expected'. He gave me the choice of refunding $300 on a $350 suit or paying for the return postage and he would leave 'strong negative feedback'.I sent a message "Just send it back."He then messaged "I would be willing to accept a $150 refund."I messaged "Just go ahead and send it back. Thanks."I never mention feedback extortion to...
I wish everyone was aware of this concept. I get tired of giving measurements on ebay and then taking a return because 'I am a 42R and this suit is way smaller than that'. When someone says 'I am a 42R' they are at the stage that they don't even know what they don't know.
Price includes US shipping. New with tags Brooks Brothers RegentBrooksCool Wool Sport Coat. Thailand. Full Canvas Construction, Two Button, Double Vent. Retail $498. Size 38R. $175.SOLD Measures P2P 21, Sh 17.25, Sl 24.25, L 29.75.
Price includes US shipping. Perfect Trad / Ivy casual shirt. New Without Tags Brooks Brothers Blue and White Stripe Cotton Seersucker Slim Fit Button Down Collar Shirt. Made in USA. Crisp shirts with a high quality of fabric and workmanship. Use measurements to predict fit. These are Slim Fit shirts but are generously sized in neck measurement and sleeve length. $25 Measurements: XS 15-33/34 P2P (across chest at armpit level) 21.25 S 16-34/35 21.5 M ...
This makes me think of Austin Powers.Dr. Evil: Scott, I want you to meet daddy's nemesis, Austin PowersScott Evil: What? Are you feeding him? Why don't you just kill him?Dr. Evil: I have an even better idea. I'm going to place him in an easily escapable situation involving an overly elaborate and exotic death.
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