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Remember, this is The Walking Dead that we are talking about. In a world full of zombies (where every other living human is also out to kill you), why would anyone lock the door while sleeping?
Hmmm. "I can be either an officer in the US military or an enlisted man. I wonder which I should choose." (Thought process ensues.) "Yep, enlisted is the best way for me."I can't comprehend that thought process.
Here is an interesting and well-researched article on pricing. Some of it is definitely relevant to ebay sellers ($9.99 vs $10, free shipping vs charge separately). http://www.nickkolenda.com/psychological-pricing-strategies/
I agree. And outsole measurements mean even less. That's why I don't give measurements of shoes.
Price includes US shipping. New With Tag Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Madison Fit Egyptian Cotton White with Blue Check and Embroidered Seahorses Go To Hell Shirt in the finest Trad tradition. Retail $225. Small Reg 14.5-33.5 P2P 21.5 $39SOLD Medium Reg 15.75-34 23.25 $39SOLD Large Reg 16.5-35 25 $39SOLD XL Reg 17.5-35 26.5 $35SOLD (small mill flaw on back, last two photos)
I concur about the hang tag. Identical to what they put on Southwick-branded jackets. I have not seen that other label before. It looks better than the square labels with the same general look. Those always bugged me because they were so poorly laid out with all of that blank space.
I have dabbled in women's clothing when I have been able to buy some things at crazy low prices. Lessons learned: 1. I don't know anything about women's clothing. 2. It usually moves slowly and brings less than I expect. 3. One exception is women's tuxedos. Those have done well for me, even though I considering not buying any because I thought they were only for... a special niche, which is apparently larger than I had thought.
Agreed. He's having all of these sensitive feelings and is getting soft. He will hesitate in a dangerous situation and be killed.
Of course ebay is tilted heavily toward buyers. If you think about it, what they are doing is forcing a "customer is always right" return policy, like Brooks Brothers or Nordstrom, onto every seller. It makes things simpler for them to not have to try to get to the truth of every dispute. Usually I just refund and block, but this one irritated me more than the typical one.If I had it to do over I would have refunded, reported the buyer, and blocked. I had long assumed...
Update: I spent 20 minutes on the phone with ebay and was advised:1. Refund the buyer in full.2. Report the buyer.Ebay is crediting the 4.99 shipping. I have a screwed up shirt. My time is worth more than the payoff I received.gobama2 is blocked. He understands the system and abused it perfectly.
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