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Prices include US shipping with tracking. These shoes are first quality (unless otherwise noted) but have a mark in the insole which prevents return to retailer. No returns. All photos are clickable thumbnails. I am happy to ship to other countries. The shipped weight of a pair of shoes will almost always range from 3 to 5 pounds. Go to the USPS website, enter your country and the weight of the package for a quote. That will give you a real close, if not exact,...
Is anyone else having problems with the NEW! Ebay Bulk Printing? I have not yet gotten it to print more than half of my labels. Six to print today. Two actually printed. I get this message with no explanation: 4 of your shipping labels could not be created Everything seemed to be OK before I printed.
15" x 12" x 4.5". You can find that information and much more in the link above.
I am not into tattoos, and I despise them on women. But this one struck me as pretty cool. On a backpacker in Hue, Vietnam.
Be careful. There are legions of dumb shits who also use the "I know how to do it correctly but I don't care" excuse.
I love the "I was typing really fast" excuse that dumb shits use when they make errors.
Starting a post with "Uh". Are you just so damn inarticulate that you can't type without using that word?
I will be riding a motorbike in Asia until the end of October. My wife will be handling shipping when I am gone. To make everything go more smoothly until I return: 1. She doesn't do measurements, so please don't ask. 2. Don't ask what last is it on?/ Is it fully canvassed? etc. She doesn't know that much about men's clothing. 3. This is the big one ---- For the love of humanity, when you ask about an item or order an item, cut and paste my description so she...
Last week, I sent a friendly message to an ebay seller who was describing a pair of calf AE Strands as shell cordovan. I told him they were not shell and directed him to a link which would show the difference. He was appreciative and changed the listing.
Clearance New Brooks Brothers, Billy Reid, Club Monaco, Duckhead Shirts****ALL $28 or LESS Price includes US shipping. All are either Brooks Brothers labeled or manufactured by Brooks Brothers. These are giveaway prices. I am not measuring shoulders, length, etc. Club Monaco Spread Collar White with Blue Check. 14.5-31 P2P 18, 15-31.75 P2P 18.7 $28 Club Monaco Black White Check Broadcloth Spread 14.5-33 P19.5 $28 Club Monaco Blue White Bengal Stripe Broadcloth...
New Posts  All Forums: