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And yet you are talking about Fight Club.W.T.F.
It would be odd, and if your suit is tailored to SF standards it would make your suit a bit tight.
He is one of my favorite SF posters. Any fan of Jack Handey appreciates L'Inc.
Let he who is able to stay on an even emotional keel while caring for a young zombie daughter cast the first stone.
From an ebay international buyer: I don't know how to report this issue but I purchase two items, two shirts actually, the size of the first shirt is 14.5 and the other one is 15. how come the 14.5 is bigger than the 15. so the blue one which is 15 doesn't fit right, it is small. Please reply to let me know how to resolve this problem. Here are the measurements which I provided in the descriptions: Size 14.5-34, measures 21 inches across chest at armpit level. Size...
Do you know the measurements of a suit which fits you properly? Use this method: http://askandyaboutclothes.com/clothing/style-tips/how-to-measure-a-jacketIf so then give ebay a shot. You mentioned that someone is selling some HF suits in your size. I would suggest that you stop thinking of a certain number as your size. For example, let's say you bought a new unaltered Brooks Brothers made in USA 1818 Madison suit in 44R. It fits with only minimal alteration. Cool. ...
Either is fine. I would go with the Strands but only because I consider that to be a generally badass shoe.Some will say that only a non brogued bal is acceptable. Don't worry about it. I would bet that you will see plenty of rubber soled and square toed shoes at the party. Most people will not notice your shoes but those who do will probably be impressed with the Strands.
That is some good advice. Even if you are not quite satisfied with the price brought by your group of 10 day or 7 day auctions, they may be worthwhile because of the traffic they will bring for your BIN's.
It is about 8 months old. Too late?
Here is my only negative feedback within the last 12 months: The sleeves were VERY short and jacket can't be worn as is.Accurate measurements were provided in the listing and a return was not requested. Thanks burberry2!
New Posts  All Forums: