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Agreed. My mind registers feeling of frustration when I hear that shit.
I think you are in good shape at $35. What brand? It looks similar to some Brooks Brothers coats which I have sold. The toggles were horn with Brooks Brothers engraved in the flat end, very nice looking.
That is a hooded toggle coat. Nice catch, if you thrifted that.edit: More specifically a duffel toggle coat.
Flaky buyers ebb and flow on ebay, but they never completely go away. Last week a buyer ordered 4 shirts from me and is now returning two of them. This one has cuffs that I didn't expect, when the cuff is folded in front of the shirt in the pics and the Item Description says French Cuff. But the best part is that the guy left positive feedback but stated that "Shipping took longer than expected." He paid on Saturday night. I shipped on Monday.
The label is less than 4 inches wide.
You are thinking right.
Use Tyvek envelopes. Nothing extra needed.
The label wraps around. The tie is rolled. Double it, start at the middle and loosely roll it up.
I roll them up and put them in a 4x4x4 cardboard box along with some packing to keep the tie from moving around. That box will ship two ties.
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