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Yes, always right.In February an ebayer bought this item from me: NWT Brooks Brothers Khaki Poplin Sport Coat 46LIn the Item Specifics: Jacket Length: LongIn the description: 46L measures P2P 24, Sh 20.25, Sl 26.25, L 31.5That evening I received this message from the buyer:I just saw this was a 46 Long not Reg. This won't fit me - can you cancel the sale and refund?I don't know how these people can survive. How does he know not to walk into traffic when the pedestrian...
The buyer's explanation is that the package was damaged in shipment. That is just a description, not an admission of wrongdoing or error on his part. If it is damaged in shipment then I suspect ebay will decide that it is the seller's problem to work out. That will be between the seller and the USPS, and dealing with them is usually a waste of time.
It wasn't your fault, but it wasn't his either. He will win.
This sounds so basic, and yet these are profound words.It is easy to let your mind run wild with how someone is trying to shaft you or is probably going to ask for large concessions, but when you ask what they want that is often not the case. I have found this to be the case in several different types of businesses over the years. Even in real estate brokerage or property management, where there is potential for a major or expensive tussle, when you ask what the other...
That's big time. A couple of years ago I found $546 inside an old no-namey tweed jacket I bought for $7. Still have the jacket even though it is not my size. I hated to sell such a lucky sport coat.
OK. Want to play semantics?interface - 1. a point where two systems, subjects, organizations, etc., meet and interact.And we are discussing a very specific interface between the two systems, one which does not interact smoothly. We are not discussing basic interfaces or most interfaces.
Most BB suits are dark gray all year long. Light gray is not a common color for them.
I'm not forgetting anything. Ebay owns paypal, so basic interfaces between the two should be compatible.
In my experience the C&J Peals are made on standard C&J lasts, with 240 being the most common.
Exactly. They allow the buyer to enter excess characters but then will not allow the seller to use them. Pure genius.If it is an address which I understand (British, Canadian, Australian) I will abbreviate and see if I can make it fit. Otherwise I tell the buyer about the problem and ask for an abbreviated address. Worst case (and this is rare), I copy and print the long address, tape it to the package, stand in line at the post office and do it the old fashioned...
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