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IMO the double vent fans are more vocal about their preference. I suspect that if you polled every SF member you would find that most would fall into the "prefer single vent" or "single or double vent are both equally good" camps. I am in the latter.
One of the ebay reports which I print every year lists the total refunds, so you can use that number instead of trying to total up a long column of numbers.
The execution reminded me of Of Mice and Men.
The padded flat rate envelope will hold considerably more than the paper ones. Give that a try.
I chose the Sony RX 100, which is a great point and shoot but not DSLR, because I wanted a camera which I could also easily carry in a pocket when I travel. The RX 100 is a great camera. My constraint with it is my abilities, not the capabilities of the camera.
^ Bolding mine.Ebay is so full of shit. There is no way that anyone selling items which are not brand new in original packaging can maintain 98% on this new plan.Even when a seller provides good pics and accurate measurements, returns for fit described by a buyer as SNAD will be over 2%.
Only a hidden camera? That is a horrible suggestion.He also must be wearing a wire and have a surveillance van nearby.
Southeastern is a fine piece of work.
Thank you very much for the help.
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