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Tell him to give the offending area a shot of WD-40.
Try to ditch the commute. Live more frugally. The expensive car, lavish house, lavish furniture----all meaningless. 75+ hours per week of work and commute? It's not worth it.
That's bullshit. Everyone knows Brian is the best. I'm only in there with a bunch of other guys slugging it out for second place.
Good point. Another thing to consider is that combined shipping is not always less expensive. In many cases, combining two shirts into a box (which must be sent Priority, 1 - 2 pounds) is more expensive than shipping them separately by First Class. Buyers never seem to be aware of this, so instead of explaining this to them I usually give them some discount anyway. I look at it as a small volume discount.
Price includes US shipping. Contact me for international quote. I can fit two (or three depending upon size) into a USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope, so international shipping can be pretty reasonable on a per shirt basis. If I put "n" after a size that means that shirt has no pocket. There are several different neck labels. Your shirt may not come in a plastic bag. All are first quality but have a mark on the neck label to prevent return to BB. These shirts currently...
ALL SOLD BELOW Blue OCBD Short Sleeve. Mill Flaw and Snags on back. BB1 $40SOLD White OCBD Short Sleeve. 3 areas with faint gray marks on back, worst is pictured. Should wash out with stain treatment. BB1 $45.SOLD Pastel Orange OCBD. Small mill flaw under collar point. BB0. $65.sold White with fine Navy Stripe Buttondown. Fabric feels like Sea Island Cotton, but it probably isn't. This shirt has bunched stitching across the chest pocket (pictured).BB0, ...
Can any of you give me a step by step on how to get Paypal Multi Order Shipping to print ONLY the label (not the receipt half of the sheet)? I have started to use self adhesive labels but I don't want to waste half of every label on my non-ebay sales entered in PPMOS. I have worked it out already on the labels printed on ebay. My printer is a Brother HL2270DW, which I think is used by some others here.
I agree. I have measured hundreds of pairs of new BB trousers and have found that most are very close if not exactly what the tag says. I measure by putting a yardstick inside the waist and doubling the result.The one exception to measurement accuracy is Milano, and the poster above had mentioned slim fit pants. Milanos always measure .75 to 1 inch over tagged size. There has been much discussion of this in the past and the consensus seems to be that they are making an...
I never understood the big deal about 3D movies. If anything, I find the 3D format to be distracting. And I like to get absorbed in the movie.And I thought Avatar was a predictable, cliched piece of shit.
On the card it says "applies to select shoe styles only".
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