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How many places on SF did you post this exact same question?
About 10%.
^This. The PM thread serves as documentation of the deal.
I use a lot of 12 x 15.5 Tyvek envelopes, my go to packaging for shirts which weigh in at 13 ounces or less. 4x4x4 boxes are great to have on hand if you sell a lot of ties. I buy these from ULine, but IIRC ebay can be a good source, particularly for smaller quantities. If I could only give three pieces of advice on shipping they would be: 1. If it's 13 ounces or less, ship First Class Mail. 2. Buy a scale and compare the Priority Mail options. Newbs tend to use Flat...
There are quite a lot of them in Manila. I have seen some of them IRL.
:foo:Price includes US shipping. First quality unless otherwise noted. Black Fleece Size Chart. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/null/bb-size-guide-bf,default,pg.html Red Big Check OCBD BB0, BB3. $55 Multicolor Madras Short Sleeve BB1 $45 BB3 with Minor Mill Flaw on Back $40 White OCBD BB1sold, BB5 $55. White with Crimson / Navy Blocks OCBD Shirt Dress. P2P 18.25, L 45.75. BB2 Retail $250. $80. Fine Wale Corduroy Button Down. Light Gray BB1, BB2. Navy...
There are many reasons while an auction system like ebay makes no sense for SF. Effectively what we have now is like ebay's BINOBO (Buy It Now or Best Offer). I sympathize with the OP to some extent, however I have observed that on the average SF buyer is more knowledgeable and less of a cheapskate than what I encounter on ebay or even on AAAC. The single most irritating thing I encounter (infrequently) on SF is people requesting stupid measurements. I recently had a...
I would call it a 35R. IME smaller-sized stuff goes as quickly on SF as it does on ebay.
That hanger has too much slope, making a prospective buyer wonder if it is some odd custom tailored construction.
^ +1 for proper use of the word suiting.
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