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[/B]Prices include US shipping with tracking. These shoes are first quality (unless otherwise noted) but have a mark in the insole which prevents return to retailer. No returns. All photos are clickable thumbnails. I am happy to ship to other countries. The shipped weight of a pair of shoes will almost always range from 3 to 5 pounds. Go to the USPS website, enter your country and the weight of the package for a quote. That will give you a real close, if not...
Some buyers seem to be facing a fear of problems with their purchases and will return for phantom problems, not saying that is the case with RTC because we don't have any followup info from him.Reminds me of an SF sale about a year ago. Brooks Brothers Custom Tailored line is manufactured by Southwick, and always has that little white Southwick label with numbers on it inside the right chest pocket. Included on this label is a size, but in many cases the size is...
Price includes US shipping. The 14.5-33 and the 16-34 do not have hang tags or price tags. Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece White Egyptian Cotton Formal Shirt. French Cuffs. Mother of pearl buttons with cotton ties can be easily removed to replace with studs. New with $225 price tags, Golden Fleece hang tags, and in Brooks Brothers plastic shirt bags. 14.5-33, 15-34sold, 16-34, 16.5-35, 17-35sold, 17.5-36sold. $62. I have a 17.5-36 with a faint ink stain inside the...
I think it works very well.
:embar:Price includes US shipping. Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Custom suits are made by renowned tailor Martin Greenfield in New York. These suits are custom tailored, and are typically based upon a Martin Greenfield cut called Classic, Custom Classic, or something like that. They are not BB cuts (Madison, Fitz, etc.). Listed sizes are my estimation of size, go by measurements to predict fit. Golden Fleece Dark Gray Pinstripe Wool Suit. Two Button, Double Vent,...
13,200 is low miles? On a 2009?
You have two choices:1. Allow returns.2. Don't allow returns. Have returns forced on you with a side order of negative feedback.
suiting - fabric for suits suit - a set of matching outer garments This is basic basic basic.
Tell him to give the offending area a shot of WD-40.
Try to ditch the commute. Live more frugally. The expensive car, lavish house, lavish furniture----all meaningless. 75+ hours per week of work and commute? It's not worth it.
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