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Price includes US shipping. Contact me for international quote. I can fit two (or three depending upon size) into a USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope, so international shipping can be pretty reasonable on a per shirt basis. If I put "n" after a size that means that shirt has no pocket. There are several different neck labels. Your shirt may not come in a plastic bag. All are first quality but have a mark on the neck label to prevent return to BB. These shirts currently...
Price includes US shipping. Contact me for quote in international shipping. Gray Blue White Flannel Button Down with Sleeve Stripes. TB0. $100.SOLD Navy Gray White Check OCBD. Great shirt, selling cheap because I have several. TB0 $85. Blue Short Sleeve OCBD. Bleached spots on front shown in pic. TB0. $100 White Oxford Cloth Wing Collar French Cuff. Inner label looks like a Brooks Brothers custom label, but has the name "Thom Browne" so this is a prototype...
Price includes US shipping. I will give you a quote for international shipping. All are new in box. Brooks Brothers Country Club Cotton Boxer Shorts. Mix of Blue and White. Retail $45 each. Waist sizes. 30SOLD, 40sold, 48, 50, 52. I only have two pairs of W30, so 2 pairs for $30 on those, all other sizes 3 Pairs $45.
Price includes US shipping. Contact me for prices for international shipping. New without tags Brooks Brothers Luxury Line Egyptian Cotton Shirts. These are super premium fabrics. Look at the close ups to see the rich detail. $52 Each or Two for $95 I have duplicates of some of these so if you want more than one, ask. Golden Fleece Egyptian Cotton Lavender Double Check Spread. Some have GF hang tag, some don't. Retail $195. 14.5-33 Slim, 15-32 Slim, 15.5-33...
No. I wear the same size, with correct fit.
It's hard to predict. I wear my normal size in the 1000 Mile boot.
I wish i had a Sportster or a Bonneville instead of a POS 100cc Honda Win.
"No, but thanks for the offer." This is in keeping with the concept that you should never negotiate with yourself. I don't see a lowball as a good faith offer, at least not one which I am interested in. I am sure that I lose a few sales in the long run, but I just don't care to spend a lot of time dicking around with lowballers.
eBay's goal is to make it almost impossible to keep Top Rated Seller status. That way they eliminate discounts for sellers and increase profits. That is primary. Customer satisfaction is secondary.
Right on schedule. I am now Above Standard and get zero discount on my invoice from eBay for the first time in fucking forever. The new standards are doing exactly what they were designed to do, increase fees for eBay.
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