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That's a great concept. Thanks for the advice.Did you miss the part where I asked if anyone had "an answer which has been vetted with an accountant or the IRS?"
I have many fewer shipments than the number of items sold because of combined shipping. I have one buyer who buys 30 to 40 items in one shipment.Anyway, my question is really not a request for a common sense answer. It is a request for an answer which has been vetted with an accountant or the IRS.
Which Paypal records, the line which says Mar 5, 2014 PayPal Services To US Postal Service Completed Details PayPal Services To US Postal Service 4VG277574K8342016 -$19.81 USD?If you mean that one, I don't think so. Even if you print that out it only proves that you paid the USPS for something. It does not prove that the payment was for a deductible business expense. And if the IRS audits you 3 years from now you will not be able to retrieve any extra info...
I don't know if locking is the answer but I would suggest that in our advice and explanations we may be giving people an explanation of how to beat the system.And if someone wanted to write an ebook called How to Rip Off Sellers on Ebay --- How I buy my clothing very cheap or even FREE!, he could find all the info he needs in this thread.
When I print postage on ebay or paypal it uses a full 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Half is the label and half is the Online Label Record, which shows the tracking number, ship date, cost, addresses, etc. I save these in case of IRS audit. Here is a question for those of you who use the printed stickers for postage. Do you have any hard copy of a receipt for each piece of postage that you print? If not, what would you use to prove that it is a legitimate and real expense...
Thing I don't get: Needless use of the word so as the first word in a sentence. As in "So I was walking down the street the other day..." WTF? Are you a standup comedian? Is the word so an indicator which means "wacky adventure to follow"?
But officer, there's no way I was going raging motherfucker. According to my speedometer I was only going mild squint.
Simple, he needs to take about 60 seconds and change his Paypal address.
I sometimes put OBO on stale BIN's, but my results have been better with just reducing the price. Ebay lowballers are not worth my time.
I have that printer. It is a workhorse.
New Posts  All Forums: