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Price includes US shipping. New Brooks Brothers Artisanal Shirts. Retail $278. Made in Italy. Super quality. Blue and White Cotton Royal Oxford Stripe. $75 15-32/33 15.5-32/33soldout 16-34/35 16.5-34/35soldout Blue and White Stripe Linen / Cotton Blend Point Collar. 56% Linen, 44% Cotton. (bottom pics) $75 15-32/33 15.5-32/33 16.5-34/35
Shit. I thought for sure that I could wear you down.
Price includes US shipping. Current catalog item, Retail $225. Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Egyptian Cotton White with Blue Check and Blue Embroidered Seahorses Button Down. Mother of Pearl Buttons. All are Madison Fit (Traditional Fit) and Regular sleeve length. The XL has two small mill flaws on the back and is $45. All others are $55. Small 14.5-33.5 P2P 21.5 Med 15.75- 34 23.25 Large 16.5-35 25 XL 17.5-36 26.5 XXL 18.5-35.5 28.5SOLD
Price includes US shipping. New With Tags Brooks Brothers Egyptian Cotton Pinpoint Button Down. All are Slim Fit. Made in USA. Retail $185. Very fine pinpoint oxford cloth. Wears like broadcloth IMO. $59. White 15-33SOLD, 16-34, 16.5-34SOLD Blue 15-32, 15-33, 15-34, 15.5-33, 16-34SOLD, 16-35SOLD, 17.5-36SOLD
I have had the same issue recently.
I have been doing this for years and this is the first one of these which I have seen so I don't know what the timetable is. I have a lot of activity in my paypal account but I have not noticed being charged and I have not received any messages one way or the other. He filed the chargeback about 4 months ago. I was pissed off for a few days and decided I didn't give a damn.. just the cost of doing business.
No, it didn't. I sent him a pleasant message suggesting that perhaps he was confusing me with another transaction. He replied that he would check on it and then put in a chargeback on ONE MORE item which I sold him. If you google his name and city you will see a link to a court case in which he was charge with fraud.Good for you for blocking him. He is not worth the risk.
lol. I saw your avatar and it confused me for a moment. My thought then was "Hey, this guy found the same picture on the internet and thought it would make a cool avatar just like I did."
Tracking #: 94003************* Carrier: USPS Status: Delivery status not updated Apr-10-15, 01:31 AM Out for Delivery Apr-09-15, 11:31 AM, HOUSTON, TX 77054 Sorting Complete Apr-09-15, 11:21 AM, HOUSTON, TX 77054 Arrived at Post Office Apr-09-15, 04:22 AM, HOUSTON, TX 77054 Shipped April 6 from North Carolina Ebay, you have got to be #$%*^## shitting me. I ship with tracking, USPS apparently misdelivers or loses parcel, buyer opens case, everyone is civil,...
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