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People get wrapped up in the difference between an orphan and a blazer as if it is a significant difference.Are the buttons different? Almost always.Is the fabric different? Sometimes, but not always.Is the construction different? No. Any feature of a blazer can also be on a suit coat.So if you have to look at a label to decide whether it is an orphan, it doesn't matter. If the buttons are pictured in the auction, what does it matter what the label says? I'm not...
I think the buyer is being quite reasonable and fair. If a suit is represented as NWT is a reasonable assumption that the pants would have some material in the waist for letting out.
Probably just a bunch of inane shit.
It's all good. I am just goofing around. Welcome to the thread.
Not sure about where to get one, but this is a great idea for a new topic in the thread!
Mark on shirt label means can not be returned to BB. Close up pics of marked labels were provided in auction.346 on label means outlet shirt in the world of BB.
Have any of you had neutral feedback removed? An ebay buyer bought a mainline BB Egyptian Cotton shirt, opened a case claiming it is not new. I responded that it is new and explained where I bought it and that I have sold 37 of these on ebay with no complaints. He closed the case a few days later but left neutral feedback I didn't know this was an outlet shirt. I don't know if he dinged me on DSR. It did not change my ratings but I have hundreds of ratings so he might...
Is it a damning indictment against all white people?
I would not have written this to Bubba: Dear bubba709, I am not sure, why there is a claim being opened, We have not even finished discussing this. There is nothing that can be done through the post office since first class parcels do not carry insurance, and none was requested. For all I know the package has been delivered and the tie could be in your possession. Not saying you are lying, but it's just one possibility. The guy seems honest to me, based upon the...
Price includes US shipping. These are custom made jackets with upgrades in fabric and details. 1818 Fitzgerald Dark Gray Wool Jacket. Two button single vent. Made in USA. 38R Measures P2P 20.25, Sh 17.5, Sl 25, L 30. $99. 1818 Fitzgerald Black Wool Jacket. Two button single vent. Pick stitching. Beautiful lavender lining. Made in USA. 37S Measures P2P 19.25, Sh 16 7/8, Sl un, L 27.25. $99.sold [/URL] 1818 Fitzgerald Brown Wool Jacket. Two button single...
New Posts  All Forums: