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A case opened on me today: The case details: The buyer says the item doesn't match the description. The buyer paid on Aug 08, 2014. The buyer chose "other" as the problem with the item Additional information: "The sleeve length represented to be 33 in. They are barely 20 in" Genius opens a case because he doesn't know how to measure shirt sleeves. This is why I prefer selling on SF.
Price includes US shipping. Contact me for quote in international shipping. Navy Gray White Check OCBD. Great shirt, selling cheap because I have several. TB0 $85. White Club Collar Oxford Cloth. Minor grease or ink stains on inside, show through very faintly in some spots. Probably can be removed with stain treatment. Last pic is of inside of shirt. TB0. $110 Blue Short Sleeve OCBD. Bleached spots on front shown in pic. TB0. $100 White Oxford Cloth Wing...
Price includes US shipping. Contact me for international shipping options. Scroll down to see other shirts available. $90 each, two for $165, three for $245. I have duplicates of some. New (most NWT) Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Sea Island Cotton White French Cuff Shirts. Spread Collar. Retail $325. 15-32 SlimSOLD, 15.5-32 SlimSOLD, 16-32 Slim (2)SOLD, 16-33 Slimsold, 16-34 Slim SOLD, 16.5-33 Slimsold, 17-33 Slim. $90. New With Tags Brooks Brothers Golden...
Prices include US shipping with tracking. These shoes are first quality (unless otherwise noted) but have a mark in the insole which prevents return to retailer. No returns. All photos are clickable thumbnails. I am happy to ship to other countries. The shipped weight of a pair of shoes will almost always range from 3 to 5 pounds. Go to the USPS website, enter your country and the weight of the package for a quote. That will give you a real close, if not exact,...
Is anyone else having problems with the NEW! Ebay Bulk Printing? I have not yet gotten it to print more than half of my labels. Six to print today. Two actually printed. I get this message with no explanation: 4 of your shipping labels could not be created Everything seemed to be OK before I printed.
15" x 12" x 4.5". You can find that information and much more in the link above.
I am not into tattoos, and I despise them on women. But this one struck me as pretty cool. On a backpacker in Hue, Vietnam.
Be careful. There are legions of dumb shits who also use the "I know how to do it correctly but I don't care" excuse.
I love the "I was typing really fast" excuse that dumb shits use when they make errors.
Starting a post with "Uh". Are you just so damn inarticulate that you can't type without using that word?
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