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1. You don't know whether it is vintage.2. You think that some people might be turned off by the word vintage.What do you think is the answer to your original question?
You might check the BB website for that.
I may be going out on a limb here, but if the tie is a vintage Hermes then I think that it is a good idea to put both of those words in the description.How can this be a serious question?
Price includes US shipping. Trees not included. I can't see any size printed on these but I bought them as 12D, have worn them several times and consider them to be a right-on-the-money size 12D. Great staple shoes. No particular flaws, just honest wear. $95SOLD
I burn organic gasoline in my vehicles.
I was semi goofing around, but at thrift prices the buttons on a blazer can easily be worth the price of the jacket. I still recall leaving behind a tweed vintage Brooks Brothers sport coat with the leather-looking Golden Fleece logo embossed buttons because one of the sleeve buttons had delaminated and was missing its face. It did not take me long to think it over and realize that the jacket could have been sold as is or salvaged for the buttons. Either way it was...
I use a doubled piece of packaging tape on the back of the label (effectively making it double sided tape).
Of course there is a market for them. You, for example.
Agreed. My mind registers feeling of frustration when I hear that shit.
I think you are in good shape at $35. What brand? It looks similar to some Brooks Brothers coats which I have sold. The toggles were horn with Brooks Brothers engraved in the flat end, very nice looking.
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