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Funny that Rick and Michonne were quiet and alert for about 5 seconds after a twig snapped in the dark, and then went right on with the conversation as if nothing had happened. They are out in the middle of nowhere during a zombie apocalypse with a fire to bring attention to their location. What could go wrong?
According to Wiki, every military version of the M-16 has a bayonet lug, although I have seen a photo of an A4 which does not seem to have one. I carried A1 and A2 models and know they had them from first hand experience.
Of course not.
I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
Price includes US shipping. First quality but label marked to prevent return to BB. An item which is tagged for size by BB will be described as "Tagged **#". If a size is listed without the word "Tagged" beside it, then that is my estimation of the size. Always go by measurement to determine fit. This is SF and you are held to that standard. No returns. 1818 Madison Navy Blue Blazer 3 Roll 2 Sack. Single Vent. Loro Piana fabric. USA. Slight abrasion on lapel...
I am in that microscopic minority of SF members who have actually eaten squirrel. Fried squirrel is pretty good. Tastes like rabbit.
Airline travel vouchers. On the return from a recent pleasure trip inside the US I was scheduled for two short flights to return home on a Thursday. I work for myself so I am flexible. Long story short: I repeatedly volunteered to give up my assigned seat. In compensation I received 4 free nights in a hotel near the airport and arrived home with $2800 in vouchers from a major US carrier and a check for $800. Original ticket cost me a little over $400. The carrier...
I had a series of PM's with an SFer a couple of years ago which went something like this:Prospective buyer: I will give you $90 for those shoes.Me: I just listed those for sale and the price is more than fair. I need the whole $150.Prospective buyer: OK. I'll give you $120.Me: How about $155?Prospective buyer: That's more than your original price.Me: Yes, it is.Prospective buyer: OK. I will buy them for $150.Me: Sold.My behavior in that example may be dickish...
And then look at Brooks Brothers. Most BB suits and sport coats are single vent. And BB probably sells 1000 suits/blazers/sport coats for every 1 sold by Suit Supply. Even restricting the numbers to SF members I am confident that BB sells hundreds of jackets for every one sold by SS.
The pic makes the collar size appear to be too small for you. Can you comfortably button the top button on that shirt? An extra 1/2 inch or inch in neck size will give a better look with the points buttoned down.Unbuttoned points always make we wonder whether the wearer forgot to button the after laundering.
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