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You are thinking right.
Use Tyvek envelopes. Nothing extra needed.
The label wraps around. The tie is rolled. Double it, start at the middle and loosely roll it up.
I roll them up and put them in a 4x4x4 cardboard box along with some packing to keep the tie from moving around. That box will ship two ties.
100 hp is the generally accepted minimum for an SF Baller Motorcyclist.
What the fuck are you talking about, 1 post dipshit? I have 100% positive feedback on SF and 99.8% positive feedback on ebay.Maybe people are complaining about the quality of online products in Armenia but it is not an issue here, with Brooks Brothers items sold by me.
How many places on SF did you post this exact same question?
About 10%.
^This. The PM thread serves as documentation of the deal.
I use a lot of 12 x 15.5 Tyvek envelopes, my go to packaging for shirts which weigh in at 13 ounces or less. 4x4x4 boxes are great to have on hand if you sell a lot of ties. I buy these from ULine, but IIRC ebay can be a good source, particularly for smaller quantities. If I could only give three pieces of advice on shipping they would be: 1. If it's 13 ounces or less, ship First Class Mail. 2. Buy a scale and compare the Priority Mail options. Newbs tend to use Flat...
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