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15" x 12" x 4.5". You can find that information and much more in the link above.
I am not into tattoos, and I despise them on women. But this one struck me as pretty cool. On a backpacker in Hue, Vietnam.
Be careful. There are legions of dumb shits who also use the "I know how to do it correctly but I don't care" excuse.
I love the "I was typing really fast" excuse that dumb shits use when they make errors.
Starting a post with "Uh". Are you just so damn inarticulate that you can't type without using that word?
Even though the thread is closed, I still have most of these. Contact me for availability. Price includes US shipping in a Priority Mail box. The boxes these shirts come in are extra long and will not be included in the sale. White Egyptian Cotton Detachable Wing Collar Studs to attach collar Pique Bib Front and Cuffs Correct Single Cuffs Retail $225 From the box: Taken from Brooks Brothers' archives, this full dress shirt is appropriate for black or white tie...
Last week, I sent a friendly message to an ebay seller who was describing a pair of calf AE Strands as shell cordovan. I told him they were not shell and directed him to a link which would show the difference. He was appreciative and changed the listing.
Clearance New Brooks Brothers, Billy Reid, Club Monaco, Duckhead Shirts****ALL $28 or LESS Price includes US shipping. All are either Brooks Brothers labeled or manufactured by Brooks Brothers. These are giveaway prices. I am not measuring shoulders, length, etc. Club Monaco Spread Collar White with Blue Check. 14.5-31 P2P 18, 15-31.75 P2P 18.7 $28 Club Monaco Black White Check Broadcloth Spread 14.5-33 P19.5 $28 Club Monaco Blue White Bengal Stripe Broadcloth...
Price includes US shipping. Contact me for international shipping options. Scroll down to see other shirts available. $90 each or two for $165. I have duplicates of some. New With Tags Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Sea Island Cotton Shirts. Two button barrel cuff. Retail $325. Lavender. All are Slim Fit. Some have a GF Sea Island hang tag with hologram. Most do not have retail price tag. The close up of the neck size label is true to color. 15-32 Slimsold,...
"A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon."- Napoleon Bonaparte
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