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Agreed. How hard could it be to put a Padded Flat Rate Envelope option on bulk shipping?
SOLD Price includes US shipping. Lot of two Club Monaco Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirts. Made in USA by Brooks Brothers. Blue University Stripe measures 15-32 P2p 19.5 Pink is 14.5-31 18.75 $28 each or $50 for the pair.
SOLDe includes US shipping. How about a smooth $1000 discount on a Brooks Brothers Custom Tailored Sport Coat? Brooks Brothers Custom Green Heather Tweed with Navy Overcheck. Two button, Double Vent, Peak Lapels, Patch Pockets, Skull and Crossbone Lining. USA. 42R. P2P 22 5/8, Sh18.5, Sl 26 unfinished, L 30. Retail $1175. $175.SOLD
Good old ebay. Quote from new ebay listing posted yesterday: This is a buy it now, not Or Best Offer. I am not seeking offers. Quote from ebay member's message today: Hi again. Can you discount it for me, I want $150
Yes, I was here back in the good old days. But even after the old megathread days, even when everyone was bitching about the shortcomings of the new sales system...sales were still good. Over that last two or three years there seems to have been an erosion of sales volume on SF. That is crazy that you are only selling one tie per month. For me it may partly be a cycle I am inflicting on myself - slow sales so I don't list as much on SF - leading to slower sales. But...
At the risk of derailing a perfectly good thread, WTF is up with sales on SF? I used to sell more on SF than ebay, now it is maybe 20% SF. And I sell most items for less here.
I call that a nailhead, but I am not 100% sure that is correct. It is not birdseye.
I just took a look at a couple of Southwick-manufactured 1818 suits on the rack, one black and one navy. Both had 001 in that spot on the label so I think the number is unrelated to color.
I have had a few buyers claim that a BB navy blazer or suit was black. I explain that BB's navy is a very dark blue and ask them to compare it to another black item in direct sunlight and then return it if they still think it is black. Never had one returned.In the buyers' defense, that shade can look black in artificial light.About brass buttons on a black blazer, I have also never seen that. The only black BB blazer to pass through my hands had dark smoked pewter...
Price includes US shipping. SOLD Lot of 3 Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Wool Suits. Two button, Double Vent, BB Skull and Crossbone Lining. Full Canvas Construction. Functional Cuffs aka Surgeon's Cuffs. Hand tailored in USA. Total retail on these suits is well in excess of $7000. They were all Custom made for one buyer who did not pick them up. $700SOLD The fabrics are super premium. Most photos are of the suit I am calling Slate Blue. Sleeve pic is (L to R)...
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