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Yes, grenadine? Sorry, Brian, but I posted the extent of my knowledge with the "Me likee".
I have sold a whole heck of a lot of stuff on SF and have not been shafted once. And I generally require payment for merchandise. SF buyers are my favorites across the board.
Silk? Me likee.
I have found that lowballers are more likely to be problem buyers.
Price includes US shipping. Size BB2, 15.5-33. P2P 21.5. White Navy Green Button Down. Fabric is a brushed oxford cloth. Frayed area on one sleeve. Easy repair with a sewing machine or needle and thread. $55.
These have been moved to my Blazer thread. Price includes US shipping. New With Tags Brooks Brothers Madison Blue Linen Blazer. Two Button Double Vent. Smoked mother of pearl buttons. Surgeon's cuffs. Full canvas construction. Hand tailored in USA. Retail $1575. 40R P2P 21.5, Sh 18.25, Sl 23 5/8, L 29 3/8. $215 New With Tags Brooks Brothers Madison Blue Wool Blazer. Single Vent. 3 roll 2 sack with no button applied to the rolled under lapel, I have never...
I still have some of these as of the time I closed the listing. If you see something you want, PM for availability. If you are a fan of these BB OCBD's then now is the time to buy. Apparently BB is changing their basic made in USA oxford cloth button down specifications, and raising the retail price to $140. Price includes US shipping. Contact me for international quote. I can fit two (or three depending upon size) into a USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope, so...
Shipping: Prices include US shipping. For international shipping I charge actual cost. Measurement/Sizes: In an item description "Tagged 40R" means that the item has been marked as a 40R by Brooks Brothers. "40R" means that is my estimation of the size. Some of these items may have already had some alterations done or may be custom tailored. For those reasons, you should know your measurements and use those to determine whether a jacket will fit. No returns. Here...
Price includes US shipping. I will help out with international shipping. All are new with no defects unless noted, but labels are marked to prevent return to BB. No returns. Tagged 40R means that there is a label in or on the jacket which says 40R. 40R without the word tagged means that I estimate the size to be 40R based upon measurements. Always go by measurements to determine fit. Sl un means sleeves are unfinished. Unless otherwise noted, buttons are...
Price includes US shipping. White Sea Island Cotton Herringbone pattern French Cuff Spread Collar Golden Fleece shirt. Has about 15 small stains from the factory. New, never washed. I put some stain treatment on one of the worst spots to show a before and after. It mostly came out just with application of Amodex and water so this will probably wash out with a thorough stain treatment. See the before and after pics. Retail $325. 16.5-33 Slim $50.sold
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