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Of course not. He puts handwritten address labels on every single item, carries them to the Post Office, stands in line, and then waits while the postal employee weighs each item and gives him his shipping options. It costs considerably more this way but it is worth it for the social experience.
Price includes US shipping. First quality unless otherwise noted. No returns unless I make an error in description. International buyers: I can ship two or three shirts in one Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope. We will combine shipping for any shirts you buy on SF or on ebay (I am smsmith007 there). Brooks Brothers Luxury Line Egyptian Cotton Pinpoint Oxford Button Down Dress Shirt. This is a fine weave, more like a broadcloth than it is a conventional oxford cloth. ...
That is an acronym which I would not expect most people to be familiar with.
Did you seriously think that you could get decent shoes made in Phnom Penh? Shirts are doubtful. Shoes? No way.
Price includes US shipping. Can fit up to 3 shirts in a Padded Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope ($23.95 or less) for international. Made in US Royal Oxford Cloth. Pink. P2P 19.25. 13-32.5. $35 Made in US Royal Oxford Cloth. White. P2P 19.25. 13-32.5. $35 Both for $55 Made in US Royal Oxford Cloth. Pink. P2P 19.25. 13.5-32.5. $35 Made in US Royal Oxford Cloth. Blue. P2P 19.25. 13.5-32.5. $35 Both for $55
Price includes US shipping. I can fit this into a Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope ($23.95 or less) for international shipment. NWOT Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Dark Gray Subdued Glen Plaid Sport Coat / Odd Jacket. Two button Single vent. Beautiful lining. Full canvass construction. Hand tailored in USA. Plenty of handwork on these Golden Fleece jackets. 38S measures P2P 20.5, Sh 18.75, Sl 23 unfinished, L 28 5/8. $125.SOLD
I leave the flip flops at home unless the bike has to be kick started.
Cut and paste search?
OK. I just set up the 5FT 5" TALL MALE MANNEQUIN JERSEY COVERED PINNABLE DRESS FORM W/BASE bought from ebay. $79 shipped after a quick OBO negotiation. I will echo the opinions of others in this thread. Now that I have this thing I can't believe that I have been farting around for so long with that plastic half shell piece of junk with the hanger on the top. I expect that this pays for itself 50 times this year. Here is a question. What color/collar type shirt and...
He is a dishonest POS. "Everybody" is not doing it, but that is how low character types rationalize their behavior.Over the years I have bought a few items from the BB Clearance Center (a no return policy there) which had mistakenly made it through without having the labels marked through. So someone could take that item to a mainline store and get merchandise credit. Fuck that. I marked the labels.
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