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Price includes US shipping. New With Tags Brooks Brothers Leather A-2 Style Flight Jacket. Buttery soft leather. A few tiny imperfections on the finish of each one, examples pictured. If the photo has a piece of paper with the word 'Small' on it then it is for the Small jacket. Retail $698. $215>>>>$195>>>>$180>>>>>>$145 Measured like a suit jacket: SmallSOLD P2P 20.75, Sh 17, Sl 25.5, L 24.5 XL P2P 24.25, Sh 20 1/8, Sl 28.5, L 28.5 Brooks Brothers Wool...
It depends upon the fabric, with a fine and tightly woven fabric being more risky than a coarser weave. There are two possible issues. First, with a tight cotton fabric there is a chance that the sewing needle has cut a few threads. When let out, these threads are 'in the open' and can fray. Second, a crease can be difficult to remove from cotton. So the old cuff location may show.
Why? If the market will bear $1400 then it is worth $1400 and he has no obligation to sell it for less. It doesn't matter whether he paid $1 for it, $350, or Grandma gave it to him for his birthday.
I just measured P2P on a fall check 15-32 and it was 21 inches.
Price includes US shipping. $55 NWOT Brooks Brothers White Oxford Cloth Button Down. Unlined collar, Red/White/Blue Grosgrain trim on side seams (same material as used on Thom Browne shirts). Made in USA. Small Slim measures 14.5-32, P2P 19 Medium Slim 15.5-32.5, 19.25 Large Slim 16-33.5, 20.5
I made that mistake in 2014. Life is too short for shit bikes. I would buy a Dream or a Wave before I would ride a Win again. My Win crunched second gear on the road pictured above.I rented the XR 250 with the provision that I could apply my rental amount to the purchase price if I wanted to buy it at the end of the trip. It was a solid bike so I exercised my option. So next trip I have the ability to cross borders with it. I plan to ride out to Dien Bien Phu and...
Ho Chi Minh Trail between Phong Nha and Khe Sanh. Great ride. I went 45 minutes in one stretch without seeing another vehicle.
You are on track. Cost of doing business. I am convinced that most eBay buyers simply do not understand measurements. I would have included a statement that it absolutely does not measure as a 40S.
For the last 6 months I have always had about a 1% defect rate on a 3 month lookback due only to USPS lost packages. My grandfather was a small town postmaster. He would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how dicked up the USPS is now.
I asked the question only because it is relevant. I have bounced back onto the good side of 98% recently after being a hair below it for several months. This is the same type of issue which put me below back in the Spring.If I were at 100% or 95% I wouldn't consider it.
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