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Price includes US shipping. First quality but label marked to prevent return to BB. Always go by measurement to determine fit. This is SF and you are held to that standard. No returns. Custom Tailored Black Wool Blazer. Two button Single Vent. USA. Tagged 37S but measures more like a 38S. P2P 20 3/8, Sh 17 7/8, Sl 22.75, L 29.25. Retail $1000. $165. 1818 Fitzgerald Navy Blue Wool and Cashmere Blazer with Red Collar. Retail $448. Thailand. Two button Single...
Price includes US shipping. New With Tags Brooks Brothers Leather A-2 Style Flight Jacket. Buttery soft leather. A few tiny imperfections on the finish of each one, examples pictured. If the photo has a piece of paper with the word 'Small' on it then it is for the Small jacket. Retail $698. $215>>>>$195>>>>$180>>>>>>$145 Measured like a suit jacket: SmallSOLD P2P 20.75, Sh 17, Sl 25.5, L 24.5 XL P2P 24.25, Sh 20 1/8, Sl 28.5, L 28.5 Brooks Brothers Wool...
It depends upon the fabric, with a fine and tightly woven fabric being more risky than a coarser weave. There are two possible issues. First, with a tight cotton fabric there is a chance that the sewing needle has cut a few threads. When let out, these threads are 'in the open' and can fray. Second, a crease can be difficult to remove from cotton. So the old cuff location may show.
Why? If the market will bear $1400 then it is worth $1400 and he has no obligation to sell it for less. It doesn't matter whether he paid $1 for it, $350, or Grandma gave it to him for his birthday.
I just measured P2P on a fall check 15-32 and it was 21 inches.
Price includes US shipping. $55 NWOT Brooks Brothers White Oxford Cloth Button Down. Unlined collar, Red/White/Blue Grosgrain trim on side seams (same material as used on Thom Browne shirts). Made in USA. Small Slim measures 14.5-32, P2P 19 Medium Slim 15.5-32.5, 19.25 Large Slim 16-33.5, 20.5
I made that mistake in 2014. Life is too short for shit bikes. I would buy a Dream or a Wave before I would ride a Win again. My Win crunched second gear on the road pictured above.I rented the XR 250 with the provision that I could apply my rental amount to the purchase price if I wanted to buy it at the end of the trip. It was a solid bike so I exercised my option. So next trip I have the ability to cross borders with it. I plan to ride out to Dien Bien Phu and...
Ho Chi Minh Trail between Phong Nha and Khe Sanh. Great ride. I went 45 minutes in one stretch without seeing another vehicle.
You are on track. Cost of doing business. I am convinced that most eBay buyers simply do not understand measurements. I would have included a statement that it absolutely does not measure as a 40S.
For the last 6 months I have always had about a 1% defect rate on a 3 month lookback due only to USPS lost packages. My grandfather was a small town postmaster. He would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how dicked up the USPS is now.
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