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True story: Today I called a guy a dumb f*** for not knowing his size and asking for a swap out on a Golden Fleece tuxedo. But it was my brother and I gave it to him free so he let it slide.
Price includes US shipping. $38 per pair. New Brooks Brothers Milano pants. Most have paper BB labels and price tags. Made in either China or Malaysia. Most are 100% Cotton but a few are 98% Cotton. I am selling these for $38 shipped to a US address. I will not provide further measurements (rise, leg opening, etc.) First quality, Labels marked, No returns. Sizes listed from top to bottom of stacks; I found two more pairs: 32-20sold in same light khaki / stone...
Price includes US shipping. Contact me for international shipping quote. No volume discount. First quality unless otherwise noted but labels marked to prevent return to BB. I measured most of these or at least the same size/model. If the one you want doesn't have measurements, check identical size/model sweaters. Measurements are on price tags, click to enlarge. P is P2P, L is length from top of collar. Retail on the Cashmere sweaters ranges from $348 to $498. When...
Price includes US shipping. $75 My customers have been very happy with the BB Artisanal shirts. Brooks Brothers Artisanal Shirts, made in Italy, extraordinary materials and workmanship. All are darted. All retail for $278. White Fall Check Darted 15-32/33, 15.5-32/33SOLD, 16-34/35SOLD Off White Muted Red Gingham Cotton. Darted. 15-32/33 SOLD, 15.5-32/33SOLD, 16-34/35, 16.5-34/35 SOLD Blue and White Stripe Linen / Cotton Blend Point Collar. 56% Linen, 44%...
I hate that shit. It is a pretentious way to project savoir faire.
This is exactly my experience. The USPS is beyond fucked up, and this is a recent development.
Why doesn't the USPS just change their name to Poste Italiane? Those stupid @#$*^'s have lost more of my shipments in the last 6 months than they had in the previous 10 years.
I still had these shirts when I closed the thread. Contact me if interested. Price includes US shipping. Two new Club Monaco shirts. Made in USA by Brooks Brothers. Black White Gingham 14.5-33, P2P 19.5 $28>>$24 Blue White Stripe 14.5-32, P2P 18.5 $28>>$24 Buy the pair for $42
I short cut the process sometimes, knowing that negotiating with myself is a bad practice, and do it to save time. Today an SFer asked for my 'best price'. I have had the item for a while so I gave him a discount of 8% or so.He counters 'How about $XXX?' I told him that's not the way it works.
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