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And therein lies the genius of the plan.
True story: Today I called a guy a dumb f*** for not knowing his size and asking for a swap out on a Golden Fleece tuxedo. But it was my brother and I gave it to him free so he let it slide.
Price includes US shipping. $38 per pair or two pairs for $70. New Brooks Brothers Milano pants. Most have paper BB labels and price tags. Made in either China or Malaysia. Most are 100% Cotton but a few are 98% Cotton. I am selling these for $38 shipped to a US address. I will not provide further measurements (rise, leg opening, etc.) First quality, Labels marked, No returns. Sizes listed from top to bottom of...
Price includes US shipping. Contact me for international shipping quote. No volume discount. First quality unless otherwise noted but labels marked to prevent return to BB. I measured most of these or at least the same size/model. If the one you want doesn't have measurements, check identical size/model sweaters. Measurements are on price tags, click to enlarge. P is P2P, L is length from top of collar. Retail on the Cashmere sweaters ranges from $348 to $498. When...
Price includes US shipping. $75 My customers have been very happy with the BB Artisanal shirts. Brooks Brothers Artisanal Shirts, made in Italy, extraordinary materials and workmanship. All are darted. All retail for $278. Off White Muted Red Gingham Cotton. Darted. 15-32/33sold, 15.5-32/33, 16-34/35sold, 16.5-34/35sold White with Gray Stripe. Darted 15-32/33, 16-34/35sold Blue White Fine Check Button Down Darted 15-32 Blue and White Stripe Linen /...
I hate that shit. It is a pretentious way to project savoir faire.
This is exactly my experience. The USPS is beyond fucked up, and this is a recent development.
Why doesn't the USPS just change their name to Poste Italiane? Those stupid @#$*^'s have lost more of my shipments in the last 6 months than they had in the previous 10 years.
I still had these shirts when I closed the thread. Contact me if interested. Price includes US shipping. Two new Club Monaco shirts. Made in USA by Brooks Brothers. Black White Gingham 14.5-33, P2P 19.5 $28>>$24 Blue White Stripe 14.5-32, P2P 18.5 $28>>$24 Buy the pair for $42
New Posts  All Forums: