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Price includes US Shipping. The price buys all three shirts. Lot of 3 14.5-31 NWT Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Non Iron Spread Collar French Cuff Shirts. $95. Note that these don't measure exactly the same. Look at the close ups of the price tags for exact measurements.
Agreed. I have never seen a request for a teacher discount, but I have seen several asking for discounts because they are in the military. Fuck them. I am a veteran and I don't ask for any special privileges, ever.
New With Tags Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Black Wool Suit. Full canvas construction. Made in USA. Ultrafine herringbone weave. Size 36R. Two Button Double Vent. Retail is $1850. Jacket measurements are as follows: P2P 19 Sh 17 1/8 Sl 22.25 unfinished L 28.5 Pleated pants are W30.5, length unfinished. Milano is not usually pleated, but with a custom suit anything is possible. Sleeve label was pulled out, leaving a small hole in the sleeve and...
Price includes US shipping. Lot of Five New with tags Brooks Brothers Custom Spread Collar Non Iron Dress Shirts. Made in USA. Measures 16-36, 21 inches across chest at armpit level. Use measurements to predict fit. Retail is $138 each, so total retail for the group is $690. $155
Price includes US shipping. First quality but label marked to prevent return to BB. Always go by measurement to determine fit. This is SF and you are held to that standard. No returns. Golden Fleece Fitzgerald Navy Wool Blazer. Full canvas construction. Two Button Single Vent. Buttons and button holes not applied. I have included a set of BB blazer buttons. USA. Pick Stitching. 38S inner label but this measures smaller, more like a 36 Ex Short P2P 19.5, Sh...
Price includes US shipping. Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Black Wool Toggle Coat. Spectacular quality. Retail $1250. P2p 21.75, Sh 18, Sl 25.25, L 38. BB1. $450 Brooks Brothers Wool Country Coat. James Crowther Fabric. Medium. P2P 23.5, Sh 19.75, Sl 25.5, L 32.75. Retail $498. $220. Brooks Brothers Dark Green Waxed Cotton Jacket. P2P 22. Medium. Retail $348. $175. Brooks Brothers Dark Green Waxed Cotton Jacket. P2P 27. XL Retail $348. ...
It depends upon the fabric, with a fine and tightly woven fabric being more risky than a coarser weave. There are two possible issues. First, with a tight cotton fabric there is a chance that the sewing needle has cut a few threads. When let out, these threads are 'in the open' and can fray. Second, a crease can be difficult to remove from cotton. So the old cuff location may show.
Why? If the market will bear $1400 then it is worth $1400 and he has no obligation to sell it for less. It doesn't matter whether he paid $1 for it, $350, or Grandma gave it to him for his birthday.
I just measured P2P on a fall check 15-32 and it was 21 inches.
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