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Nope, got this from the shelter blog (edited the original post).
^^ It certainly looks like it.
        MA+ bison aviator (from shelter)
The M.A+ is available in ink in the bison http://shop.hlorenzo.com/products/mens/outerwear/jackets/j213dzmi_bic_1_3_ink
 Paid a visit to HLorenzo and had a look at the reverse deer biker jacket. The leather has an almost velvet feel to it. It is much softer and pliable than the horse (at least when it is new).  I did not check out the deer boots, but I imagine the leather is much thicker than the jacket. I think regular use will result in some interesting patina effects. 
^^ What site is that Guidi from?
I think MA+ uses Guidi leather for some of the jackets too.
[[SPOILER]] I think the size 50 is perfect, both on the shoulders and sleeve lengths.
Haha, the SF thread was one of the factors. I was on the look out for the absolute minimalist leather jacket. And you cannot go more minimalist than MA+. I almost bought it online, but after reading SF and SZ, it was clear that MA+ should not be purchased without trying.   Fortunately I was able to try it on. And for a change, everything the internet said was true. I am a true 48 and still I had a hard time zipping it up. The jacket is thick (wool-lined) and stiff, but...
   Thanks guys. I have to acknowledge http://www.styleforum.net/t/386587/a-visit-to-pn-p-firenze which played a part in swaying me.
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