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I think MA+ uses Guidi leather for some of the jackets too.
[[SPOILER]] I think the size 50 is perfect, both on the shoulders and sleeve lengths.
Haha, the SF thread was one of the factors. I was on the look out for the absolute minimalist leather jacket. And you cannot go more minimalist than MA+. I almost bought it online, but after reading SF and SZ, it was clear that MA+ should not be purchased without trying.   Fortunately I was able to try it on. And for a change, everything the internet said was true. I am a true 48 and still I had a hard time zipping it up. The jacket is thick (wool-lined) and stiff, but...
   Thanks guys. I have to acknowledge http://www.styleforum.net/t/386587/a-visit-to-pn-p-firenze which played a part in swaying me.
My latest acquisition: MA+ horse biker. The pics do not do the jacket justice. The color is black and has a beautiful sheen to it.    
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