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 Shelter II instagram http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/shelter2/
 This seems like a recent development looks like. I was able to get in a special order back in December '14.
MA+ jacket, random shirt, random 1 year old raw denim  
This is what PNP has.   
@fwoedit, did you check out the MA+ bison biker at Hlorenzo? Did you like the pronounced grain on that one?    Also, in addition to the reverse bison biker available at a bunch of stores, I believe PNP got a non-reverse version too, if you dislike the shine. It all comes down to whether you like the grain on bison compared to the cow. 
^^ archivesf has the exact same viridi-anne available in size 2 (and its on sale).
^^ Seem to have aged really well. 
  More Leon...
That is some amazing scarring! Is it because of the wear the jacket is getting or was it like that new? 
Speaking of backlash and colors other than black...  
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