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^^ archivesf has the exact same viridi-anne available in size 2 (and its on sale).
^^ Seem to have aged really well. 
  More Leon...
That is some amazing scarring! Is it because of the wear the jacket is getting or was it like that new? 
Speaking of backlash and colors other than black...  
MA+ folded bison boots  
@docdocgs, can you post some pics of your green boots?
There you go, should be an easy decision now!  
I am a size 48 and I went TTS with the MA+. I have widish shoulders and smaller waist. The jacket fits me perfectly on the shoulders, but is really tight on the waist. If would have sized up, the waist might have been better, but the shoulders would have been badly off.    It really depends on your shoulders to waist proportion. The thing is, if the waist is too tight, you can pull up the lower zip to ease up the tightness and still look great, but you cannot do much...
Since we are on the topic of CCP tornado boots, does anyone have an opinion about lined boots vs. unlined? Are there any substantial differences between the two in terms of wearability/durability?
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