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And I thought my CCP boots were heavy! Granted that these are my first pair of baller boots. They do actually weight 5 lbs total. 
 That is exactly what I was told before I placed the order.
 I am normally 41.5 - 42. So I would say they fit TTS (when you take into account 'conventional' CCP sizing).  There is enough room in the front (with the CCP insole) to not be snug. I have worn them fairly extensively in the past few days, with no discomfort.   Thanks. The color is supposed to be dark gray. But when they first arrived, they pretty much looked black. Just a few days of wear has brought out the brown shade. I expect them to fade even more. 
They are a size 7. 
Yes, special ordered in Dec '14. 
CCP tornadoes in the house. LUC-PTC/19   [[SPOILER]]
 Shelter II instagram http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/shelter2/
 This seems like a recent development looks like. I was able to get in a special order back in December '14.
MA+ jacket, random shirt, random 1 year old raw denim  
This is what PNP has.   
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