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Simple. Basic. Tough. Just an update on the boots. Have a great weekend guys!
@gregornz I just thought it might be too busy. Don't go on my word, I'm way to conservative for your boots (I have brown oil tan ranchers now.) Those things are going to be great and that's what makes ordering a custom boot so personalized. I'm thinking of going all distressed rough out with brown dress back stay in classic work boot with medallion toe cap, and I'm sweating it! Haha. Both yours and your wife's boots will be awesome. Congrats on the purchase!
@b-ewing   Glad to see you being active on the board again.  You're almost "old school" to this thread with all the newbie's like me here now! 
@gregornzThat is an interesting set up, so I went to bakers site and tried to build it.  It's not perfect, but its close I think.  If your still looking for opinions, I would leave the backstay brown and the tongue yellow.   It's going to be a unique looking boot, can't wait for the pics. 
I'm more of a fan of conditioning with Bick 4 than Huberds. It doesn't darken the leather at all and no leftover campfire smell. I've used it on anything from my White's to my dress shoes. It works great for me.
I use Bick 4 made by Bickmore. No sticky residue, no color change and it softens the leather. Good stuff IMO.
Here is an evo pic of my farmer/ranchers. They are my every day boot and getting better each week.
It appears to be totally a matter of opinion, because with the semi dress casual boot I like the flat wax laces. For a work boot I like leather, but not for casual.I guess on here it will depend in who's opinion you value. 😁👍 Either way, you win with a nice boot!
@bl@ster That brogue is only European as far as I know. Does anyone know if RW would build a brogue ranger with a beckman sole if we went through a local RW store? I would buy that.
Since we are all over the place, @linafelt your fireplace looks exactly like mine. Hardwood, brick tiles, brick surround; I did a double take at your pic.I like the cut tongue.
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