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My natural "natty" roughout's. Almost a year old.
Haha. I'm an 8 as well, so I get it. I'll have to be more vigilant to check early. Nice pic up!
Did you get these online from Nordstrom rack? I've only been seeing the same two pair for a while now, and it wasn't these. I would keep them for that price, but I have a boot problem,so...
What up J? I second the 8.5, they are very tts. Get them and then give a comparison to your osb's for me. 😉
Those tan Nick's through Zuriick sold out quick, my size was gone when I went to buy them. You have any pics, those are unique boots!
These are 8" brown oil tan on the smokejumper last with 430 sole and cuban heel.
I don't know if this is against the forum "rules", but if anyone regularly posts pics of their boots on IG, I'd love to check them out. Put up your account names if anyone's down with it.
These are awesome!
Those look great! I have a pair of the natural roughout too. Did you get a sample pair or special order?
Thanks, both are great boots. I wouldn't say the Truman's are longer, it's prob more what you explained. I went same size in Truman's as my White's and Vince's last fits my foot better. Of course my White's are on the smokejumper last, and if your comparing to the semi dress last it might be different.
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