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I bought an 8d a few years ago and the width was slightly too narrow. When I had mine rebuilt, I wanted to go down a half size and up a width. It was suggested by Baker's that I go to a 7 1/2 EE. I did and it's perfect.
Not a great pic of the boots, but I took them for a hike up a Mayan pyramid in Mexico last month.
Priceless!Bro, where were you 297 pages ago? You would have saved me a lot of reading before I got my first pair. Thanks for the invaluable info!
These are mine in brick settler. They definitely have some red in them.
Doughnuts, haha. Not sure if you meant my natural cxl roughouts, but I bought Paracord from a local craft store and made these laces.
Thanks man. I noticed minimal stretching and minimal break-in. It is commando sole (which I love) and unstructured toe.The uplander does look different. They changed the heel vamp and backstay to one piece of leather and that looks weird to me, but not ugly, if that makes sense.Anyone else have opinions on the uplander pattern?
I've put these up before, but since he's offering the leather again, this is Natural roughout at 15 months (and Java waxed flesh).
My natural "natty" roughout's. Almost a year old.
Haha. I'm an 8 as well, so I get it. I'll have to be more vigilant to check early. Nice pic up!
Did you get these online from Nordstrom rack? I've only been seeing the same two pair for a while now, and it wasn't these. I would keep them for that price, but I have a boot problem,so...
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