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The tongue on my brown oil tan farmer ranchers was digging in pretty good for me at first. I just simply loosened up on the the laces until the tongue was broken in and that helped me a lot. Now I can tie them as snug as I want.This is how I fold my tongue as well. It doesn't sit on the outside ankle bone as much.
 Nice pics.  If I heard the specs of your boots (lowered heel and 9") without seeing them, I don't think they would be my taste, but they look good!
Ultrasound lists it as the 461 last.This looks like a steal toe that has been resoled and maybe rebuilt. The upper and laces look like they have some wear.
Is it just me or does this roughout medallion cap toe look really good!? (not my boots)
I called White's about my boot fit problem and guess what he (Mike) said he would do if I sent the boots to him... put them on a "ball stretcher."  He told me that the boots seemed like they were the right fit and he wouldn't go down more than a 1/2 size at most.  He suggested that I find a local guy to stretch the place where the toe vamp and heal counter meet and I should notice a big difference.     I might be running the risk of alienating myself, but Louie (although...
Well, I have about 100 hours or so on my ranchers and I think I've come to some conclusions. I knew going in that I was buying a boot that was about a 1/2 size too big (I think now maybe a full size), but for the price I was paying I couldn't pass them up. One of the things I wasn't counting on was how long they would take to break in and until that, you really can't judge their fit. Secondly, I underestimated the quality, thinking that the boot would give more. My...
I ordered some of the now "in"famous Huberds and tried it on some RW boots this weekend. It darkened them significantly. Here is a pic of my White's false tongue with half treated (once) half not Just thought the pic might be informative for those like me with little treatment experience.
Phantom and Bingham, great boots! I love the soft toe on my ranchers, and I like the medallion cap as well. It would be great to see some evo pics if anyone has them. I'm all for talking about Louie going away, but I like seeing boots too.
@WorldWideWafflz Kyle at bakers told me if you get the half slip to lower the heel 1/4". This will keep the overall height the same as a standard heel. Half slip - 1/4" = standard height
So @LouieBailie There is no doubt that you have a crazy amount of boot knowledge and that I could ask you boot questions for hours waiting for a pretentious response, but please answer me this in all seriousness. Is that a stone pig I see in the pictures and what is the story there? I'm dying to know, thanks.
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