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Thanks, both are great boots. I wouldn't say the Truman's are longer, it's prob more what you explained. I went same size in Truman's as my White's and Vince's last fits my foot better. Of course my White's are on the smokejumper last, and if your comparing to the semi dress last it might be different.
@linafelt This is from my IG, that I took a while ago. Farmer ranchers and Truman's.
@FrankCowperwood You're a wizard! Thanks for the tip! Don't erase this post, I will prob have to reference it a few times. Haha
@gfloridafan93 Thanks! @FrankCowperwood That's right, all natural roughout to start. Vince told me that he got his lasts from a company going out of business. (Hence the reason he only has one width.) @Shalomp This is the only other shot I have right now. I will get more. Anyone know why (my) the pics are blurry in the post unless you enlarge them? I'm not sure that there is any plastic in the boots. Mine is just leather on leather for the heel pocket and it looks...
Two applications of Huberd's shoe grease on the cap and heel counter of my natural roughout Truman's.
@johnnykicks I use Bick 4 on all my boots and shoes that I don't want to darken. Conditions well and does not darken at all.
To continue @IIIrd Icon sole conversation, I am getting a Goodyear commando sole and sending them with my White's to be resoled by Drew's. Currently I have the 430, but haven't been impressed. I have the commando's on another pair of boots and love them. Drew's did not have them but agreed to put them on if I supplied the soles. Sounds like the best of both worlds to me.
@Matthew Cruz Nice of you to join us. I guess I went to the wrong place for fit pics. I agree with you on the brown laces. Mine are dark, but the lighter looks good.
Thanks @Jorge Vince is pretty lenient with the customisations. Last contact I had with him he said he had 200 orders to fill, so I guess it's catching on that he's a good guy that makes a great boot.
Gentlemen, just wanted to chime in about my Truman's. My makeup is natural roughout, unstructured toe, commando sole, cap toe, no pull tab, and speed hooks. I've had mine about 2 1/2 months, and like the commando sole so much I might get my White's resoled with it. Imo, the speed hooks are the way to go for ease of on/off. I have non gusseted tongue and have no problem with it twisting. Here's some instagram pics. White's farmer/ranchers and Truman, then a shot showing...
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