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@WorldWideWafflz Kyle at bakers told me if you get the half slip to lower the heel 1/4". This will keep the overall height the same as a standard heel. Half slip - 1/4" = standard height
So @LouieBailie There is no doubt that you have a crazy amount of boot knowledge and that I could ask you boot questions for hours waiting for a pretentious response, but please answer me this in all seriousness. Is that a stone pig I see in the pictures and what is the story there? I'm dying to know, thanks.
I love seeing pics of how boots age.  That's a fine pair @daizawaguy  Here are my brown oil tan F/R with about 20 hours on them.  For color reference, these have not been treated with anything.   
^ Those look good. That is the first pair of White's oxfords that I've liked. What leather is that?
Niice boots!If I get a casual pair, I would love a bison BH with medallion cap. Let us know how the bison ages. I have seen others here post pics but then no follow up or update.Again great looking boot, @gregornz
Hey guys, I'm new to this thread. Just thought I'd share some pics of my 1149's. I'll have to take some pics of my chukkas as well. 1149's, almost 1 1/2 years old, never conditioned but occasionally brushed.
I think the rough out is the oil tan turned rough side out, but people have mentioned before on this forum that the rough out is much easier to break in. Why, I don't know.
I've warn the boots around the house for the last few days and about four hours outside today. Still trying to find the perfect tongue fold and haven't conditioned them with anything yet.
Here is a strange juxtaposition: every time I see that Mad Magazine face, I wish I was the one that knocked his tooth out and yet every time I see a Huberd's can, I want to buy it to put on my boots. But what if I buy the Huberd's and then think of Louie every time I apply it? Don't know if I want to risk it. Haha
I think the bottom is toffee and brown oil rough out. I have not seen this "toffee" advertised by anyone thoughKyle told me that you cannot get just any leather in rough out and from looking at the swatches I received this appears to be true.
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