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It's nice to see those work boots mixed in with all those pretty boots around here. They look like they're holding up great! Any resole?
@jrosenthal All of this stuff seems so subjective,and sometimes people are looking for affermation and not information, but here is what worked for me. The break in on my brown oil tan farmer ranchers was about 100 hrs before they felt great. I used Bick 4 from Bickmore to condition and soften the leather and it did help. Bick 4 will not darken the color, leaves no residue, and I applied it to both outside and inside of the boots on the tongue and hot spots. I also...
 Those are some nice boots, man.  The farmer rancher is built on the smoke jumper last.  Technically if a farmer rancher had the vibram 100 sole, it would be a smoke jumper.  I can't help you on sizing compared to the semi, unfortunately I don't own a pair in that last.  Side note:  I just went back and was looking at some of the picks from this thread; there are some amazing looking boots!  Better than a google search.
 If you haven't already, take the time to read all 5671 posts in this thread and not only will you learn about the leathers, you will learn about lasts and heels and vamps and everything White's.  I found out that I knew very little about shoes and boots before stumbling on this thread and have learned a lot.  Unless you have unlimited funds to blow on trial and error or time to spend selling boots on ebay, it is worth ($$) the read.  
Bl@ster is a member that has posted pics of a crazy amount of boots and owner of the burgundy classic work boot I posted above.  You can go back and find his pics on this thread and many of his boots show up on a google image search of White's boots.  I did not request this stitching, but I also didn't custom order my ranchers either.  I got mine from White's ebay store, so they came as is.  I actually prefer the "standard" way of the heel vamp over the upper, but didn't...
@b-ewing If your talking about where the upper, heel counter and toe vamp come together, my boots have the same stitching as the packer above. I have seen smoke jumpers stitched like blasters boot; seems to be an inconsistency.
@b-ewing Glad you brought up the classic work boot, I've been thinking of a pair myself.  The upturned toe can look drastically different from boot to boot, and the Asian market is full of them, but I have no idea how they fit.  Here is a pair of work boots owned by bl@ster, that he put up a while ago similar to your desired specs.       @climbinglife You have a great looking pair of "work boots," do you have any recent pics, I'd love to see them again.   Does...
Simple. Basic. Tough. Just an update on the boots. Have a great weekend guys!
@gregornz I just thought it might be too busy. Don't go on my word, I'm way to conservative for your boots (I have brown oil tan ranchers now.) Those things are going to be great and that's what makes ordering a custom boot so personalized. I'm thinking of going all distressed rough out with brown dress back stay in classic work boot with medallion toe cap, and I'm sweating it! Haha. Both yours and your wife's boots will be awesome. Congrats on the purchase!
@b-ewing   Glad to see you being active on the board again.  You're almost "old school" to this thread with all the newbie's like me here now! 
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