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^ Say how you really feel. I'm sure obscurity feels much better now.
+1 an aquired taste but I love it!
Mates of State
Your BF has good hair.
I think people are becoming too critical when we have a problem with someone who is smiling in a photo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Here are some questions I'd like to ask Scott: 3. Why are colleagues who knew you expressing complete surprise and saying you never expressed these views before? Are you kidding with this. What do you expect his colleagues who still need to be loyal to Bush to say. Come on.
Sad but true. Hopefully people won't be as ignorant this time in it allowing that to be the deciding factor on how they vote. Because we all know that recognizing gay marriage as legal is far worse than the war we're currently in and the state of the economy.
Sounds like you have what you need. A jacket may be nice if you can manage it. I'm assuming it's getting warmer now but could still cool down in the evenings. You're a lucky man.
Navy suit, navy tie with pink strip or polka dot. No paisley.
Well if you ever come a across the somewhat popular 36 R and it's not your size let me know.
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