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+1, well maybe not white ones with black shoes. But I guess white isn't a color right?
I tried on a D&G that fit good in the shoulders. It was out of my price range and they had really low rise pants. The third was a Miu Miu at Barneys where the jacket was great but had pants tapering down to what seemed like a 6 1/2 in opening. I have tried on every slim cut suit I could find out there. Z Zegna 36R that was close but still big. Ralph Lauren Black big, Brooks Bros Fitzgerald big. Even tried on a Thom Brown size 0 that wasn't a good fit for me. MTM has mixed...
This is a modern cut with a classic fabric. What's wrong with that. I just bought a Theory suit and it's great for me OTR. Got it at 40% off and it's worth every penny for me. Fabric is great. Only tweak will be shortening the sleeves a hair. It's one of three makers that I can actually fit into without going MTM being between a 36R and 34R. I need a low rise suit paint being short torsoed. The lapels are probably 3 1/4 wide which doesn't mean it's going to not be in...
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer Quoting your customer number makes no difference at all in my experience, even after having been to Ricky's shop. Subsequent online orders still take months. I also gave my customer number when I talked to him and it didn't seem to help. I will call again tonight? Persistence is what is involved I guess when you want custom at a discount.
I spoke to Ricky last night since I hadn't received a confirmation on most recent order. He said they were out of the fabric even though I chose something from page 4. Has anyone ordered just a bright white poplin from them recently? I tried to ask him if it was available and didn't get a clear answer. I think he's got a lot of things happening at once.
Besides having soft shoulder. Does anybody know if the suits are cut slim or more full like Canali?
First time waywt photo for me. I thought it was time since I've been chiming in here and there. Nothing special just casual on the somewhat cheap. The jean is a much darker wash than the photo shows. Sorry about the thumbnail. I couldn't figure out how to have the photo open within the post. Yes I did search how to do it and yes I can be thick at times. Ben Sherman Mossimo (don't freak out) Sandro Moscolino zip up boots
For me personally. I am painfully thin and lanky with long arms. Showing cuff exagerates that problem. I only show 1/4 inch if that. I do think showing cuff especially with a french cuff looks great however. I would say that it could depend on the suit style/fabric for me. Just got a glen plaid in a lighter color which I intend to show a bit more cuff.
Ordered my shirt on the 24th of March, confirmed on the 25th. Charged to my credit card on the 9th or April received on the 10th.
[quote=Dewey;99176 I feel like I am arguing in favor of microbrews with a big fan of Budweiser. And the fan of Budweiser is arguing that Budweiser tastes just as good as all microbrews, for some people, and that I am some kind of elitist jagoff for suggesting that Budweiser is not the equal of my fancy expensive beers. .[/QUOTE] I hate Budweiser
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