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I spoke to Ricky last night since I hadn't received a confirmation on most recent order. He said they were out of the fabric even though I chose something from page 4. Has anyone ordered just a bright white poplin from them recently? I tried to ask him if it was available and didn't get a clear answer. I think he's got a lot of things happening at once.
Besides having soft shoulder. Does anybody know if the suits are cut slim or more full like Canali?
First time waywt photo for me. I thought it was time since I've been chiming in here and there. Nothing special just casual on the somewhat cheap. The jean is a much darker wash than the photo shows. Sorry about the thumbnail. I couldn't figure out how to have the photo open within the post. Yes I did search how to do it and yes I can be thick at times. Ben Sherman Mossimo (don't freak out) Sandro Moscolino zip up boots
For me personally. I am painfully thin and lanky with long arms. Showing cuff exagerates that problem. I only show 1/4 inch if that. I do think showing cuff especially with a french cuff looks great however. I would say that it could depend on the suit style/fabric for me. Just got a glen plaid in a lighter color which I intend to show a bit more cuff.
Ordered my shirt on the 24th of March, confirmed on the 25th. Charged to my credit card on the 9th or April received on the 10th.
[quote=Dewey;99176 I feel like I am arguing in favor of microbrews with a big fan of Budweiser. And the fan of Budweiser is arguing that Budweiser tastes just as good as all microbrews, for some people, and that I am some kind of elitist jagoff for suggesting that Budweiser is not the equal of my fancy expensive beers. .[/QUOTE] I hate Budweiser
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey What percentage of the world's best shoes are black? Guess an answer and then read this thread: http://styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=14906 Note the ratio of browns to black. If you are in the habit of wearing good shoes, you are in the habit of wearing brown shoes; if you are in the habit of wearing brown shoes, you will probably wear them, 9 times out of 10, in the daytime with your khaki trousers. That's my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey I'm surprised this thread supports black shoes and light brown cotton pants here on this dandy forum. Why would anyone wear black shoes in the day time unless he had to wear black shoes in the daytime? Once a year, for a change of pace, maybe, but otherwise forego black if you are serious about dressing well. That sounds a bit antiquated or maybe conservative is a better word for my taste. To say that if you...
This was posted yesterday by a forum member. To me this is too dressy a shoe for khakis. I agree that it should be an informal shoe ie. loafer, driving moc. It is a beautiful shoe though. [/quote]
Quote: Originally Posted by pinoy Also, is it just me or is there something off about this fit? Comments and critiques from anyone would be helpful. Thanks! Jil Sander navy blue shawl collar wool sweater Gap belt Built by Wendy pants (not sure why the color is off here- they are actually chocolate brown) Paul Smith suede canvas sneakers Jas MB canvas leather bag I do like the sweater. It maybe appears like it's been pulled down...
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