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Not good.
According to a lady from Men's wearhouse (not where I got this), she said I was somewhere between a 36 and a 37. That's interesting? Good help is hard to find. I think you could have that suit altered to fit you quite nice. I think people have a tendency to pull their arms back and stand up straighter than usual in these photos. I think the issue with the arms is probably more you pulling them back further than you would normally. If there is too much fabric in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by unko sunny afternoon on the roof... APC cardigan BR t-shirt Acne Mic Rigid Clarks Very nice. Great modern take on the cadigan from APC. Good look all together.
I want that first pair so bad. Too bad I'm poor. Just curious, how much?
I know what you mean but I like the boxiness of this blazer with these jeans. I thought I'd try a looser silhouette on the top. Maybe I'm not tall enough for it? I see how the slim top balances out the bagginess of the jeans although I'm getting a little tired of that formula.[/quote] I think it looks great with the jacket, better actually.
Quote: Originally Posted by academe The Black Label and Purple Label stuff that I've tried on seem trimly cut; perhaps it's a bit more variable with the Polo suits? Black is slim cut, but keep in mind the shoulders are not.
Quote: Originally Posted by cheez80 you could try theory. a friend of mine swears by them, and he's the typical skinny, hipster asian build. +1 Theory is viewed as being way overpriced here which is somewhat true but is a great option on sale which they are now at the Theory store for 40% off. Not sure what's left but have them search there other stores if you see a suit you like that's not in your size. That's what I did and am very happy...
Ben Sherman Jantzen Joes Fila
I was looking at a fabric as a possible choice at Jantzen. It is listed as follows:Jantzen*2700, White Tank with Blue Hair-Line Stripe, 100's, 2 Ply, 100% Italian Cotton What does Tank mean? Would this be a poplin shirt?
I would like to think that the fit of one's first MTM garment is better than the fit of any similar OTR garment would be. Maybe not MUCH better, but at least a little.[/quote] This is not always the case. Too many factors to make this true. The person taking the measurements as already mentioned is a big one. Also from what I now know if you start with a silhouette that doesn't suit your body your going to probably be worse off than finding something that fits you...
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