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Being the youngest by a good deal in my family and not planning on having kids. My biggest fear is being alone in some sort of depressing nusrsing home. I have recently been through the experience of placing my partners mom in a similar place. Going to see these potential destinations where people are just lying in their beds or in their wheelchairs with their heads drooping in the hallway is really scarrry. And these weren't the really cheap places either.
Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty Some nice loafers are next on my shoes-to-buy list. I'm not sure what you mean by "a brown with more blue in it" though? This is what I meant. It can be called espresso colored or dark brown depending. Since the suit looks more taupe to me anyways. Something in this family rather than the what some others have suggested about the color shoes you have for your avatar IMO. The lace up is just for color...
+1 Maybe if you hem them you could wear a low sneaker or cool loafer. I think the colors great together.
I would stay away from orange/ reddish browns and stay with a brown with more blue in it. The shoe looks too heavy for the suit. How about something slightly more casual (loafer?).
I had the same experience. Droopy shoulders and being thin aren't the same thing to me. The black label jacket looked bad from the back (outside shoulder slouching off. It can make you look skinnier especially if you have a skinny neck as well. The shouders have more padding than a soft shoulder but IMO it is not strong padded shoulder. I loved the cut of the suit but decided against it because of the shoulders. Depending what your chest and shoulder measurments are I can...
THe hat is good on you and with what you're wearing. Shirt might be a hair short.
+1, prefer rollow up on the more narrow pant. Good job.
Quote: Originally Posted by overdog +1 It looks really bad if one wears a high rise pair of trousers too low, especially if they are pleated. Yes agreed don't want the crotch going too low. Shorter rise is better for those who wear them lower of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl Look here: Thanks for posting this link fritzl. I feel a bit silly not coming across it since it was ironically posted yesterday. I did do a search believe it or not. Anyways it was very helpful. And thank you jmonroestyle for the original post.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 At the waist. At the hips, with the waistband just hovering at the top of one's butt crack seems to be a look favored mainly by car salesmen, maybe because they spend so much time on their feet, their trousers just naturally sag. At the hips looks pretty bad unless you are talking jeans. This is just ridiculous. That's a bad generalization. You have to dress for your body type. Not everyone...
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