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The 110 that was like cardboard didn't happen to be the purple gingham?
Was wondering if anyone has ordered a regular twill from jantzen. I'm looking at one and wondering if it would be too heavy and how it is with wrinkles. Also I still don't see the option for a regular(non patterned) white poplin on latest materials. Has anyone been ordering those recently?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus Tell that to the geriatric old man who protected his family from two thugs who had a gun stuck to his face: http://www.wlky.com/video/16509601/index.html (as previously posted in the thread) Again, how many situations like this happen where people having guns have saved their lives or loved ones as opposed to how many lives are lost at the hands of people who have been killed by guns by accicdent or...
I'm sure it would be argued that they are not reported often, but I'm curious as to the statistics of people who have successfully defending themselves in situations that those who are pro gun desire them. It seems more examples of guns falling in the the wrong hands(school shootings etc..) are more of a case for a ban. The concept of getting rid of guns would just mean the bad guys would use other means seems a bit weak, especially when it comes to the cases of multiple...
I think that tie looks fine. Is it lavender? But something darker would be good as mentioned navy, black or dark purple.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire He sounded like an asthmatic air compressor. *hhhuffff* *ppfffftttt* *sssiiigghhhh* *HHHUFFFFSIIGHHH* I honestly think if he had not come off as such a stiff and supercilious ass in the debates, he might have won. Part of Gore's problem was he got convinced that who he really is was not good enough and he kept trying to be an iteration his handlers thought would play well. Well he did win. He just...
Quote: Originally Posted by jmh396 shirt - z zegna cardigan - shipley and halmos shorts - rag and bone drivers - prada belt - abercrombie (circa 1996?) found it in my hidden in my closet. I like this but think the sweater is too big in shoulders and lenghth, but it seems like that's what you might have been going for.
Now this is the SF that I love. Well done.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano Montecristo#4 I understand how politians might benefit from spin, but you are a private citizen with the education to know that what you have posted is biased. Why do you feel the need to post republican propaganda you know isn't valid? Because it helps him sleep better at night, maybe.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso Did you not read what I wrote a half hour before your post or did it take you a half hour to write that? Relax, take a breath.
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