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AF seems to be very preoccupied with gay culture/issues.
Any insight to ones that sit more at the hip than waist? The BR are too high waisted for shorter torsoe.
Lapels date it too much IMO. Go for something more modern especially if you're 23.
It must break God's heart to see what we do in the name of religion. And just for some balance Have a good time all the time . (Viv Savage)
That green tie would be great!! Also navy and orange in a grenadine as mentioned. I don't see brown or a golden color working.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I don't think it is cynical, I think it is simply your own form of intolerance to human thought and belief. I think you are right since we all possess forms of intolerance. It can be my intolerance or that you what you claim is not the case Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Only if you are willing to believe that atheists can have no morals since they have no religious beliefs. In...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I think that your impression is skewed because it discounts on of the two main reasons that people are against gay marriage, and attempts to replace it with a reason that can only account for a minuscule part of the population. As such, you end up placing nearly the entire blame on a group, the religious, who are both unlikely to change, and also not nearly large enough to account for the percentage of people in the US...
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Huge mistake. Before you looked like a rock star/young Antonio Banderas. This is exactly why you did the right thing. You look great and not too young. Well done.
Be careful with the Theory sleeve buttons. They can be very hard to move. They are not working but I've been told this by my tailor and have read it on previous posts. I have a Theory suit myself but only had to shorten less than a half inch.
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