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^ Not sure about the shoes. Maybe white sneakers and I would tuck the belt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black "surreal" sounds like a good description of Prince...i bet if one were to run into him somewhere you'd probably FEEL his presence before it registering on your eyes. Guys like him, Chris Tucker, Michael Jackson, Stephen gotta love those reclusive mysterious motherfuckers who are on a plane of their own Well it was also surreal because prior to his arrival he had a huge ass body guard buy 8...
Worked at a movie house in Beverly Hills that ran mostly foreign films many years ago and saw a whole slew of people. Madonna- she looked ok Annette Benning - she looked great Prince - surreal and of course short Claudia Schiffer ask me to call a cab - she was stunning and very sweet Quentin Tarantino- we were the first theater to show reservoir dogs. Still have a scrap paper that he signed that says thanks for taking care of the dogs. Oh yeah and Bette Midler showed up...
+1 on customer service. Some of the measurements were off on their end with the first shirt and they gave me a credit. Second shirt is good. Basic white poplin is on the stiff side even after a couple of washes. For some weird reason I had to go up to a 15.5 on the neck for the 2nd shirt when I am normally a 14.5. I am really thin and ordered slim fit and slim sleeves on the first as well and the sleeves were too tight. I got regular sleeve for the 2nd and they're fine.
Had my haircut right next to him while he had his some years back. It was a bit surreal. A true original artist.
Wait for them to go on sale at Bloomingdales,Saks or if you can find a Theory store near you. They might be on sale now or very soon for the spring line.
Quote: Originally Posted by EdenResident What about a brown tie? Will it work with pink and black? Not really.
Definitely Light Blue or Lavender.
Pink shirt with black suit is not a good look IMO. If it is more lavender/lilac I would find a mostly solid darker tone for the tie. I prefer white shirt or very pale blue with black suit. I've seen a white tie with white shirt work well with either a very formal look or with a lighter tan suit for a less formal look. The white tie did have texture and wasn't so boring as the one in the photo.
Buy it. I just bought a Theory. It's a very good suit. Don't get so caught up in the fused part for that price. If it fits well and you have problems finding OTR in that fit, get it.
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