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Uncontrol has anyone told you that you look a little like the actor John Cameron Mitchell from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Which is a great movie by the way.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Not all fashion or choice of dress/aesthetic is about searching for the ultimate figure flattering look. I like the pics, although, i think a slouchy tank top would've looked a bit cooler than the short cami. Those blazers look fantastic though. Makes me want a beat up vintage pair bad. This is surprising to read from a forum that seems to be obsessed for better or worse with fit or silhouette. Why is what...
Quote: Originally Posted by selbsttatig Normally, but I think everyone just likes how the pieces look in those two photos and that's what they're excited about. At least I am. I guess. Looks like an ok put together prep look from back east with a somewhat quirky watch and shoe.
Um, I still don't get it. Also isn't part of it how it looks on the person.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl Be nice You're right, I'm sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover Even though he was the one least in gree he did look the best out of everyone else, that is why I choose holdfast. the others look as if they threw their closets into a paint mixer and threw on whatever shot out. That's ridiculous. Chorse color ensemble is obviously way too sophisticated for you to comprehend.
^ That is definitely one of the beautiful ones. Most of the ones I see posted don't have that beautiful of a roll.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I agree with that, but JFK did not typically wear the type of two button coat that you are talking about. Will has an interesting write-up on this: JFK's Paddock Model Jackets. I have two jackets done up this way, and they are quite different than a standard two button. - B Doesn't BB have a 2 button called the Fitzgerald modeled after JFK suits? Also I think most of the rolled button suits...
A call is always a good idea if you haven't gotten a confirmation after a few days.
I guess I'm going with the dark chorse again.
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