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^ That is definitely one of the beautiful ones. Most of the ones I see posted don't have that beautiful of a roll.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I agree with that, but JFK did not typically wear the type of two button coat that you are talking about. Will has an interesting write-up on this: JFK's Paddock Model Jackets. I have two jackets done up this way, and they are quite different than a standard two button. - B Doesn't BB have a 2 button called the Fitzgerald modeled after JFK suits? Also I think most of the rolled button suits...
A call is always a good idea if you haven't gotten a confirmation after a few days.
I guess I'm going with the dark chorse again.
Ordered a 3rd shirt last night. Received confirmation today.
This is cool. Just don't think the cuff on the pants works.
^ Most excellent. Quote: Originally Posted by cbusguy shirt jeans shoes Exactly. Well done.
I just went through this myself. I'm the same build basically with thin neck and face. Wider spread is good for the collar (not too wide though). Two button is going to look better on you in general. It can go conservative as well as more modern depending on shirt and tie. Just make sure it fits you right. The arguement against 3 button besides looking a tad conservative at times is that it creates a longer solid visual line, making you look leaner. But I understand the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus This is actually the first time I've really seen a picture of myself in this suit. Here's what I see wrong with it: Tie is too wide. Pants are too long (come up too high). Jacket is a smidgen too long and one of the arms needs to be altered to match the other. The jacket is also a bit wide (shoulders on down) for my somewhat skinny frame. I think this all comes from me, a younger steezite, wearing something...
It does look that way unfortunately. I'm still not ready to see them win again. I'd like to see the Pens do it. I like the youth and the fact that they look like they all like each other and are having fun. Not to mention the teams vulnerability as a franchise before Crosby.
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