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Quote: Originally Posted by PARTY NACHO LIBRE WAS GREAT. Wow, what a sleeper hit. I thought I was going to hate it, but i LOVED it. Yeah, I feel the same way. I didn't expect to like it based on reviews or something. Just caught it on cable one day and I was hooked. I think it's a great comedic performance by Black. His physical comedy in it is really impressive. I also liked his partner. The scene where he baptizes him is so good.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Little Miss Sunshine is quite fun. I am one of the few people I know who hated this film. I think it was trying so hard to be indie but mananged to be completely corny. Especially the ending scene. Just awful. I find I enjoy most of the Farrell movies at home the more I see them than at the theater. Anchorman gets funnier and funnier as well as Talladega Nights. I liked Superbad and even thought Knocked...
Really amazing opening ceramonies. Beatiful artistry and dicipline. Goosebumps a plenty. Let the cynics be cynical. Their loss. It's still amazing what these athletes accomplish.
The pink works fine but looks more like a spring summer ensemble and would benifit from a lighter suit in my opiinion. Otherwise I would stick with white. maybe add a pocket square with some pink in it.
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John Henry Bonham
I guess we have a difference of opinion, because Taverna Tony's doesn't compare food wise to Greek islands in my opinion. I grew up in Chicago and come from a greek household and have spent many summers in Greece. Upstarter saying you would be mortified bringing relatives to a greek restaurant sounds a bit melodramatic. I do agree that many foods will taste better in their country of origin with a emphasis on fresh local product. Just curious how do you plan to...
[quote=upstarter;1200574]As someone who is Greek and has been to Greece 7+ times for months at a time, I can tell you that there is no where in LA (and probably America) that has good Greek food. Your best bet is to find a Greek friend and have him take you to his grandmother's house. Other than that, you're having mediocre food. LA yes, America no. Chicago, New York even Detroit has greek food that is great! Greek Islands as I stated in an earlier post in Chicago is...
Papa Christo's is ok for gyro. I give it a D for atmosphere. Sophie's on 3rd just east of Crescent Hts has the best outdoor setting. Food is good not great but the truth is great greek doesn't exist in L.A.. You have to go back east for the real deal, Chicago has amazing greek food. Go to Greek Islands in Greektown if you're ever there.
Both are good.
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