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Pink shirt with black suit is not a good look IMO. If it is more lavender/lilac I would find a mostly solid darker tone for the tie. I prefer white shirt or very pale blue with black suit. I've seen a white tie with white shirt work well with either a very formal look or with a lighter tan suit for a less formal look. The white tie did have texture and wasn't so boring as the one in the photo.
Buy it. I just bought a Theory. It's a very good suit. Don't get so caught up in the fused part for that price. If it fits well and you have problems finding OTR in that fit, get it.
PM sent
[quote=JD_May;1074143]NO! GET THE FUCK DOWN! INCOMING DRAMA! Ok, I think we're good now. CM / Nordstrom / Dolce & Gabanna / Burberry / Ted Baker / Diesel / Tramezza I like this. I would just roll the sleeve on the sweater back.
Lighter grey suit with first one.
Really great sense of color and fit Go Surface. Not sold on the tuck and the shoes look big (maybe it's just the angle) but you've got great style.
Quote: Originally Posted by maclovin Dear Large Bris, Your post makes me sad. I feel that Mr. Harris did a fine job and selected the appropriate finalists. Now, judging from your other posts in these contest threads, it would appear that you think quite highly of your own entries. While I think that a healthy self esteem is a good thing, the ability to deal with reality and the perceptions of others is also important. Perhaps your entries were not...
Adding as I go. Neil Finn at the HOB with Lisa from the Revolution on guitar along with Johnny Marr for a few songs. Iron Maiden at Chicagofest in 1986.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol What does this have to do with teen angst, exactly? I'm not really being angsty. I'm not sure what's angsty about floral bellbottoms. I like how you handle yourself.
I want to like them. The overall vibe just goes more woman than cool guy.
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