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Quote: Originally Posted by JoelF Yes indeed, it's really quite rare to run into a non-affluent 39 year old. When you do, it usually turns out to be the product of drugs, drink or other such self-imposed misery. Yes this is sarcasm.
^ Say how you really feel. I'm sure obscurity feels much better now.
+1 an aquired taste but I love it!
Mates of State
Your BF has good hair.
I think people are becoming too critical when we have a problem with someone who is smiling in a photo.
Sounds like you have what you need. A jacket may be nice if you can manage it. I'm assuming it's getting warmer now but could still cool down in the evenings. You're a lucky man.
Navy suit, navy tie with pink strip or polka dot. No paisley.
Well if you ever come a across the somewhat popular 36 R and it's not your size let me know.
Just enjoy them. Really faded levi's with a straight leg would be cool. Just don't tell anyone in S&D they only want dark jeans.
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