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By who? Hip hop fans.
Quote: Originally Posted by Margaret I disagree, I think it's bolder than pretty much any shade of gray. Not that it's more elegant or dressy or tasteful or anything of the sort, just more eye-catching. If you're going to wear an ill-fitting or poor quality suit, you're better off in a grey - its flaws will stand out far less readily. I don't understand this. If it's ill fitting grey or navy it looks like young guy in a old man's suit. I...
I really liked the single off the last record "Layla". Don't know about the rest of the record, but yes they have done some really cool things. Great voice on Liam. There is a great interview on youtube from both of them of the ten things they love/hate. Really funny stuff.
Well the nicest seemed to be George. I think Ringo is a straight forward nice guy as well. John was more complicated and the jury is still out on Paul.
Jellyfish The Glands
I'm not a fan but he is quite a student of baseball. He's done a few shows with hall of famers on HBO and definitely knows the game. I don't know about basketball.
Highlights on guys is bad IMO. Dyeing your hair past say the age of 25 usually looks bad. There are a few exceptions. I think the guitarist in the Foo Fighters has dyed it platinum blonde and it looks really cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty I'll be the first to admit I don't understand musical genius, but my best guess is that a genius tribute concert should include a little interpretation and not a note-for-note, arrangement-for-arrangement copy of the original artist. The latter I would consider more fitting coming from a Philippina lounge singer. At any rate, you think him a genius, I thought him a self-indulgent little wanker. What do you think the...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I don't like his solo music. He may be a good singer/musician, but he has 2-3 solid (not even great) songs in his career (i stopped following and listening in 05 though but i doubt he changed much). I think he gets a pass because people always say "oh, but he's classically trained and has that timeless voice" or some garbage. Who cares how classic he sounds if the songs are lacking? Then again, that may just be my...
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley I am not equating your feelings of frustration as being irrational. I used the word emotional because you basically sounded like a 5 year old when you declared, if I can't press out the problem, I'm asking for a refund and never using Chan again! I certainly feel your angst and frustration and wish you the best of luck! Mixed message here. Comparing his reaction to that of a five year old isn't...
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