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My old 17" powerbook is dying. Looking to get a new MBP 15. Plan on having it a while 5yrs at least. Wondering if it's worth going for the Retina or not since it's so new. I need it sooner than later so waiting for the 2nd generation isn't an option. Thoughts?
sent pm about our legacy, never heard back?
l $275>$250>$225
Brand new never tried on Sportcoat from Hugo Boss Black Label. Color is Black. Model is The James 3. This is directly from Hugo Boss. Very lightweight 100% virgin wool. Size36R but can fit a slim 38R. Material has slight texture to differentiate it as a sportcoat. Best shown in close up with sleeve buttons. Measurements: Shoulder 17.5", Length from back of collar 29", Sleeve from shoulder 24.5", Chest 19.5". Feel free to ask any questions as there are no returns. US...
I had finally found the Glen Plaid knit jacket at Nepenthes. Paid full price since it was the only place anywhere that had it in a small while I was looking. Context just emailed that it's EG is 30% off.
30 off Engineered Garments at Context.
Great lightweight gauzy drapey material. Fits slim with slim arms. Worn twice. One button needs to be re-enforced. pit to pit 19.5 shoulder 16.5
I do get annoyed when I see shootout scenes or fight scenes for that matter that seem unrealistic. Guys waiting to get shot or punched. Richard kneeling down and shooting the guy would have been cool in that maybe he feels the guy relaxes a bit but is then squashed by him telling Tommy to close his eyes. I guess the cool dialogue wins over reality occasionally. Also thought how are they not killing each other shooting across ea. other in the ambush. As for Gyp's guy...
Also agree, best episode of the season and best final line.
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