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Great lightweight gauzy drapey material. Fits slim with slim arms. Worn twice. One button needs to be re-enforced. pit to pit 19.5 shoulder 16.5
I do get annoyed when I see shootout scenes or fight scenes for that matter that seem unrealistic. Guys waiting to get shot or punched. Richard kneeling down and shooting the guy would have been cool in that maybe he feels the guy relaxes a bit but is then squashed by him telling Tommy to close his eyes. I guess the cool dialogue wins over reality occasionally. Also thought how are they not killing each other shooting across ea. other in the ambush. As for Gyp's guy...
Also agree, best episode of the season and best final line.
Thanks for that. Seems like return would be hassle and costly if it didn't work out since I'm in the US. Appreciated though. For robinsongreen. Sorry forgot to quote.
Still looking for this jacket in a Small if anyone spots it. Thanks. Bureau, FS Trend and Context all sold out.
Yeah I saw it at Context, but no small. I'll check Bureau. Thanks!Thanks!
Did you noticed if they carried this knit plaid jakcet? I'm looking for a S. Also which Bloomingdales?
BNWT Hugo Boss Black Label 36R solid black suit in the Jam/Sharp but which is the black label slim fit. This is directly from Hugo Boss. Never tried on. Note: This is suit is carried at Bloomingdale's and I believe Nordstrom if you want to try on in person. NO RETURNS. Feel free to ask any questions. FREE GIORGIO ARMANI Blue and white striped cotton pocket square inluded. (tag on square has a stitch that has come undone but otherwise it's brand new) Thanks. Chest one...
So tough and so sad. Getting another pet when you're ready does help.
BNWT Hugo Boss Black Label Slim Cut (Jam/Sharp) 36R. I'll take $400 from SF member. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=321005684908
New Posts  All Forums: