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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini ^^^ Weird. I know Brion's multi-talented but I still think of his piano work before guitar. I'm also not surprised to see Greenwood and Marr together in the same breath. They share a lot in common. He's more known as a guitarist than piano as far as studio hire goes. Listen to those early Aimee Mann records. He's also done a ton of studio work as a guitarist on everything from Fiona Apple to Macy Grey....
+1 on Angus Jon Brion Page Johnny Greenwood Johnny Marr
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I pray that it is Biden. The campaign would quickly sink under the combined arrogance of the two. I don't think that's what you're suppose to use prayer for. Replace hate with love and breath out.
Dark brown with a black shoe is fine. Much better IMO than some of the other recommended colors such as olive, burgundy or grey, really? Dark grey sweater on top or black will work I would'nt do navy.
Just saw some Z Zegna at Bloomingdales that have that mohair look. I'm assuming it's the slight sheen your after. Unfortunately I don't remember seeing black. There was a dark grey and blue that where nice. But the fit was as you desire. The fall Z's seem to be bigger in the shoulder while still having the slimmer cut. Good for you bad for me. Depending on when you needed it for the price at retail was around $1100 which is alot. I would wait for it to go on sale but...
I don't know about his voice live now but everytime I heard him sing live it seemed good. I mean he has a thrashed sound to it on the records and it's not like he's not hitting certain high notes that are on the record. I dig it.
No problem with hip hop fans. Just not sure Noel is worried about losing their respect necassarily.
By who? Hip hop fans.
Quote: Originally Posted by Margaret I disagree, I think it's bolder than pretty much any shade of gray. Not that it's more elegant or dressy or tasteful or anything of the sort, just more eye-catching. If you're going to wear an ill-fitting or poor quality suit, you're better off in a grey - its flaws will stand out far less readily. I don't understand this. If it's ill fitting grey or navy it looks like young guy in a old man's suit. I...
I really liked the single off the last record "Layla". Don't know about the rest of the record, but yes they have done some really cool things. Great voice on Liam. There is a great interview on youtube from both of them of the ten things they love/hate. Really funny stuff.
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