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Wondering if anyone has any insight into Richard Lim's work. There was one mention of him in the search from a year ago. He is located on Wilshire in Koreatown. Has been in the business quite some time and has worked with the studios but I can't seem to find anyone that has had a suit made.
If go to the top of the jantzen page you will see various options to scroll to. New customer, repeat customer etc... The far right is the one that aks if you if you want the same model shirt but with measurement changes etc. Also I believe you need to enter in your reference number from your first order which should be in your first email confirmation.
The 110 that was like cardboard didn't happen to be the purple gingham?
Was wondering if anyone has ordered a regular twill from jantzen. I'm looking at one and wondering if it would be too heavy and how it is with wrinkles. Also I still don't see the option for a regular(non patterned) white poplin on latest materials. Has anyone been ordering those recently?
I think that tie looks fine. Is it lavender? But something darker would be good as mentioned navy, black or dark purple.
Quote: Originally Posted by jmh396 shirt - z zegna cardigan - shipley and halmos shorts - rag and bone drivers - prada belt - abercrombie (circa 1996?) found it in my hidden in my closet. I like this but think the sweater is too big in shoulders and lenghth, but it seems like that's what you might have been going for.
Now this is the SF that I love. Well done.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso Did you not read what I wrote a half hour before your post or did it take you a half hour to write that? Relax, take a breath.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso I think a little more cuff and a little less stack would have looked better. Now let's get back to talking about that mystery blazer. I think it's fine to not show cuff with a casual blazer like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Solid black or solid gray grenadine. Solid blue would also work, but is more predictable and dull. Disagree. Black tie navy suit and purple shirt? I rather see the "dull" solid blue or solid purple any day. Much cleaner look IMO. I can't see grey working either.
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