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Go Hawks!
Anyone own the baseball jacket from FW11? Wondering how the sleeves run. There was a sleeve measurement of 31" from center back seem which seems short even for an XS. Thanks.
Sorry they must have taken it down. More pictures added. Sizing from site had chest at roughly 20" and length at 26". Fit has been discussed quite a bit on this site.
Shirt does look to long. Like a dress shirt not meant to be worn out.
Thanks for the responses guys. I'm going to try to hold out. No problem if nothing major happens and I've waited I guess.
My old 17" powerbook is dying. Looking to get a new MBP 15. Plan on having it a while 5yrs at least. Wondering if it's worth going for the Retina or not since it's so new. I need it sooner than later so waiting for the 2nd generation isn't an option. Thoughts?
sent pm about our legacy, never heard back?
l $275>$250>$225
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