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Native Son black double breasted jacket in 36R made out 80% cotton 20% cashmere blend. Fully functional 4 button cuffs, neat pin dot lining. This brand is from the former designer Kyle Fitzgibbons of Band of Outsiders. Jacket was handmade in Brooklyn by Martin Greenfield who does work for BOO as well as other notable designers. This jacket listed for around $1300. Color is a soft black. Jacket seen here:...
First fit is great.
It is shitty. It's always a bit of a drag when the winning team is in the oppositions building. Philly wasn't much better when we won there.
I miss the days when the team was able to skate around the entire rink following the guy with the cup.
The small looks better. If you button it, button it all the way down.
I think it's great. This season is better than last.
Huge win for the Hawks. I don't think there was a chance of them coming back from 3-1 in the series. Great games with the exception of game 3. My nerves are fried!
Go Hawks!
New Posts  All Forums: