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Bought this off a fellow member. Not going to work out. $30>$25 US shipping included. [/url]
Great job Pete(and Albert).
NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft is: A) Entertaining B) Awkward C) Both
IMO their return policy brings out the worst in customers for retail. For every person that benifits from it legitimately there are hordes that are abusing it. This has helped to create the over demanding rude ass customer and scumbags that bring back worn rank smelling items with no sense of embarassment.
^ This.
Mediterranean sea bass on the grill with lemon, olive oil and oregano. Simple but sooo good.
Quote: Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon It's definitely quieter out there in the sales and the main reason is that there is a lot less merchandise. Maybe the downturn of the last few years prompted companies to make a lot less in terms of qty of product runs. I think I have heard this is definitely a fact with regards to RLPL for example. Less stock at the end of a season = less items in the sale = less need to discount drastically = less for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jayhawk1412 I used to work retail, and this description is VERY accurate. On the other hand, you can actually make pretty decent money if you work at a big volume store and you're a decent salesperson. I worked the sales during my breaks in college, and I would make anywhere from $30-50 per hour. Then, during slower times I averaged around $23 per hour, so not too shabby for a job that requires no real...
Price drop.
N.D.C. Ankle Boot. These run big. My normal euro size is 43. They have a narrow toe box as you can see. I'm normally a 10 D. I wear a 8Uk in Ricards and Nash Paul Smith. Measurements: 12 1/4 long and 4" wide. Note very tiny scuff on front toe as pictured. Lots of life left in these. Hand made, great leather, goodyear welted. No box for these. SOLD US shipped. Sorry no international shipping. [/url] [/url] [/url][/url] [/url]
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