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Light weight cotton polka dot shirt from OC. Very good condition chest 19".
Very good condition chest 19".
Very good condition. Chest 18.5.
Although this was a great season for me. I was too disappointed with the season finale. I think they are hard to write, as seems to be the case with a lot of shows. I thought last season's finale was bad as well. As for Richard as much as I liked him I felt they had taken his story as far as they could. Really what would they do, show him happy with his new life? What left me confused was that now that Knox has been killed by Eli would the feds have come immediately for...
Didn't want the episode to end. So good.
Really enjoying this season. Best thing on TV for me. Also who were the guys that ended up killing Obanion in the end? Capones?
Measures 3 1/4 wide.
Color is a very grey taupe. Photo pretty accurate. Excellent condition. Measurements: Chest 21, Length from bottom of back collar 24.5, Sleeve from shoulder 25. 100>90>75
Love Jeffrey Wright.
Length from back top collar is 24.5", it rolls up maybe a quarter to half inch in front. Shanks I noticed you're in the UK. Unfortunately I'm only offering shipping to US. Thanks.
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