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Thanks, but my commute is only 3.5 miles. I've been commuting in all weather in my dress shirt/tie/jacket or sweater/outlier pants combo for the past two winters and still looking presentable upon arrival. I don't think the outliers are inherently magical (though obviously I can still wear them on really bad weather days). But if the biking thing is a mental roadblock, forget I mentioned it. What are people's favorite wool trousers for, say, under $100.
I'm hoping some of you can suggest some good "value" wool dress slacks. Are LLBean's year-round any good? Other similarly priced suggestions? I commute by bicycle every day regardless of weather here in Portland. For the last year and a half I've been wearing Outlier OGs. While they're the best of the technical fabric options out there (and the only ones I've found that aren't cut to look like jeans) they still have that synthetic "look" to them. And after a year+ they...
Quote: Originally Posted by Limniscate My professor for advanced criminal defense always told us not to use fancy words and to watch how we dress in front of a jury. Would that be Luna? He's got a good point.
Quote: Originally Posted by temporaryachilles I once worked with a litigator who had an interesting approach to his wardrobe. Outside of the courtroom, he wore nice, well-tailored suits with quality shirts and ties -- clothes commensurate with his position in society. At trial, he wore an inexpensive, ill-fitting suit in order to be perceived as an ordinary guy who was forced to dress up for court. It worked well for him. I think this is...
Anybody been back today? Considering running over during lunch...
I like all of mine (and only want to get more) but if I had to pick a single favorite: whiskey LHS. followed closely by #8 plain toe bal
I'm wearing my pair of this same shoe today. What polishing I've done has been with black wax, so might appear a bit darker (though not a lot). Enjoy them - they're a fantastic shoe.
FWIW: I got a Cartier Diablo rollerball in a matte-black finish a few years ago and it served me very well. I wrote my law school exams with it, took the bar with it, and even signed the admitted attorney roll with it: Wanting to try a fountain pen before investing too heavily in one, I bought a Lamy Safari ($20 or so) and have been using that for almost a year: I've found I really do enjoy the fountain pen experience, and so on my Christmas/Birthday list is an...
I wear a 44xl in jackets, but my custom burberry was made in size 42 - fits nicely over my suit jacket.
Looks great. I'm currently wearing my own first commission from Des - but that tweed has got me thinking that it's almost time for another. Perhaps I'll go look at his fabrics on Monday.
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