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I'm a 38 chest/30 waist and it's a great fit. It tapers to a 17.5 inch at the waist. I find the shoulder-to-shoulder to be trickier. The original seller measured 18 inches shoulder-to-shoulder, but I'd say it's closer to 19 inches. Even if we'd call it 18.5, I think that's somewhat wide for a traditional small. If it helps in any way, I have an overarm measurement of 45.5 inches and I make the cut, but people with a significantly smaller overarm measurement would probably...
I bought this sweater from here several months ago but it doesn’t fit me as I hoped it would, so I never wore it. It’s the baby alpaca one, so it’s ridiculously soft. I bought it as NWT and the original seller is very trustworthy, so I have no reason to doubt him. However, the tag is a generic Patrik Ervell one, not an actual price tag. I feel more comfortable selling it as NWOT. There are no signs of wear, obviously. Measurements: Shoulder to shoulder: 18.5 inches Pit to...
I bought this sweater from here a while ago (and I’m shamelessly using the original seller’s pictures) and I never got to wear it. It fits great and it’s probably the ultimate NDG chunky knit (brown leather buttons, marled brown knit thread throughout, 80% wool/ 20% nylon fabric, made in Japan), but I can’t make it work with my limited wardrobe. The condition is what I’d call “9/10” or “gently worn”. I know that “gently worn” gets thrown around a lot, but there’s minimal...
Selling the TOJ Chesterfield original sample, cracked pepper tweed with brown cotton 20's oxford cloth lining throughout. I only tried it on once (indoors) and never got to wear it because it's way too slim for me now. It's a perfect fit for a 34. Asking for 300$ shipped worldwide with tracking. Shoulder to shoulder: 16.5 Pit to pit (at actual): 18 Midsection across: 16 Front and back lengths: 33/36 Sleeve length: 25
Louis C.K.'s latest comedy album, "Hilarious", was so funny that I almost went insane. It almost ruined my life. I'm homeless now because I can't cope or reason anymore because it just shattered my mind and now I have shit and leaves in my hair and I'm drenched in pee in the gutter.
Price drop.
Selling the TOJ Chesterfield sample bought in the sample sale. I only tried it on once, indoors. I've gained some weight recently and to my surprise, I'm now a true 36 and this is too slim for me. It's a great coat (cracked pepper tweed, ebony buttons) and it should be a perfect fit for a 34. 325 > 300$ shipped worldwide (with tracking) And here's a "shitty camera phone" pic, just so you know I'm not making stuff up....
It's a discount code and it only works online, UK shop. Sorry.
"Thanks for making me come."
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