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Selling a barely used Ralph Lauren Black Label light blue dress shirt. French cuffs, size 16.5. Worn once.
Anyone know if they did an additional round of markdowns in the store to coincide with this?
Some additional markdowns online and 20% off. Picked up the sandersons and the suede captoes for about $140 each. Not a bad deal!
Some Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers dress shirts in 16.5", 16" and 34" sleeves. Also a Brooks Brothers tweed blazer and Banana Republic moleskin overcoat and a Coach card case/money clip.
Pair of used Allen Edmonds Verona bit loafers, size 11D. These are in need of a recraft, but well cared for (Saphir lotion and polish regularly). There are tongue pads inside that can easily be removed. As you can see in one picture they are starting to come away from the sole. I was going to send them off to AE (who can now recraft their Italian shoes) for a recraft, but they don't fit quite right so I've decided to let them go. $60 shipped.
Some Brooks Brothers ties and 1 J Crew tie, either unworn or barely worn:
Used, but good condition Smathers & Branson Needlepoint keychain with a fox and hound pattern. Have used this for the last couple years, but generally kept in my work bag, and these are very well made. A little wear on the edges, but again, these are pretty solid keychains. Only selling because I received a new Tiffany keychain for Christmas. Retail price is $25. $10 shipped to US.
Have some sweaters for sale - all size large and a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer's in Black. All ending later today. Wayfarers J Crew Argyle 1/4 Zip Wool Sweater Bloomingdale's 100% Cashmere Sweater Brooks Brothers Merino Wool V-Neck Sweater Lacoste Cable Knit Cotton/Wool Sweater Polo Ralph Lauren Wool V-Neck Sweater J Crew Fair Isle Lambswool Vest J Crew Cashmere/Wool Cableknit...
I think its always been the same. 40 + 15. However, last year it was only 30 + 15 for a lot of items like suits, blazers, and shoes. The selection of 40% off items was limited.
Pre-owned, but well cared for, Ralph Lauren sterling silver engine-turned belt buckle for sale. Fits 1" straps. This is a bit smaller than the Tiffany version - the only reason I'm selling is I just received the Tiffany version as a birthday gift. Both fit the same size straps though. I've had this for a couple years, so it has the usual light scratches from wear, but otherwise is great. No monogram, so you're good to have that done if you choose. Currently $195 on...
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