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Color me unsurprised. He was on the blacklist for many teams. The accounts of how he beat his girlfriend in college were chilling.
Poor RGme. Whatever the kids coaching problems, I really do think he was badly damaged by Shanahan both mentally and really physically. I don't think he's the same, and doubt he ever will be. The optimistic side says Gruden is benching the kid to let him heal, regain confidence in his leg, learn the offense, learn humility, etc. The pessimistic side says he never finds himself and is out of the league in a few years.
So many to choose from: Serious: And then pretty much anything from Roadhouse
When I travel internationally and feel a little homesick or tired of the place I'm in, I'll go out and get a burger. Once a year or so we buy a roast that our butcher dry ages for us (60 days). After they trim it to a roast and/or steaks, the fat cap and other scraps are ground up in an 80/20 mix. We make our burgers using that. Toasted, seeded bun, burger cooked over an open flame, grilled onions, aged cheddar and a pickle on the side. Normally don't do cocktails with a...
Jones will beat out randal for the third receiver slot. Randal just doesn't get it.
I was hoping RL wouldn't let the secret of the 2012's out. I still need to get a few selections. I think it was Bob Betz who called it one of the top 3 years he's seen in WA wine history.
Most of the better WA wine makers have told me that Syrah is their best grape.
Le Chef with Jean Reno is a fun little comedy. Some good natured jabs about molecular Gastronomy. Can't remember if it is Netflix or Amazon.
"I do not believe in this flipping and flopping of meat."Loved the Mallman ep as well. Used it to get the wife hooked. She then used it on her family, who also became hooked.As an aside, we picked up his cookbooks and his first cook book written with the NYT guy is really phenomenal. Potatoes Domino is a great dish.
Always happy to see the Cheatriots lose.
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