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I dunno. I've always found this thread to be one of the things that gives the site its unique character. Not sure what % of people are coming in mobile now, but seems like overkill to address this one issue.
How far does Clowney fall - at what point does talent override the work ethic concerns? Personally, I would not take him in the 1st round, if at all.
I think It will be interesting to see his pro day - i think the comments were more about the Senior Bowl. Size wise, he would project as a 3-4 OLB. I think he could also play as a specialist in a 4-3 as a russell Maryland type - guy who is undersized, but who comes in to give great interior pass rush. I think he'll be ok in a good situation, but I'm guessing round 3 or later.
That was pretty good stuff. Good impressions are fun.
Just need to double team cliff avril - he's the only one really bringing pressure. Seattle has played a very good game so far
Been avoiding the pregame myself. Prediction time: Broncos Sorry to all my Seattle pals, but Denver has been tough all season. As good as the Seahawks D has been, I don't think they have enough, and I don't think they have enough on the offensive side either. Will be a great game I think.
I hope a seahawks fan rises up. For the memory of TS, I will do it in the lead-up to the superbowl if someone else doesn't. I used the Godzilla font in this post in the hope that, like the fabled creature of legend, TS will rise up from the sea and save Seattle from Mecha Manning and his Papa Johns pizza breath of doom. http://www.styleforum.net/t/82564/tokyo-slim-will-share-something-new-with-you-every-day/375#post_6872645
Would take root canal over joe buck. For packer games, I usually mute and put on the satellite broadcast - with the satellite broadcast having an ~5 minute delay. Not a huge fan of gruden, but he and Tirico are leagues better than Joe buck and troy.
For TS:
New Posts  All Forums: