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You wonder what skeletons will come out when he leaves the Hawks.
The NFL hype machine is out of control and yes, it's a bit much when every player is, "the greatest in his (division, conference, league, history)" for a good play. I don't think Rodgers is GOAT, he's still got a ways to go for that, just in terms of longevity. Is he a really damn good player - you betcha!I believe Brady's "greatness" would be considered stolen valor in other cases:The Patriots have never denied the accuracy of the reporting...
More PSL fun with the rams: http://www.ksdk.com/sports/nfl/rams-lose-to-st-louis-fans-in-court/323882090
There's some truth to your link, but there's another truth - you need to be in the top half to 1 quarter of NFL teams for revenue. I wish I could find the link for you, but when Green Bay redid Lambeau, they did a study on team revenue and competitiveness. What they found is that top half to quarter of revenue. From the Packers point of view, the Lambeau renovation had to happen to keep the team competitive. You need a good $100 million and probably more these days of...
Giants had a great shot at winning the game if the Miami receivers had been able to catch a ball in the cold. Two sure touchdowns dropped. Much different game if GB had to play from two touchdowns back.
I don't think the Giants (the former bastards of [George] Young) have the running game to really make a deep playoff run. But I can't hardly wait to see how the Packers turn out. Half of me says it's a mirage and will end in a some future of a shambles of a game and the other half is hopefully optimistic. The Vikes tend to give GB fits.
Haynesworth just because of the money. There are lots of others though. I think the question I have on Osweiler is how much is him vs play calling. You have Hopkins and not much else - that guy should get 8 touches before halftime. So Hopkins needs to be in motion, in bunch sets, at Tailback, whatever it takes to get him the ball. Typically, it would be one of these three: 1. The coach isn't calling the plays 2. The player can't execute the plays (osweiler) 3. The player...
I did not try the 10, but I did bite on the 14 as I have a soft spot for Margaux.
I'm guessing Floyd had some other issues with the Cards and this was the last straw.
I liked the show overall. but . . . 1. I thought they cheaped out with the whole gotta kill "doG" or the creator to become conscious. Not even that inventive a use of the storyline compared to something like "His dark materials" 2. I think it would be cool if Ford did use a host of himself and it makes a lot of sense. The reason to doubt it is TV economics. You can get a big time movie actor to do a season appearance (Sean Bean) but normally not more than one. These epic...
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