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I also think Carolina wins, and handily at that. They just have that swagger. Denver has a few strengths - their D obviously and some great skill players. DeMarcus Ware is a fantastic player and if he has a great game left in him, could make some magic happen (or create the opening for Miller). But really, I do think Denver needs something to happen - a defensive score or a couple of lucky plays to have a legit shot at winning.
If I could but . . . post justifiably . . . in the Vaclav honor
The list of brew methods is pretty fun. I have a chorreador, and was going through the pour over methods. I realize these are mostly people selling a gourmet experience, but I get a kick out of how precise they try to make everything look with the digital scale. I think I'm waiting for the arms race in precision coffee brewing - I mean, where's the cooktek induction top to heat the water to precise temp? The digital thermometer? Precision valve to control water flow? Or...
Anyone but the Patriots.No doubt Deflategate is a makeup call, but they cheated in at least two superbowls. If you can read this and even 1/4 of it is true and not be convinced that everyone in the Pats org shouldn't be banned from football for life, there really is no point in discussing it.. . .http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/13533995/split-nfl-new-england-patriots-apart
The NFL used to have a spearing call, which the Shazier hit would have been. I think it was done away with for the crown hit. A large part of the rule is focused on player safety - if you are hitting with the very top of your helmet (your eyes essentially looking down) vs your forehead, you can really F up your neck. But yes, the Shazier hit should have been flagged. I think Burfict's suspension is more than deserved, if anything it is too short. Burfict is a multiple...
Doesn't excuse the idiot on the onside kick in last year's NFC Championship. Special teams failures are kinda the hallmark of McCarthy's otherwise outstanding tenure. I think the only other place that I feel McCarthy's system failing is what is currently happening - McCarthy isn't always flexible in his offensive approach. If you can play bump and run against the packers with any kind of decent, not great, pass rush, you have a real good shot at beating them. Whether it...
No question Cam is MVP. There are other good names to consider, but it should definitely go to Cam.
Johnny has a history of making big plays. Explosive plays matter a lot in NFL games.
It's going to be interesting to see if Manziel can make it work in these last four games. I think it's the right time to run the experiment. Cleveland is 2-10 right now. For Cleveland, if Manziel does well, you have a qb and can draft other positions you need. If he doesn't, you can safely move on and you still have the #1 overall pick and can take your next qb. And can people give some respect to what Reggie McKenzie has done in Oakland? They've got a great nucleus...
FYI, the refs don't write the rules, the NFL competition committee does subject to change and adoption by the NFL owners. The problem with the catch rule is how it's written. There is no clear guidance on what it means which makes for inconsistent application by crews. Full time refs won't fix that.
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