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I liked Wentz as the better of the him and Goff when they came out of college, and I don't particularly care that the iggles are losing right now. Wentz is the Real Deal. Kid is going to be great if he stays healthy and keeps his head straight.
It's all QPR tomorrow because of the crowd. They'll enjoy a good wine, but they wouldn't be able to tell the difference on the nicer stuff. Planning to share a Barolo (my first time trying one) later this weekend with some good friends who are coming up for the Holidays.
I was wondering when you would speak up. It was a nice win and Cousins played well. Not to throw too much shade (isn't that what the kids are saying these days?) but everybody has put up big numbers against the Packers the last four games. That would make Cousins . . . average.
Not sure I agree on firing McCarthy. Ted's not going to fire him and that means Mike and Ted will go out together, or pretty close - Ted might go in year 1 and Mike in year 2. If they promote Eliot Wolf, it's definitely Ted and Mike together. Which would make the next head coach . . . Ron Zook is on staff. In seriousness, You have A-rod as good coach bait, but you can't change the offense too much. You'd be keeping a 3-4 defense in all likelihood as well. As far as...
Simms kills me. When he's on radio, he's good. Like really good. Sharp, lots of insights and great knowledge, even some humor. One time he described how you had to throw the ball differently at Giants stadium because of how the winds worked. Ball needed to be driven on some days and not lofted. And his description of it was good, you could almost see it in your mind. He gets on TV and you wonder how he can function in modern society. Sounds like an oaf. My best guess is...
I've had some great Vietnamese coffee in Vietnam.
Burfict needs to go for the good of the game. What's the hypothetical when you criminally charge a baseball or hockey player for intentionally going after someone with the bat/stick? That's burfict. On a completely separate note, Rasheed needs to be like snoop dog and get a weed endorsement deal. More total robbery in Seattle. That was an absolutely horrible non-call. I am coming to the conclusion that it is rigged or the officials really are intimidated in Seattle.
The follow-up Somm: into the bottle was also a nice and enjoyable film. It doesn't have as cohesive a narrative as the first, but it does have some great moments. The first is where they make fun of the wines that are popular pretty much only with the somm's. The second is when Ian opens the Barolo. Every time you see him with that glass of red after, every time, he's got a huge grin.
Bellicheat GOAT? Renaming the trophy? You all must be out of your goddamn minds. A history lesson for you whippersnappers. Vince Lombardi won the league 5 times in 7 seasons, including a 3-peat in there. That's dominance. Lombardi never had a losing season as head coach. Want to keep going down this garden path? We can.
Bradford can make the throws - the arm is there. With the deep balls, it's more a question if he can last an entire season doing that. Dude is brittle. It's a great trade for the eagles. That was the max value they were ever going to get for Bradford and Wentz was going to be their eventual starter anyway. The NFL people all like the Vikes D, and there are some statistical comparisons from last year to Denver. I think it's going to be a tougher road for them.
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