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Bradford can make the throws - the arm is there. With the deep balls, it's more a question if he can last an entire season doing that. Dude is brittle. It's a great trade for the eagles. That was the max value they were ever going to get for Bradford and Wentz was going to be their eventual starter anyway. The NFL people all like the Vikes D, and there are some statistical comparisons from last year to Denver. I think it's going to be a tougher road for them.
I always expect the worst with the non-contact injuries like Bridgewater. I remember when Siran Stacy was playing, thought he'd be a great back and on one play he was sweeping right and just crumpled. I can't remember if he ever played again.
Latest word on the street
Yep, I like Romo, but I don't want to see the guy using a cane or walker at 45 let alone worse. The team should do the right thing for him like the packers did with Sterling Sharpe
No one seems to offer the twice pooped coffee which seems the next logical step.
Bosa is being repped by CAA - not some fly by night outfit or new agent trying to make a name. Chargers are idiots. There was some talk of comparing Bosa to Bo Jackson, who was drafted by Tampa Bay, didn't sign with them, and then re-entered the draft and fell to round 6. They forget that Bo Jackson had baseball to fall back on, and an impressive fall back at that. There was no certainty Bo would play football which had more to do with his "fall" than his missing a...
I'll take one of these thanks: http://www.wsj.com/articles/in-the-hudson-river-valley-a-family-legacy-in-riverfront-mansions-1470927071
That's the sanchize you're talking about!
Styleforum is, not the, things of liking;; acquiring of, all the things, liked. Instead
First, good luck with your enterprise. Second, I agree that you should not overthink your logo. Go with the one you like and make it yours. Third, you're doing luxury goods. As a startup without millions behind you, focus on the customer experience and let the brand grow that way. Fourth, if you start to find some success, focus on PR and not as much on ads. The ROI is far larger with PR. I don't know how many pics you can post and stay within the selling rules, but...
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