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First, good luck with your enterprise. Second, I agree that you should not overthink your logo. Go with the one you like and make it yours. Third, you're doing luxury goods. As a startup without millions behind you, focus on the customer experience and let the brand grow that way. Fourth, if you start to find some success, focus on PR and not as much on ads. The ROI is far larger with PR. I don't know how many pics you can post and stay within the selling rules, but...
^ This. Like the wheel of time books by Robert Jordan. One of the challenges of the big epics that are meant to be written together as opposed to an overarching story that takes place in standalone books in the same universe is that it gets very hard. I can't think of one that didn't hit struggles and stumbles either with characters or story continuity - Wheel of Time, Song of Ice and Fire, Chung Kou.
I believe all the direwolves are, or will be, killed off on the show. Saves on the CGI. Nymeria (arya's) may be the only one left alive on the show continuity, and I think the show is just going to forget about her. In the books Nymeria is mentioned in passing several times. In the books and subsequently in the show, the death of the direwolf tended to spell struggle or trouble for the character - Lady (Sansa's) is the first to bite it and BAD THINGS happen to...
Ferdie Pacheco would always say that Ali was never the same after this fight. Ali was the greatest. RIP
At the end of the day, it's all about how the players do. Some guys will be busts just do to injury (sam Bradford and countless more). 12 picks is a lot - more than 20% of your active roster. Picks in the top 100 are a different kettle of fish to me, then plain old picks.
Happy Malbec day everyone! When I first had it, I didn't have good makers, and probably drank it a little young. Now, I like it quite a bit. Just need some large formats for a proper cookout
And the salary cap has significantly gone up, which is why you are seeing such large numbers. This list looks fairly current: http://overthecap.com/position/quarterback/
Your work looks great as always. Is there a significance or meaning behind that folded/wrapped look?
Reviving this one. Williams Sonoma has started carrying E. Dehillerin knives (freedom steel) and I picked one up to try it out. I quite like it (so far) over my shun for a chef's knife.
While it's been said before. The Jeb! campaign in a photo:
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