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Lots of brands do it for cost reasons. I forget the exact tariff codes, but blending in poly used to allow you to move from a very high tariff for wool or silk to a much lower tariff for wool blends.
Good revival. Two I like: 1. Jack White covering U2's "Love is blindness" 2. Kings of Leon covering Robyn's "Dancing on my own" - its arguable if this one is better than the original, but it is very well done.
I wouldn't read too much into the lacy news. Starks is, in some ways better, but with his hard running style he's just not durable.
Phinney still is Orin Swift, and prisoner is what he sold to IIRC Constellation for $35MM. We had visited just when he sold. The story we heard is that the sale of Prisoner let him buy the winery in Maury France where most of the D66 grapes grow.Both the D66 bottles and the prisoner bottle that was off for me were all pre-sale.
The Gabbert era begins!
I started off as an orin swift fanboy (dave phinney is the winemaker), but D66 I find to be remarkably uneven. Had some great bottles and some very mediocre ones. I've even had a few weak bottles of Prisoner. I think part of the fruit bomb allure (at least for the better ones) is that they are great drinking wines if you are doing nothing else but kicking back with a friend or two and a bottle, especially if the friends are not wine drinkers.
That would be ... The Sanchize!
I think you're holding rivers to an almost impossible standard - he singlehandly brought the bolts back. 500 yards and no turnovers - what else do you want from the man.
Color me unsurprised. He was on the blacklist for many teams. The accounts of how he beat his girlfriend in college were chilling.
Poor RGme. Whatever the kids coaching problems, I really do think he was badly damaged by Shanahan both mentally and really physically. I don't think he's the same, and doubt he ever will be. The optimistic side says Gruden is benching the kid to let him heal, regain confidence in his leg, learn the offense, learn humility, etc. The pessimistic side says he never finds himself and is out of the league in a few years.
New Posts  All Forums: