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Always happy to see the Cheatriots lose.
I like Philbin. I don't know that he's a head coach, but I respect that he had to give it a shot. His mistake today was not taking the FG when it was 7-3. He's also a little too hands-off IMO as you could see last year with the martin thing.He's in something of a bad situation, but there is time this year to right the ship.
enjoying Longmire, something of a classic western. Hope it finds a new home.
beer garden emptiness. Misty memory. Clink of steins
I believe urlacher did it one season. Several players would have done it in the olden days, but very rare in the modern era.
Actually got an attempt to install malware as well.
Rams are one of the dark horse picks by lots of folks. People love that D. Odds on you having a healthy qb?
While still early, training camp has started. What's going to be the biggest thing for your team to answer this season. For Green Bay - can their front 7 be 1. Healthy and 2. Productive this year given age and injury histories
I think Manziel's success will be determined by how well he takes to NFL coaching. That go for the throat, never give up style can win you some games if you're able to keep it in check until you really need it. If you can't, you create too many turnovers or get injured yourself. Personally, this year's crop of QB's wasn't very good. Manziel is the only one of that group who could actually be special. If you're going to be fired for your QB choice as a GM, might as well...
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