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More drops, added cashmere scarf.
Drops on the remaining items!
If they're anything like the brushed plaid button-downs from F/W 2010 then they should run one-size down. You could try emailing the retailer re: the measurements.
Final drops! Everything is brand new and in perfect condition. Prices are shown below. W+H generally fits slim so I've provided all the measurements. Static Tee, L/S - $40 Royal Blue, Large, F/W 2009 (I think) Shoulders: 16" Pit-to-pit: 20" Length: 26" Gingham Cargo Shorts - $55 Grey, Size 33, S/S 2010 - retail $198 Inseam: 11.5" Waist: 16.5" Plaid Shorts - $55 Size 32, S/S 2010 - retail $188 Inseam: 11" Waist: 16.5" Oxford Polo - $35 - one left! Salmon, Large, S/S...
I saw that at the sale but didn't pick it up. Sample sale is over now..
RKD I didn't see anything on the price list about Polartec being more expensive..
Have one of these in med - absolutely perfect.
Levi's 501s are about as cool as plain white tees. Why is this thread here?
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism WTF????? My reaction too... until I saw this:
Quote: Originally Posted by L_Driver While I do love Toronto, I would vote for Vancouver. Being out on the West seems like a better option, personally, but I don't know your tastes. Plus you are near Cali, Washington and Seattle. Think of the hiking and fresh seafood! Plus, if you do go to Vancouver you can visit Wild Island. I do some work with Lexus Magazine and think you'd be interested in checking out an article they recently did. Just to give...
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