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I think that too, but I'd love to feel more snug on the tighs and the bottom...   I don't think that N&F are going to make a 27 size, wich already exist for only 2 fabrics so I started doing some squat to fill in better denim     Personnaly I'm not a big fan of stretch denim, I already ruined a pair of denim made with elastane, the tighs are way too big now... I plan to buy the Petrol blue chino, 100 cotton
 That's what we told me too.. my height is 5' and 4 inches, my natural waist size on the bellybutton area is about 28,5" and below is going up to 30"I usually wear 28 size denims which fits me very well on the tighs/bottom and the waist, though I really like the stacks on the legs
some fit picture of the N&F denim that I tryied it's the Indigo power stretch in 28 there are some little room in the tighs and on the waist it doesn't fit me like it should with a TTS 28              
 yeah but I have already looked the Super Skinnyguy style and they are not smaller than the Skinnyguy on the waist band... plus they don't propose it in petrol blue... I thinked of tailoring it as well but it will cost me way too much, I already have to paye 30$ for the delivery and maybe more with the taxes... I tryed to measure my waist band on a denim that a was wearing and found a different waistband size, it was about 30,30" so I'm pretty confused I don't know it will...
Hi everybody,   So I'm from France and the Naked & Famous brand is not that commercialised in this country so I would like some help for my first buy. I usualy wear my denim in 28 size, wich is already very small, and if I refer to the Blueowl's measurements guide the waist band of my denims measures about 28,35" and the tighs from 9,45"  to 10"   But if I look to the Petrol blue Chino that I would like to buy in the Skinny Guy style the 28 size have a waist band of...
Hi i'm Dream7 from france
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