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I had the same.. I hope the new inventory system fixes this stuff.
My prayers have been answered!!!!!
Don't forget Epaulet they have a great shop in the LES!
While that boot that Mike posted is definitely a beauty and a very special boot, my #1 is still @NAMOR Cigar WTB on Plaza. One day he will sell them to me and I will rejoice.
Leatherfoot has em.
Leffot Tankers. Thought I'd wear the most complimented pair yesterday!
Looking good! Mine will be here very soon, right @BenLeaman Don't worry too much about the creasing, shell will naturally crease along the stress points. You can minimize it by using a deer bone, brushing, and never wearing them.I would treat with a Renovateur or VSC as needed. I haven't used polish on any of my many cordovan shoes and I have had them for a long while. Wipe down, brush, condition when they look like they need it, brush some more, buff, brush again.Enjoy them!
Got notice that the snuff belt I ordered was actually not available. Mike, ETA on timeline for a restock?
Tanker from Leffot is by far the most complimented.Whiskey Wingtip Boot also gets a lot.Cigar doesn't get much love, but that's okay. I love them!
I get compliments on my shoes quite a bit. Mainly from women, and almost always for my colour 8's. I just smile, say thanks and change the subject. They have no idea..
New Posts  All Forums: