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Any options for short sleeve shirts in the EFF tomorrow?
Mike, I am away all day Friday, will be there be a bunch of fabric for the EFF?
Shoe trees?
So I was very fortunate to see my mail lady dropping off parcels today. I chased her down and begged her for mine. She said she notes everything as delivered when she starts her shift "so they are done" (I wish my job were like that!) Anyway Fields of Gold and Saddles I tried them both on, couldn't resist!
I am going to lose my mind over the post office. At home all day, I get an e-mail saying "attempted delivery - addressee not available". No knock, no notification slip, NOTHING.
Those are bonkers.
Outstanding stuff! How did you manage a tour?!
I know they are wearing them around their office being like "these are dope!!!"
We need those Cigar Cap toe boots to drop!
New Posts  All Forums: