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I was considering picking those up but the 12.5 on trubalance was just too big. Even with the C width I couldn't swing it. Nice pickup!
I'm guessing that new flannel went up and sold out really quickly?!
I just got home from there. Nice meeting @blue collar and the other Styleforum user whose name escapes me! We had lots of good talks about shoes and the like. Really good to meet the Alden rep and of course the Lost and Found guys. Great shop that I will need to check out much more often!In terms of makeups they are going to do a #8 CT Boot on Trubalance, a NST tanker in black lady calf, and a couple of others that escape me at the moment. The Alden rep noted that there...
Toronto Alden friends @blue collar @steel28 @tricky Lost and Found is having an Alden trunk show tonight from 7-9pm. I will likely be heading over around 7:30.
I told myself "no more shopping for yourself until January" then I wake up to my routine of checking EP.. and kopped both flannels. I am not a strong man.
Possibly, but there have been way fewer Alden makeups making it out to Hawaii. Hopefully things pick up for them!
The LS last pair sale is the weakest one they have ever had for us big foots. The one back in March was outstanding! A symptom of not getting many Alden's in this year, I'm sure. First time in a long time I'm not buying anything from that sale.
Here is a dream scenario question. Alden resurrects their MTO program for you to make one boot/shoe. This would be a one off. Choose type of leather, colour, type of boot/shoe, eyelets, sole, last.
Those alt wein's have me dreaming of the Alden pre-order!
I got the anonymous ism train last winter but only wear them with boots. Added a couple of pairs of Chup's as well this fall but have yet to wear them.
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