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I envy the space you guys have. All my pairs get wiped down, brushed and go back in their box at the end of wearing. I keep them in my closet, can't justify having all those boxes with no shoes in them when we live in a condo.
most of the Alden regulars in here are on IG.
Music to my ears. Tears for my wallet..
I did know about the NYC makeup, unfortunately it was already full when I called. They offered me a conciliatory spot on the Ravello LWB though.. (which I passed on).
Sorry, we neglected to mention the boots in question were brand new.I am on a list for the Ravello NST but not the wingtip. If you know of one open shoot a brother a pm!
Don't remind me.. I bid over $900 ten seconds too early. Earlier in the day I was committed to $1k then saw they were at 700, figured I was safe.. Oh well.. not meant to be!
They do look great. I saw them as well but figured this was more unicorn ish!I have also bought from the seller, they are top notch.
heel/footthe shoe is standard width
Interesting custom Whiskey shell make up found its way on ebay. Gotta wonder how long these have been sitting!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Alden-Custom-Horween-Whiskey-Shell-Cordovan-Perf-Cap-toe-Derby-9-5-D-B-D-/251625568280?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3a960d7818
Shoes or boot?I own both in shoes but would love an nst boot
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