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Those are coming soon as well (though I passed) Madison has them in production. @Burzan
@burzan Whiskey wing tip boot does exist. I am on the the run that went into production last October. LWB - Cigar PTB - Whiskey LHS - Whiskey Plain toe boot - I would also say black for the boot. Something badass about a plain black boot Straight tip Boot - #8 Daytripper version - Ravello PCT Boot - #8 Wingtip boot - My favorite model - I'd have em all. Excited to see what the Whiskey one looks like Indy - Ravello on Plaza NST boot - Ravello Chukka - Whiskey (even though...
I don't believe there is a #8 boot on all eyelets with commando sole..
Ya Chase waives the standard 2.5% currency transaction fee that are charged by other credit cards. I saved $20 on just the Ravello NST boot. (Cue the realization that the boot was nearly $1k CAD). You also get back $20 for every 2000 spent on the card (1%) (2% at Amazon.ca) so a 3.5% return.
saving 2.5% foreign transaction fees for a long time with that card! It's only use is for purchases abroad but it does its job!
Guess TSM locked us in at the lower price. The boot listed above is $35 more than I was charged.
Thanks for posting! I would have missed that thread for sure.I think it is great to have threads about Toronto cross posted here as this seems to be the most highly subscribed thread about the city.
Dubs doesn't walk.. he glides.
Stick around the thread and people will generally let you know when a list is opened. You can also call around to the various Alden Shops (Madison, DC, SF) and see if you can get on a list. Each store has their own policy however. I find DC the easiest as they will just add your name to a list and call you when it comes in.
Man that photo is making me consider a long drive.. Stunning!
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