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I also missed out on the chambray. I saw it this morning and told myself i'd order it when I got home.. Just got home..
Is anyone hanging their heirlooms in the closet? I typically fold them up to avoid stretching, wondering if that is an issue for these.
Hey,I haven't tried the driggs before. How do they compare to the Walt? I wear a 33 in Walt's.
Tonight. Though in the past it has been open until the next morning.
Welcome! Great boot. I am glad you live so close to TSM. If it were me I would just forfeit my cheque to Ed every two weeks!
Wow, well done Mike!Interesting to see you bouncing around sizing until you got it nailed down!
oof. Did they say what the problem was?
Just in from meetings. Hope it was a good night!
If future Whiskey looks like that I'll dance a jig!also..nice try sneaking an AE in there!
New Posts  All Forums: