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Picking up on Mike's post, I am passing on my pre-order in size 12D on the plaza. If anyone wants it let me know via pm.
@BenLeaman Thanks for posting my Cigar Indys! I have been away from SF for the last 3 months but I want to thank everyone who sent me a message on IG or commented on my post. My wife and I read each and everyone of your comments. It means a lot to us to know we are being thought of.
Hi Mike, is it possible to have the liberty of london mini floral made into a short sleeve shirt?
I think you are (were) my size..
I've been out of the loop all summer. Has there been mention of upcoming EFF's?
@Epaulet will those cords be offered in all fits?
@tricky Now that you are wearing size 40 jackets.. you know who to call to take them off your hands when you no longer want em!
balega are the only sock I wear for running. If you want a thinner no show sock go for the hidden dry. They are so thin and lightweight you won't even know you are wearing socks.
I haven't had great luck getting 12D on stock orders from AoC or B+M but they will certainly help you out if you know what you want before a model goes into production. @ScarsdaleVibe
@mdubs Was that the 11D hampton pair from eBay? I was wishing they were a size larger!
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