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Leffot Tankers.. From a few runs ago.. back when you could wait a couple of weeks before snagging your size!
French Blue Doyle, Epaulet Burgundy Belt and Ash Rivets
Citishoes did not have any as of two weeks ago. Alden Madison had an 11.5e Cigar pair (last pair)
7 hours and didn't snag anything. That last hour was rough. Page wouldn't load, nothing went up.Oh well, some people got fantastic deals on things!
Thanks for the update! Great work over there!
Loden shell Jumper.. 10uk
nice score!
sniped out of both the 33 and 34 houndstooth even though the 34 is still showing stock..
Walt 36 in houndstooth
They just popped up after the photos. They were still live for at least 20 seconds.. haha
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