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I don't know about those suit pants. Based on those fit pics I don't think they will work for me.
I was really thinking about moving my Cigar Captoes. After seeing that image, I don't think I can!
I hope they will work. We are about the same size. If so, my kop freeze is over!!
What is the price for full suit and do the pants come in Rudy fit?
Mike, please don't forget that I am first in line if a cotton/cash piece ever comes your way again.
Ya.. those do nothing for me.
Great boot. Enjoy in good health or sell them to me for what you paid!
I'd part with any pair for the right price. I don't think that plays a role in the idea of a "unicorn". Something seemingly impossible to get would be a unicorn. Along the lines of the 12 pair, once in a blue moon "sorry I sold these all to my bros" releases that come out every now and then.
I'd get rid of the Whiskey Tanker. Simply because you state that you wear the Cigar Indy's a lot and the monk straps are a good business shoe.
Nice!!!!I agree that a 50% deposit might reduce forfeits, however maybe those should be reserved for non stock sizes?
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