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I am waiting until 11:55pm to decide which trainer to get. GAT or Full high? I have gone back and forth on these for weeks!
Nope.You never know with Alden. 12-18 months if we're lucky.It's been one year since the Alt Wien Shoe was pre-ordered, those aren't expected until the fall.
Hah, I don't know why I thought that! Either way, gorgeous!
@zippyh Those chukka's look outstanding on the Leydon! Not a fan of the Chukka on barrie but boy these are nice!
We were just talking about those a few days ago! Nice kop.
I say go for it. However, as we all know the Canadian men's wear game is really lacking. Draw up a list of 40-50 topics you might write about and try and get some traction with people or business in the game.Keep us posted!
I will be in London in about 10 days for part of my honeymoon..
our co-ordinated outfit is but a memory..
Seriously boss.
So I got the 14oz Cone mills Rivets from the one off sale and I have got to say they are my favorite chino by a mile. Are there any plans to bring back some thing like that? Perhaps in an ends or factory finds?
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