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It has happened to me a couple of times. Sometimes they miscount how many pieces they have left in a particular item.
I posted about that auction when it came out a week ago. Watched it close down.. Nice win on beautiful boots!
Not sure on the thigh but I know the waist can accommodate 1.5 inches. Looking at the measurements there is a quarter inch difference between the 32 thighs (12 inches) and 33 thigh (12.25)..AuberginePetrol(Taken inside, but right by a window with natural light coming in.
I love the Black calf but $770 and $45 dollars to ship (within CANADA!) is too much for my blood considering all of the Alden's I have on order..
You can definitely have them let out. I machine wash my walt's, cold wash, hang dry.
I'll be heading to NYC just before my birthday in early August. Sorry for scooping up all the 33's!
I have both the Petrol and Aubergine. I see the aubergine is still available in our size. Scoop it up, you won't be sorry. It is my most complimented pair of pants!
Rust Rivets
I need to try on some epaulet shirts when I visit to get my sizing down on the sport coats. Bummed that I can't get in on these.
Was hoping I could try the sneakers on in person when I visit in a couple of weeks. No dice.. all of my big footed brethren have bought up the 12's..
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