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@MrDV Those are lovely. Congrats on scoring them!
definitely a grail for me. Congrats to all who got one!
Perhaps the dude was mistaken...I can order from Skoak and get them for $750 with duties and tax!Double the price has got to be a misstatement on their part.
Carmina calf/suede boots for $1400 hahahaha. I know rent in Yorkville is pricey but that is a joke.
The first run of the Cigar CT boot was on indeed on Barrie
Man I scuff the crap out of my shoes on those high top chairs!!!
I have a no currency fee credit card from amazon.ca i use it for everything that is charged in non-canadian funds. It saves me the 2.5% fee and gives 1% cashback on my statement. I usually get back $40 a statement..
I'd go with another brand altogether.
Definitely never buying calf/suede from them.
@tricky Nice haul! I love my peacoat from last year!
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