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We're looking in a community in the South West of Toronto. Close to the Lake, streetcar, highways yadda yadda.. Places here are not quite as insane as single family homes right in the core (what ones come up sell for WAY over whatever the astronomical asking price was).Anyway, it surely isn't NYC but Toronto housing is getting nuts.
What is a "Stouffvile"?
Alright so I went house hunting today. Your "closet" was bigger than most master bedrooms I saw.
I've had a few crotch blow out's. Usually after very few wears. I've always e-mailed Mike and he has been very helpful.
Last time I was there (a few months ago) they had very, very limited stock of everything except St. Crispin and Lobb.
Is that where someone posts all of their shoes?I have thought of getting all of my shoes photographed but it would have to be it is quite the process. Perhaps when I move!
Would have to pay VAT. But if they are coming to Canada they can bring up to $800 worth of good into the country, right?I guess the VAT makes it a wash.
Gotta find a euro proxy. Come to think of it.. I do have family in europe..
I have worn every pair I own. If they don't get worn, they get sold.
I'm still waiting for Leatherfoot to get their March order of Alden's in..
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