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Racing Green Walt's kopped. Still trying to decide between pale grape or olive tweed..
you can be like me and just take away from the "food" fund..
Those austerity brogues!
I'm a 12d. If I cut off my toes will I be able to squeeze into these offerings?
I see some red that does not belong!Seriously though, nice collection!
How long will the mto tweed and flannels be online for? I want to wait for the next MTO trousers to drop and put an order in at the same time, but do not want to miss out on them.
I was just keeping my mouth shut but really.. outdated technology at this point. I'm using a OPO right now and it is light years ahead of anything Apple will be producing in the near future.
I've been holding off on ordering until all the MTO trouser options come out. Half hoping nothing catches my fancy.. My wallet is already crying with the items in my cart..
Anyone have any pics of the butterscotch sanded canvas that is currently offered as an MTO? I want to see what the colour looks like when complete.
New Posts  All Forums: