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Mr. Clemson - those SWB are insane. Definitely one of my favorite shoes I've seen on this thread!
You can, especially with a shade like Whiskey but it is not an exact science.
Gentlemen, thank you for the kind words.It was a good day to be outside!
Cigar PTB
beautiful shoes!I'm wearing Cigar today on this beautiful Toronto day as well!
Ya those #2's are insane. I especially like them in natural light. Awesome stuff.
Hope we don't cross paths for fear of you being mad!
That's a steal! I'll have to see how heavy it is to see whether it would get enough wear in Toronto though.
What was the cost of the Doyle jacket? Seeing the pics people have been putting up are making me seriously lust after it!
Budapest12, I use the "New York" as well. I only have 4 cards and they fit fine. I have never tried putting any more in but the wallet certainly adjusts to the # of cards held. That being said, I would probably advise against trying to cram 7 or 8 cards in there! I like it so much I ordered one in Whiskey last week (had #8 originally).
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