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Gorgeous! I cannot wait to pick mine up!!
[[SPOILER]] There are no color codes. They have model #'s that correspond to specific colors/makes/lasts/hooks/soles.If you need to know what a particular model is post here and someone will generally have an answer.
Anyone have a fit shot of the cardigan unbuttoned? I want to see how the collar sits.
I put my name on the list on June 14 so I'd imagine I'm close behind you. I feel confident that they got us in!
I do not think it is fair that you are asking to hear other people's thoughts yet you do not want to hear how great of an experience we have had. If you want a forum to crap all over the problems you have had, you need to accept that others have had different experiences.I have had a few issues with things like the wrong size pant being sent, an MTO that took longer than advertised, shipping issues to Toronto, orders being cancelled due to stock not matching the website....
If that were the case you would be #1 It is anyone's guess at this point. I guess we will find out when it is confirmed. In June, Ed said he expected it to be confirmed in the 3-4 months, with another 3-4 months for production.
When did you put your name in the hat?'""I have been on the list for since June and wasn't given a number. Was just told "I'll let you know when it is confirmed (should be Oct/Nov)"
Can someone who got a pair of Cigar LWB from AoC's recent run post a pic in natural light? I can't wait till next week!
My wallet is going to take a serious beating.. Those mist Moleskins are intriguing to me. Just can't picture what the full trouser would look like.
I didn't get in on the Ravello pre-order, just cigar. I would imagine that it would be quite soon since they were confirmed and submitted at the same time.
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