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Seriously boss.
So I got the 14oz Cone mills Rivets from the one off sale and I have got to say they are my favorite chino by a mile. Are there any plans to bring back some thing like that? Perhaps in an ends or factory finds?
I own that shoe. It is a beautiful one. They should sell quick!
So @mrdv alerted the forum to a potential scam through another user. Today I looked at the conclusion of the two shoes the user had listed (Cigar Indy, Ravello Chukka) and I noticed shill bidding happening in both cases. Same user with no buying/selling history on ebay bidding both shoes up incrementally driving the price up. Buyer beware.
I'm embarrassed to say this but I was looking at my order history in my profile for an order I placed but those orders seem to have fallen off (probably due to too many orders placed). Is there anyway we can get access to all of our old orders?
@NewYorkIslander Those ties you just posted are nuts!! Awesome stuff!
I have to keep Mike working..
How heavy are the Oxford cloths? Also, will there be fading over time?
@Don L I can't wait for these!
Coming up to one year on those.I think Mike said he was expecting them this fall.
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