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Get the Rudy and taper them?
@Steel28 Congratulations!! Something tells me you will never forget the day you received the greatest gift in life.. A pair of boots in rare shell!
I've got three pairs incoming.. Abraham Moon Turquoise Tweed, Cream of Wheat Flannel and True Dark Navy Flannel. If anyone who picked up the dark lapis wants to swap for the dark navy let me know!
I grabbed that Navy flannel on my phone at a stoplight. Must have just popped up. Right place, right time!
Rust is cool, I have the rivet's but they do not get nearly enough wear to justify a flannel.
I was at the final step for the burgundy hopsack when I got the dreaded sold out..
damn burgundy hopsack went fast!!!! missed out on those.
I'm kind of regretting those Torquise tweed's I kopped earlier. I wanted to hold myself to two pairs but that will be next to impossible!
Mike, are we expecting these to come in together? I only paid for shipping to Canada once for the multiple pairs.
haha look at that.. exactly what I asked for.. and I snagged them! I'm DONE! (this is not a guarantee)
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