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@tricky Now that you are wearing size 40 jackets.. you know who to call to take them off your hands when you no longer want em!
balega are the only sock I wear for running. If you want a thinner no show sock go for the hidden dry. They are so thin and lightweight you won't even know you are wearing socks. http://www.runningwarehouse.com/Balega_Hidden_Dry_2_Low_Cut/descpage-BHD2LS.html
I haven't had great luck getting 12D on stock orders from AoC or B+M but they will certainly help you out if you know what you want before a model goes into production. @ScarsdaleVibe
@mdubs Was that the 11D hampton pair from eBay? I was wishing they were a size larger!
I too am purging. Work has shifted into a more casual wardrobe and my wife and I are expecting our first child in a few months. I hope, for her sake, my future daughter doesn't have size 12 feet!
You know the drill. Super rare. Bought in June 2015 from Madison. Tried on for a moment but no rolls or creasing. These are shaped on the Barrie last. Size 12D. These come with the original box and shoe bags. No trees although they were stored with them. U.S shipping ONLY. $830 shipped. These will only be on SF for a week or so before I move them to eBay.
I don't know about those suit pants. Based on those fit pics I don't think they will work for me.
I was really thinking about moving my Cigar Captoes. After seeing that image, I don't think I can!
I hope they will work. We are about the same size. If so, my kop freeze is over!!
What is the price for full suit and do the pants come in Rudy fit?
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