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Mike, any update on the coats coming down the pipeline? (Camel?!)
Last time I checked the thread EFF was just beginning! I obviously missed the boat on a lot. Did you have a medium page made of all of the swatches, Mike? Also, is the Camel coat coming anytime soon? Need to see how much I can spend!
Do you still own those?I know you have the plaza WTB. Meanwhile I'm over here suffering without a #8 WTB..
What time (EST) can we expect these to go up? I'll need to co-ordinate to take a look! Also, are these true ends or will there be multiple units available?
Yes, a few hours ago.
nothing to note in 11.5 d or 12d
I have been in Greece for the last week or so and the 10% vat addition is huge. I think there are some things here at 23% tax. Though they always offer a cash price as well.. My family who have lived in Athens forever claim it doesn't matter to them but, theoretically it should affect everyone.
I'll put leather defender on when there is a good chance of rain in the forecast. Otherwise, I do not.
While the bureau does have them, the pound vs. cad dollar is so gross right now @tricky will throw up. Not to mention the FedEx fees..Those shoes are $1000 cad before shipping and fedex!
Visited Anatomica Paris and Mah-Jong in Athens as they are the only guys who carry Alden in their respective cities. Anatomica has a boatload of models. Just silly, as we know they are on the modified last but some interesting make ups. I spoke with the gentleman there and he is very respective to e-mailing photos of current stock (I think he might regret that!). Mah-jong had just basic models. No purchases until DC though!
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