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Since all of us Toronto guys are the same size we should buy one of everything and share.. lol
I will have to abstain from the forum when these come in. I hemmed and hawed on them forever and didn't pick one up. Lots of regret over that.
I bought the navy and love it, would have grabbed the glacier but it sold out too quick. Pondering if I really need two of these..
Racing Green Flannels
If it doesn't work you know who to call!
I'll have to get an outdoor pic of the racing green flannel tomorrow to add to the collection!
Navy Heirloom and Tweed Walt's (actually the same tweed that the vests will be made from)
Tweed Walt's from Epaulet and Alden straight tips.
Alden no longer does MTO. There are lists for existing make ups. I am not sure what is confirmed as of this time, but Alden DC is your best bet.
New Posts  All Forums: