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Best option for us in Toronto, drive to Buffalo when going across the border anyway, head to Jos A Bank and grab 3 pairs of trees for $15. They have their buy 1 get 2 free sale pretty regularly.
There are a few of us who wear that size. @Handcuffed @NAMOR @kwhitelaw among others. You're in good company!
I used to keep them in the boxes but that was too cumbersome. I like keeping them in the dust bag. I can tell what the shoe is from the back (usually) and only once have I tried to put on one #8 shoe and one cigar shoe on in the morning!
Agreed, Most boxes are taped for reinforcement at this point because they are breaking.
I am well versed on paying boatloads to the gov't..
customs has swallowed up my saddle's and fields of gold.
All my shoes stay in the dust bags when they are not being worn. Setup looks good but I think dust would be an issue for sure.
Those are freaking outstanding.
You mean rare shell, right?
I've gotten a few pairs at a fairly deep discount. Biggest was 50%. I imagine that is cutting it quite close to what Alden sells to retailers for.
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