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Just in from meetings. Hope it was a good night!
If future Whiskey looks like that I'll dance a jig!also..nice try sneaking an AE in there!
My grail has long been the Ravello NST boot. Once that arrives in 6 months I'll reconsider!
I can also say that I have never seen a Whiskey WT boot before either, I bought my first pair 6 years ago and in that time the only Whiskey Boots I have seen at shops are the Chukka and the Indy (both at Madison Ave). Don't get me started on passing on the Whiskey Indy in my size because I didn't think I would wear it..
Good question. Unfortunately I do not Madison's policy all that well. I never asked about a specific shoe/boot while I was in the store. I would imagine if you are on a list for a specific shoe ie) Cigar Chukka you would have had the option to buy first. Then it goes to the main list. But again, I could be wrong..
When I bought my 3rd pair of shoes from Madison ave (in store) the guy helping me commented on my prior purchases (both rare shell makeups as was the one I was purchasing), he asked if I was on the e-mail list about the pre-order process, I said no, he took down my e-mail and now here we are.I know they don't go around advertising the e-mail list, but they won't refuse to add you if you call in. It seems like the list has gotten many orders of magnitude larger after today,...
Where do you draw the line? It's okay that Mac gets first dibs because he has bought hundreds of shoes over the years, what about the guy who has bought 15 pairs in the last year? What about the guy who has bought 2?Is there an arbitrary line that one must cross in order to be "in the know"? Or should they do what Leffot does and throw up a pic of a Cigar Indy and Ravello Daytripper on instagram and call it a day?I really have no dog in the fight, I just don't think there...
They don't e-mail very often, that's for sure. I managed a spot on the Whiskey WT boot after e-mailing an hour after the message went out. Apparently I was the last to secure a boot. Must be a tiny run.
Mike, you note that you can order these factory finds until the 27th. Is there a guarantee that there is enough fabric on these? I will be getting two pairs but will wait towards the end of the week to order to include a few more items in the order.
Of course I was in a meeting from 12pm to 1pm!! Hope I made the cut..
New Posts  All Forums: