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What is your standard aberdeen/barrie size?
I am normally a 12D aberdeen and these fit identically.
Yes these are from Madison. Aberdeen last. I lucked out on them big time. They are marked as being made in a year ending in 7 (2007) so I guess the factory had them lying around for years? No idea how they ended up at Madison but I'm glad they did!
This maiden voyage is for @mrdv who wows us with his grass and shoes on the daily! Cigar NST The different colour panels on these particular shoes are interesting. Some may like it, others may not. It is really noticeable in natural light (no filter, of course!) and in the house
I on the other hand, have a big butt and I size up one and have the waist taken in.
The patina on a well worn pair of Cigars is unbeatable IMO
If you don't catch me on IG here is the Whiskey WTB on their maiden voyage. I couldn't stop staring at them! They definitely look much more like the shade in the second photo, at least to my eyes.
Are those on Commando? Unionmade?
But I'm already on lists for Cigar WT boots and Cigar Captoes..and I have a cigar PTB.. Life is tough..
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