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Mike, I guess you never ordered an 11.5 in the Navy Tankers?
Ya just saw those go up.. 3 late additions!
I got mine in Hawaii. I do not know anyone who sells it locally. One option might be to order it with a pair of shoes from TSM, Leffot or one of the Alden shops. If you are desperate send me a pm and you can borrow mine.
I held firm and didn't kop a shirt... yet. That sky pilot is calling me though..
I so badly wanted those Navy Tankers but a coming wedding is killing the funds! Hopefully the Alt Wein's from that pre-order are en route as well!
Mike what is the ETA on these shirts? I am wondering whether I should just focus on s/s stuff.
I have quickly realized that I am not cool enough to wear most of these shirts.
First 3 dropped.
I'm imposing a 2 shirt max. After that I'm turning off all internet connection until after 4pm!
Who is everyone's go to tailor? I use Magic Tailor across from the Eaton Centre. Have been for years and have never been let down. I have a stack of trousers that just need a hem and cuffs. I'd like to visit someone local in the West end of the city but I fear change..
New Posts  All Forums: