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Getting those Whiskey boots shipped as we speak. Beautiful shade! Thanks for the pics!
No risk of rupture. I have similar on one of my boots. Wear them well!
Tassels has a navy cxl indy and navy cxl wing tip boot as part of their 8th anniversary. They are posting available models on Instagram @ tasselshongkong
The one I tried on was also very, very dark.
Haven't got a call for the Whiskey Wingtips yet. Can't wait for them!
First batch from the October pre-order. The Whiskey Wingtip Boot can't be too far off now!
I was.. but I passed on those Bal's and got Cigar NST from AoM.
Citishoes has had those cigar bal's for over a year. It is crazy!
@arneben When can we expect Alden to come in? Also, did you guys order full size runs on the Aldens (7-12)?
I always get the angled hem. My pants tend to vary from quarter break to no break depending on how they are sitting.They can be let out again, if you so choose.
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