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I have about 20 pairs of 33 waist Rudy. If nobody offers them up you can try a pair on for fit.
Indigo Hopsack Rudy's and first wear of the Alt Wien's.
Epaulet Alt Wien's - Maiden Voyage.
@Burzan Very sad to hear about your family's loss.
Cigar NST
Today: Ravello NST boot on Aberdeen from TSM Yesterday: Whiskey LHS on Van from Citishoes
If you ever need to feel bitter cold a Toronto trunk show should definitely be in the cards!!
My wedding shoe was the Cigar NST with a navy suit. Have to be honest and say that I crushed it!!
Colour 8 is king for a reason. Don't look back!At $580 that is a great price.
Seems like a wise business decision, but an even better life decision. Congrats!
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