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 not always. some full-grain suedes often have a short (luxurious!) nap as well.Split suede is definitely more stretchy however (since the stiffer grain side has been split off ).
 Nice! Do they have the leather in stock?
 I'd be up for an all-kudu version (although I'm not sure of the upcharge)
 Does Waring make hair clippers? I thought they made commercial-grade blenders :)perhaps you meant wahl
nice listing. are they marked 11 or 10 on the outsole?
cheaney shoes on sale (might have been referenced already) www.cheaney.co.uk/sale none of the veldtschoen (turnout/stitchdown construction) boots or shoes are included however.
 Very nice! loving the white goyser stitch on this makeup, and nicely paired with those trousers!
 whoa - looks sleeker/pointier than the JL 7000 last (EE I'm guessing)
 the nails are too long for the toes but great for the heels(but unlike @coolarrow I don't use them on the heels, only the toes - I bought some shorter brass nails for nailing them to the toes)
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