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 you do expect it to be handwelted though, no? 
 yep, their vat-deducted sales are off-ebay
 well that's what I thought too (subpar hide), but when a shoemaker with 40 years in the trade tells you it's the fit... I'm trying to take it educationally :)  (but they're your shoes, so I understand that you would feel differently!)
   good to know that you believe it's the sizing, and the way the user first creased the shoes (perhaps not using the pencil-on-vamp for the first few steps)and not something to do with the quality of the hide.
 well, carmina uses a heavy fabric backing (based on pictures of scraped uppers which others have shared), while bonafe doesnt, so the latter will show more creasing, although the above might be a bit much (perhaps some weird cut of teh hide as TM above mentions)I prefer the 'betis' crust leathers from bonafe (instead of the 'vitello' which is generic italian for 'calf') ; I find betis leathers quite nice but the betis finish might require a tad more maintenance (which I...
anyone up for exchanging their mis-sized their rare shells? I have a pair of ravello ptbs (commando sole) and cigar chukkas (leather sole) in barrie 10 D I would like to exchange for a 10.5 d or larger. both are new. please PM if you have said pairs to trade. Thanks! ~s
- edited as above -
RTW jackets made for sloping shoulders will usually tend to bunch up behind the neck if you have very square shoulders - so I understand your concern.   but I think the concave-ness in your attached pictures comes from extra padding at the edge or the roped shoulder   If you just want a well-fitting suit for square shoulders (at the lower end) hugo boss tends to fit well. If you have a higher budget a bespoke or MTM suit should take care of square shoulders
 be prepared for some heavy shop wear though.
brand new lobb scott balmoral boots in 11 UK.       hoping to trade for brand new vass shell boots in 44.5 or 45 eu
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