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 Vibergs definitely have thicker leather, and are more sturdily built overall, plus they also break in pretty easily. But as a mild overpronator, alden boots (esp the trubalance last ones) end up feeling more comfortable than vibergs at the end of the day (perhaps owing to their orthopedic origins). edit: wanted to add - I just have a single pair so its quite possible I picked the wrong viberg last for my feet.
 The Arran has such great proportions. To me they are the best rtw chukkas around!
nice pairs @barry polak   btw, does anone know if it is possible to replace the "Porn" in the Vass thread name with the word "Appreciation" ?  makes me worried when surfing the thread at work, haha
 my guess would be the gunk was some kind of boot oil/wax. Given all the solvents/cream you have used to remove the same, a good reason why it's still not shining, might be that they are just wet from the solvents in renovateur and need to dry. The closeup of teh vamp suggests the same as well. Perhaps let the boots dry and try buffing them in a couple of days?
 Also the us site-testing promo just piles on top of that, haha. The amount I paid more itself isn't huge (~100 usd ) I'm blaming myself for pulling the trigger on a style I wasn't sure I needed just fed by the site-switch frenzy...and yeah - a good time to get sizing right on bonafes
 Yeah, bonafes are now effectively on discount: the prices comes out lower even with shipping and customs included. Should have waited, lol, esp since I also paid for USPS shipping
bummer i ordered bonafes before the US site went live. should have waited, lol.
 are these prices for carmina?edit: the post doesnt mention, but I realized it's probably carmina
VSC (venetian shoe cream) diluted with some solvent would be my guess
no idea.   regardless, you can order (or go to the store) and find out - the AS ones are marked with the last number (87) on the lining, the 240 last c&j's are likewise identified with the last number on the lining as well.
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