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  excellent grab!Btw, they deleted the ravello PTB post on their website   ... you can still buy the shirt though
^ I would suggest buying firsts from shoehealer instead so you can have it shipped by royal mail. The difference in price (considering brokerage fees and customs) is minimal between buying from retricker or a retailer
 Two things you might be missing in your thought experiment are (1) that the slight expansion/shrinkage from getting wet/drying happens to both the leather and the wood pegs, and (2) changes in temperature lead to greater expansion and contraction in metal (such as nails) compared to leather or wood
 really? any news links?
 +1 Would be hard to make a more reasoned, well-meaning, appeal.
  haha!  I thought of doing that to a pair of pullup boots with leather soles after falling on my b*tt walking in minneapolis last week. Didn't actually do it. Glad to know others have also considered such odd combinations of walking gear :)  
Grain shell boot on the 325/341 last? perhaps dark brown?
^ if GFW doesn't have the style you can also have these shell blucher boots ordered through carmina (at least you could, in the very recent past) or some other retailers
 that japanese-market-specific last has a pretty high instep, ime, so with TTS it might feel roomy if you have an average to low instep.
 yeah the CDI last shoes always come with orthotics. perhaps some modified last ones do as well. +1 for helpfulness of Boston Pedorthotic. The moulded shoe folks seem gruff in comparison - but since they have a better selection (and are more well known), perhaps they get too many inquiries that don't lead to sales :P
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