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^ I don't really understand all this talk of changing welts (or picking a flat welt so it's easier to change) - do you guys do that on a regular basis? or buy a new pair with that in mind? I must be from a different planet that I find all this talk of ex-post customization from your local cobbler (or even b nelson) baffling.   I realize getting a 12-person consensus is hard -- but asking people to join so they can get a storm welt installed by their cobbler (who wouldn't...
New Emling Chaussures Made in France Monk-strap shoes with Ridgeway sole 10.5 UK/EU, which translates to 11-11.5 US Black calf with steel straps. I've had these for a while but never worn them. The Ridgeway soles provide excellent tread (and height).   Don't have the box or bags anymore (this was purchased when I had a small shoe rotation, and didn't see why I would ever sell them!).   Quality is a notch above AE or Alden calf.   $99 + shipping at cost. Paypal only...
Re: Harlech folks -- lacing up 8 blind eyelets is going to be quite the challenge if you plan to wear them on a regular basis. If we are going all-eyelets, having grommeted/"exposed" eyelets might be better for speed of lacing...
 @Papa Doble is thinking 341, but 335 (the cardigan-4 last) and 325 (the coniston last) are great suggestions for a casual boot.
Brand New in Box Trickers Repello Suede side-gore chelsea/slip-on boots   Repello suede is thick waterproof/water-resistant suede. These are made on Vibram gumlite soles. There is burnishing on the toes, which makes these casual, apart from the shape of the last.   Size 10 UK ('5' fitting). These are on the 4497S last, but start out a hair snugger (because it's suede which will have some give)   Best for someone who's a 10.5 wide/x-wide or 11 medium-wide in US...
 Is this gmto still open? I thought it closed because carmina would only take limited cordovan orders
 Thanks for sharing! How many wears have these been through?
 Those are some amazing harlechs! and thanks for the comparison with the alden (whiskey?) chukkas. Who makes those double monks?   great ! so far we have 5 possible joiners. @madridista@Baldrick@NewYawker@Papa Doble@sleepyinsanfran I'm fine with 3/4 speed hooks or all-eyelets, and blind or grommeted eyelets. Would strongly prefer some dainite outsoles though (with a leather midsole...)
Hey guys,   Agree - Mike's the best. Meanwhile @Papa Doble has kindly agreed to take over coordination of this mto for us ...   Some tentative specs: * whiskey shell (dunno if they will have that in stock- I'd be in for a brown shell version if not) * dainite outsole w leather midsole * all eyelets?   Last: I would prefer 325 which is a roomier and yet quite contoured last (think gianni), but I'm OK with 341 (which is shorter overall, btw)
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