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 How about an austro-hungarian last for this boot? The high-walled toebox on this pattern will surely be quite unique (I'm being serious)
Didn't work for items that already shipped
Thank you! Yes they are shiny. My concern was whether too shiny! ha! indeed, I was worried if the cordovan aldens would be considered too opulent actually
Would cordovan dress shoes (alden dark burgundy perf cap toe oxfords) be appropriate for academic interviews (positions at professional schools)?   My other options are brown calf half-brogues, and dark brown calf moc-toe loafers
 according to instagram folks' guesses its a japanese maker
Any chance the barlow can be done with a veldtschoen construction?
 you do expect it to be handwelted though, no? 
 yep, their vat-deducted sales are off-ebay
 well that's what I thought too (subpar hide), but when a shoemaker with 40 years in the trade tells you it's the fit... I'm trying to take it educationally :)  (but they're your shoes, so I understand that you would feel differently!)
   good to know that you believe it's the sizing, and the way the user first creased the shoes (perhaps not using the pencil-on-vamp for the first few steps)and not something to do with the quality of the hide.
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