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  based on the shape of the quarters and the stitching at the inside heel, my guess would've been whichever maker made the vintage florsheim imperial shell ptbslovely  ptbs regardless!
 lovely boots!  JLP does mottled calf so well !
 Congrats! They look amazingly rugged!
 Ahh good to know. I like my contender/mckay stitch boots just fine, but I'm thinking of getting a rolled-welt model at some point to find out if/how they wear differently.
  nice! are these the (rolled) welted line or the contender?
The budapest last is shorter than the P2, and has a higher toebox wall. Since you take the same size in F and U, I'm guessing you must have a narrow-ish foot and high-ish instep, in which case my sizing experiences would be entirely off the mark :) Edit: realized you asked about Peter and not P2, so I should let others chime in.
@JSO1 nice oxfords! Does the P2 golosh oxford fit the same as the P2 derbies?   Also, does anyone have experience with ordering from ascot shoes in the US? I ordered a pair, and asked for Royal Mail shipping but they've shipped by DHL. Should I expect a giant bill for duties and fees from DHL? (never received anything through DHL, and heard horror stories of DHL's miscategorization from the cusotms thread, so I'm kinda worried)
 +1@julianL another variable is the what your bigtoe-to-heel-line looks like.the 82 last is more curved/pigeontoed than the 888. The difference matters if you have a very striaght line from the heel to big-toe -- in which case you might possibly find the 82 roomier than the 888 ... (instead of perhaps the more common foot shape where the big toe curves away towards the second toe and so on, a shape on which the 888 might feel roomier than the 82)
final drop to 650.
 Vibergs definitely have thicker leather, and are more sturdily built overall, plus they also break in pretty easily. But as a mild overpronator, alden boots (esp the trubalance last ones) end up feeling more comfortable than vibergs at the end of the day (perhaps owing to their orthopedic origins). edit: wanted to add - I just have a single pair so its quite possible I picked the wrong viberg last for my feet.
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