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RTW jackets made for sloping shoulders will usually tend to bunch up behind the neck if you have very square shoulders - so I understand your concern.   but I think the concave-ness in your attached pictures comes from extra padding at the edge or the roped shoulder   If you just want a well-fitting suit for square shoulders (at the lower end) hugo boss tends to fit well. If you have a higher budget a bespoke or MTM suit should take care of square shoulders
 be prepared for some heavy shop wear though.
brand new lobb scott balmoral boots in 11 UK.       hoping to trade for brand new vass shell boots in 44.5 or 45 eu
that's what she said.  j/k. lovely shell and pattern!
With all due respect you misconstrued my comment. Vass will remake them as many times as you ask. I was mentioning the fact that I had only once encountered a glaring eror worth a remake. Other than that shades of many leathers from them will vary somewhat (esp the "antique cognac" calf or shell), and they will occasionally veer from specs (such as edge color, pinked goyser or no pinking, brogueing in the heel for for perf cap toe oxfords or not, etc), neither of which are...
nice.are these too wide for you by any chance? I have a pair of leffot color 8 tankers (also marked 11) but they fit  tighter than my other 11 barrie boots (my guess is that they lasted it a C width instead of D). Let me know if you're interested in a trade. They have been worn about 5 times, and I still have the bags (might have the box but will have to look). the leffot tankers have a flat antique welt though (not a storm welt like these).
 The only time I had a pair redone was when they made a pair in brown calf instead of brown shell.Other than that I've accepted pairs with the color being slightly different, or minor style deviations-- they're are all part of the vass charm.If I were more particular about the exact color/style details, I'd probably look elsewhere.
extra 40% off w 40%SC at frans boone ("******0%" for 30% off if teh 40 pc code doesnt work). I like the casual pairs from yuketen http://www.fransboonestore.com/search?type=product&q=yuketen     edit: for some reason the site is starring out the 30% code...
 they literally raised prices by 50% from placing stuff in my cart to going to checckout. I also signed up to the 10% newsletter thing while browsing so maybe that broke something. or maybe the sale price just got updated with time as some algorithmic thing. funny shock though to see prices rise in my cart (CAD before and after)
 you should email rancourt and ask. This is an enthusiasts' thread and not an "affiliate" thread (so there aren't any rancourt reps able to answer your question here).
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