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 you mean the black tanker boot? I'd be in if it had one single modification - made on the Forest last. The Soller with that giant instep doesnt work for me :( (and sizing down messes up the heel-to ball length)
well, boat shoes are only a marginal step up from sneakers. I personally don't understand what weather would be too hot & humid for loafers but appropriate for nautical-themed chromexcel shoes (unless you're actually on a boat  :)  but to each his own I guess  
gianni is a tad larger than the lindrick. but maybe my giannis were lemons :)
I have a pair - it seemed to fit like the aberdeen so went TTS. My hunch is that a few pairs were mis-lasted on Aberdeen instead of Barrie. Don't know if the tightness is an issue across the board. Just ask the leffot ppl (call/email) for sizing advice
bumpity bump. with outsole measurements (have been asked by a few poeople) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The welt is 270-degree, and quite trim compared to Alden/C&J shoes/boots. Measurements on the Outsole are: Length 13 inches (actually 12 31/32 inches) Width at widest 4.5 inches (actually 4 17/32 inches)
Good to know they offer a handwelted option! Are you going through Richard  from Shoehealer?
 the stickiness is from too much polish, which is not being absorbed by the leather. use less, or buff till dry
 the Chelsea 5 (on the 335 last) is pretty chunky (and to me looks less contoured than even the islay)
other than the hide quality, clicking also matters a lot, no? 
deleted: redundant in light of above post    
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