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 I go a half size down from Barrie on the Forest last, but the barrie is still slightly roomier than the half size down Forest (UK size)
nice. do you have any 11's ?
 +1I'm the same size as exdeth but with a wide-ish forefoot, and I go for a 44 on most lasts (except a couple).Also, carminas in the same size look much smaller due to the trimmer welt and the way carmina designs hide width way better than vass. but everyone's feet are unique so ....
Nice. Those are some beefy as$kickers!
Would appreciate any thoughts on the instep/heel width of the C&J 337 last (Compared to C&J 325/335 or EG 82/64 or Alden Barrie/Plaza).  Thanks!
 I still wear white shirts with ties (occasionally blue shirts as well). I didn't realize that was a cultural statement. Also I have no idea who these guys are in the above story. But I'm not that old so maybe I missed something. and I agree: turtlenecks look awful on most people. especially with suits 
   Hoping to run into people irl wearing Doak/CC Galways next fall !
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