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in rtw shirts, charles tyrwhitt's sportshirts are usually pretty short, so those might be worth trying.
[[SPOILER]]    I'd be in for the second one (the boot). is it possible to have a different last? the 946 last comes with a giant fat heel (relative to the forefoot, which is tapered and chiseled)
 i think there are issues with the shell models as well sometimes. for example, when you posted your osloers, I was amazed at how low the apron SPI was on my own (larger sized) pair bought last year, compared to yours ... so it can be hit or miss regardless of material I think (and you're a lucky guy haha) edit - forgot to echo zapasman's sentiments: "As said, each maker has its own pros and cons."
 if you have an average to high instep enzo bonafe might be an option (through skoak).
 nice! you even got a perfect variety of construction (bonafe HW, meermin GY, and viberg stitchdown)
 nice!is it possible to have antique brass eyelets (instead of shiny ones) for the teak cordo plain toe boot?
without knowing the color of your linen suit it's generally hard to guess....   for a cream linen suit perhaps a tan calf loafer of some kind would work nicely https://www.meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4614 (like this one - everyone makes a version) for a navy linen suit, black or oxblood calf loafer would be good.   the choice between belgians/tassels/loafers is one only you can make - either might be appropriate for a beach wedding but loafers can be...
for a linen suit suede or nubuck might be best. belgians would be nice for a casual beach wedding but not very versatile as outside shoes in general;  you'll be able to wear tassel loafers on more occasions afterwards imo.
+1 (i.e. I'd like to know that as well!)
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