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 The leeds fits narrower, even though it's supposed to fit the same as other 1 last shoes.IMO, among 1-last shoes, the fit of different shoes goes as follows: (from narrowest to widest): Malvern chukka < Leeds ptb < Dalton boot < dundee chukka = TownleyThese differences are marginal however, but I noticed them because I like to wear shoes/boots with a very snug fit.The townley shell (if they are the same lasts as used in the past) would fit like the dundee shell chukkas,...
^ Thanks!  Attila don't have boots listed on their website, but maybe they'll make me a pair...
some amazing whiskey & ravello today. Uncle mac's ravellos are sublime (as one has come to expect).   I went with the trusty color 8's for a trip to ikea. Thankfully the wife doesn't know what these cost: would have made it hard to buy cheap furniture for the guest room :D  
Did you order from them by phone/email? Would love to know how that went. I am thinking of getting a pair of goyser boots made in a traditional austro-hungarian last, and considering who to get them from (Vass hasn't replied to my emails yet)
 Looks great!! I like what you did with shining the edges more than the middle so you avoid the uniformly polished toecap, which can look affected.  Also the shoe looks sleeker with your method.  I have dialed down my own mirror shine routine since I moved to an organization with a more relaxed (sartorially challenged ) environment.
too much polish, esp if a soft cloth leaves a trail when you rub
 heh. you must've been spending all your change at starbucks and pricey college eateries. How anyone manages their finances is entirely their business.
 as a previous poster mentioned, you might try breaking them in over a weekend (or short work days).Also, I would suggest wearing at least medium weight cotton socks (not synthetic thin dress socks) while you are breaking them in (which involves wearing them around the house for a few hours, but taking them off if too uncomfortable).Pressure on the ball is not too bad, if your toes are OK (imo teh ball can exert enough pressure to force the shoes to conform, but...
+1 I don't know the answer to the OP's question though (don't have the BB corp card)
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