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 It's just the Trickers Eaton boot in green leather minus the toe medallion (with a full-commando sole and an orange fabric pull tab). Not some feat of radical design by any means. If you really want this - you can easily have a single order made through the Shoehealer store
 are you sure the 41.5 was too long? if you have wide flat feet, it's very likely that your foot length is shorter compared to your heel to ball. i.e., with such feet, you might have excess toe box room if you size correctly for heel-to-ball length. The alternative is to choose a different last of course
 2 days is nowhere near enough for breaking in those soles
monks are popular with the creative/hollywood crowd no? that might be a connection
some info about your foot shapew ould help us guess better :) ime the 314 last already accounts for the fact that its a loafer and should fit snugger, and sizing down would make them too small. But again - more info about about your foot shape would be useful I thinkAlso i've found my worst sizing mistakes have come from buying loafers without trying them on...
there's also timberland's "oiled leather" belt that looks similar - often available on sale, and pretty cheap (but has a nicer buckle than the BR one) edit: actually the BR belt looks close to tobacco reverse-chamois instead of tobacco chamois,.... or maybe it's late and I am delirious
isn't S the one with the squared off toe? if similar it must be some less popular trickers last.
nice! really like the substantial-looking speedhooks!
you mean three layers excluding the welt-strip sitting on top of the midsole?
yup C&J afaik, based on the writing insidenarrower than conistons, but suede has more givevery impressed with the suede used on those
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