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Quote:+1  I dont think its entirely clear from the pictures if the dent is just superficial. if OP has has waited two months for a perfect pair, he might find it perfectly worthwhile to wait a couple more months for those to be remade.
to add to the data-gathering - a full size difference is approximately equal to a difference of 1/3rd inch in length on the same last (its very approximate but I remmeber someone posting a chart of that)
 the insoles are already stamped before lasting, so I doubt there's a difference. They might have used a larger insole and trimmed it after (I have sz 10.5 UK C&J's which say 11 stamped on the insole, but are clearly not 11 UK ) Either way, your best bet is to email C&J and ask why your insole has said numbers. I have heard they are generally helpful.
 the letter on top (such as 9) is the size for which the insole was made originally, and the number below that indicates width: 4 is uk D (or US C), 5 is UK E (US D), 6 is UK F (US E)
SOLD on the 'bay !
  I think it's somewhat inconsistent to disparage people with a keen interest in shoes (who haven't gone the whole hog to becoming a shoemaker), while at the same time expecting those very same consumers to appreciate the benefits of handwelted shoes over pretty-looking GYW shoes.Unless of course you're only referring to the semantics of the thing, viz. the use of too-strong-words-for-tepid-emotions, which is understandable (especially being with someone who utters "love"...
 Ha! I can relate  fwiw, my best fitting tricker's (for my almost non-tapered toes) is actually the Newbury (4537 last) half-size up in a 5 fitting.EDIT: I dont think they make any boots on that last, so i guess that's not very useful info :-|   since you're looking for boots
Good luck on the next try.  One problem I have encountered with trickers is that they have large-ish toe-stiffeners, so the perfectly-fitting pairs (size down, width up) end up cramped in the toes at the end of the day (because the uppers stretch in the vamp area with wear, but the stiff toebox doesn't).  But then the problem might be attributable to my club-like feet (akin to the foot shapes called 'roman' and 'germanic'). If you have normal feet (i.e. tapering uniformly...
 Much of that can be credited to the alden thread (and uncle mac). Good advice for customers no doubt, but not so good for retailers taking the returns, or being the guy receiving pre-footbed-imprinted shoes after previous buyer has walked on carpet for nine hours in them (having been on the receiving end of the latter scenario several times, I can share retailers' angst about inconsiderate buyers. But then there are retailers who send horribly creased and shop-worn boots...
unionmade calls its wingtip boots "halleck" - in past iterations they've made hallecks with a dark welt (2013), so the contrast welt isnt a necessary feature, just any alden color8 wingtip boot makeup from unionmade
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