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lol are these the leffot Edward Greens ?
Axel's stocks galways in D width, btw
  not to derail the Vass thread (I like Vass too!) - but your foot shape (and experience with the rain last) sounds exactly like a foot that Enzo bonafe's lasts are made for. I would suggest shooting the gents at skoak an email and trying a pair from bonafe
 lol now you're giving scammer buyers more ideas   j/k
 since it's gall soap first try dabbing and gently wiping (not scrubbing) that spot with a damp cloth several times, and letting it dry. The stain should lighten up when the leather dries. There might be a patch where the finish has lightened from the water dabbing, but that should start taking polish/pigmented creams. regardless, also reach out to St crispins to find out if the above will be OK - they've had problems with finicky finishes, and so its best to check with...
 Agree with your conclusions about the email signaling a problem customer, but I don't get why you would trust a cobbler located on the opposite coast with your shoes if you are fastidious about those details. Just go to your local cobbler. Specify what you want and have him take a shot at doing the same on a cheaper pair of your shoes before you give him your EG's to work on. All this BS of sending shoes across the country to an NY cobbler is ridiculous.
 lovely gmto! only thing holding me back is the single leather sole...might still end up breaking my kop freeze for these!
 I filled out the survey some time ago as well. the code didn't work when I tried using it about two weeks after submitting the survey (and BB didnt respond to my enquiry about it) so be sure to use your code ASAP
 sleek indeed. although the squared off chisel toe is what cleverley is known for (G&G are the newcomers on that front)
what's hand-sewn welted? do you mean GY shoes with hand-sewn aprons and skin-stitched split toes?   edit: just realized you meant handwelted (perhaps the version thats hand inseamed but has the outsole machine stitched to the welt)
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