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 Thanks! They kinda fit me but not as well as I would like.
 be careful with the sizing though: D widths on the aberdeen have rather large heel room for the amount of toe room, and being a wholecut loafer it needs to fit perfectly...
Anyone has experience with Horween's Utica leather? And how does it performs in the long run when used to make footwear? Visually it looked like looser grain side leather, but I wasn't quite sure. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.
 yup, the keswick is on the 4444.
 ^ I think you bought one of their offerings on the 4444 country last - most people size down 1.5 on that last (unless you have EE width feet), or wear thick socks when sizing down 1 from US to UK sizes trying in store is always best, of course
 the trubalance is like a lady with some meat on the bones. Might not make your friends jealous, but the comfort is unmatched
Nice! been looking for the polo/C&J chukkas but haven't found them anywhere :/
 part of teh reason behind all this confusion is that (a) cordovan is finished slightly differently by each maker, (b) different cordovan batches welt/shine differently, and finally, (c) you can put a wide range of products on them without ruining them, so everyone counts their success in making them look good as evidence that theirs is the only right way
do they still sell the peal cordovan boots?
Why does everyone want waterproof shoes/boots? Properly tanned leather gets wet, and then dries when left unworn for a day or two (and returns to close to its original condition once you wipe off the muck/dirt immediately after taking them off). I don't think any of us here are walking around in swamps or wading through knee deep water. At least not in dress shoes.
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