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 Those are amazing!
what's the code for this one? I got a flyer but didnt notice a code nvm...
 later on they show the inseaming (2 min mark I think) - perhaps I'm not looking carefully but  it looks like they've split the edge of insole to stitch the upper on instead of carving a holdfast , which is a bummer given their handwelted claims
 I can't imagine that alone making a difference of a full inch in the sleeve length. To me it seems more likely that the alternate numbers are just allowances for manufacturing variance once you have a bunch of suppliers across multiple countries.
 I'd say there's a decent amount of wear left in those soles if only the channel-covering flap has worn down
anyone here know trickers' prices for a handwelted MTO shoe/boot?
 that's mostly what horween calls color no. 449 (or at least sold that way) also "cigar" is (perhaps a little bit) in the eye of the beholder   
^ nice! carmina really does get the proportions right more often than any other maker in that price range
eek. I have yet to open the box. must check
 get shoes with longer toe boxes in the same size (e.g. a 10.5 UK), such as on trickers' 4444 last. Should be better than their *much* more common 4497S last (which is short and fat, hence little room for sizing errors)nothing beats trying them on in person of course
New Posts  All Forums: