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Swiss rucksack sold, prices updated
Hi all, I have a couple items that I no longer/never had any use for. All items have been well-cared for, kept in a smoke-free environment, and in the case of shoes, kept on trees (trees, boxes, tags not included in any sale or trade), and recently cleaned/creamed/polished. UPDATE: pictures provided for worn shoes and Swiss rucksack; the German boots and Burton pack are in mint condition, so the links provide an exact representation of what you'd get. [Prices added]...
Zippyh, Thanks for the great pointers. Some true gentlemen on this forum!
JayJay--thanks again for your continued answers. Perry--thanks for the Leather Soul rec. I'll be sure to check these guys out. You guys are great!
JayJay, Thanks for the kind information--provided I find my size, you saved me a couple hundred! Am I reading your recommendation correctly that at $299, the Garrans are a better choice than the Aldens at $650? I am, after all, looking to buy just one pair of boots in shell and will plan on keeping them for a good long while. Thanks again!
Hello friends, Rather than start a new thread, I thought I might post a question here: I'm in the market for a pair of RTW shell cordovan boots. I prefer plain toe, burgundy, and aside from those, I have no further metrics other than whether they just look "right" to my eye. So far, I've narrowed the available choices to the following: A pair of C&J for RL on ebay: A pair sold by Alden of Carmel:...
Previous post probably should have been a PM. Apologies all!
Hi Greekgeek, I'm interested in the Alden boots. Are they still available? If so, would kindly tell me why you think they were pigeonholed as factory seconds (i.e., what defect/imperfection is there?)? Although listed as NIB, where they ever worn? The soles look as they weren't, but there appears to be some rolling in the upper--or is that an artifact of the lighting? And finally, is your price still $430? Thanks, Budding
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