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Anyone try the new season 02?
I could be wrong, but I don't it went to stores. Ssense and farfetch only place I saw it
It's like putting on a cloud
@kieran84 call biecester outlet, see if they have any suits from s14. I got a s14 suit in a 48, pants are also 48 but fit the same as current sz46 separate trousers
Sorry the pic is horrid, but just wanted to share, shearling just arrived today.
teddy jackets are the best dad SLP jacket, i look normal with my 3 year old in that jacket compared to my L01 and my 3 year old
What do you mean by "display"? Also it could be from s16 when it was released and you have a w16 carry over piece. I would hold off on the sand paper before you do something you regret.
Matches just put new items out
I pre ordered an item, now it's £30 more. My order history shows the previous price. I wonder if I'll get charged my pre order price or the new price.
where is this pic from? i have these from w16, but the pic looks like w13
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