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does anyone own this pair of denim   https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/saint-laurent/blue-faded-skinny-jeans/1251143      
where's the belt?
I'm selling this w13 flannel (extremely rare) sz39 pm if your interested
seam is there its just on the front
cannot get a clear answer, anyone have the new ripped knee denim(black) how is the sizing, true, sz down?  I'm a 29 in s15 raw hem should i take same or sz down??  
how do the black 02s fit this season, regular and knee rip? should i got same sz as s15 or sz down?
Has anyone tried the new knee ripped black denim?? are they soft like previous seasons or is the denim thicket and stiff? also how is the sizing?
has anyone tried this seasons blazers, has the sizing changed much?
does anyone own this coat from w14?  
you will have to file it at the airport before you depart, get there early because the lines at heathrow can be exhaustingly long
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