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you will have to file it at the airport before you depart, get there early because the lines at heathrow can be exhaustingly long
black 02s (any variation). BOOTS. BOOTS. BOOTS.
i went with a w28 and it fits the same as w13crash in w29
lol, this shit is gold.   but another reason i think people resell, is that they cop the wrong size, and a lot of people cop using proxies, so no returns, just a thought...
LVR model took 29 in the raw hem and 28 in every other season 
@Prudy i took the same as my fw13 crash 29, the rise is higher which makes the waist a TINY bit bigger, but overall same fit, my all time favorite pair of denim. The upper block is bigger and the thigh ever so slightly, but they are not as stretchy as other s15 pairs. 
Anyone have trouble with Ssense returns, shit was out for delivery on March 4, but Canadian customs dumbasses put a duty on the return. Anyone else experience this, ssense returned it to customs to appeal the duties, it's been a week. Wondering how long this shit will take
personally i think the new zippers feel more sturdy than the SLP zippers
Do u have them? The 2013 in the code does not give it away. That's the production year, I have jeans from w13 with 2012 in the code.
question for anyone who owns older biker denim   whats the code on your tag, i just cop'd a pair of bikers   with this tag code:  up53 2013 01185 330285 y999b   wondering if its w13 or s14
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