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Just disappointed with the ykk zippers on the harness wyatt boots....
02s will work, they stack so nice
one is 100% cotton  the other isn't....one is stretch the other isn't....
his jeans are Paige Lennox Skinny in Black Overdye   http://www.denimblog.com/2014/11/harry-styles-in-paige-lennox-skinny-in-black-overdye/   anyway....
anyone out there got aw13 knee blow outs in sz 29 or 30.   let me know!
Fit pic
latest cop from aw13
anyone know how the aw14 bikers fit?
any one had experience with their tan suede boots and rain, i have the ankle jodhpurs in tan, and live in the UK. don't want to ruin them in the rain, but don't want to keep them in all winter as well? any opinions/suggestions.....also i have sprayed them with protectant.
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