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need closer pics, that is a regular slim cut, not oversized.  it should have letter sizing
they should be shipping anytime, the have them on the YSL site (non pre-order)
you just wrote or called customer care? i emailed them but customer service is closed till monday.
Does anyone know if YSL.com will cancel a online pre-order?  most likely the do not and you just have to return once it ships, anyone know?.?.?
@kieran84 the extra fine merino sweaters are the best, def get them when you can, i have a crew and v-neck, best sweaters i own.
those look like the s15 they way they hug below the knees, also post some pics if you have time!
new raw hems
@kieran awesome review! You or anyone else who has them please take fit pic!
has anyone tried the corduroy denim?  
does anyone own this pair of denim   https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/saint-laurent/blue-faded-skinny-jeans/1251143      
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