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What about the stretch in the thighs and crotch? I finally got a pair but due to the limited availability I took a chance and went down one size smaller than I anticipated would fit best (for comparison sake, this is two sizes smaller than I typically am in low straight). Surprisingly, the waist already fits okay and is not particularly tight (at least in comparison to some jeans I have sized down on). I am more concerned about the fit in my thighs which are skin tight...
I am going to be in Chicago tonight and tomorrow. If I remember correctly OSB does not have its own store, but I figure George must have got the product in some stores there. Is there anywhere I can hit up while there to try these things on live?
I am interested (but not 100% decided yet) in the Ravello Captoe Boot, but to switch things up I would strongly prefer a last other than the Barrie, probably Plaza or maybe even Grant. I second earlier detail suggestions of antique sole edging and the double waterlock sole.
Bump for good seller. Smooth transaction, and I received my item in a timely manner.
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingLotus San fran NYC (504 Broadway) too.
Four or five news items up to see on the website, but it does not look like they can be purchased yet. Seersucker trousers and harrington jacket look especially interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by wolfvsgoat Dark buttons. Yes. Size up from your normal WvsG size on just the summer plaid. Keep your TRUE WvsG BD size for the summer oxford. And with that... http://blog.wolfvsgoat.com/2011/05/s...y-arrives.html Thanks for the clarification and for posting the measurements on the website. Yet, is the above advice for the multi-plaid truly accurate across all sizes? In particular, would you suggest a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro Yup, All the MoP buttons have been sent back and they are butting horn buttons on them. This is the kind of shit that delays getting product to you guys. We will fix the type-o and yes we mean you should "size up one" Sorry to be dense, but I want to confirm I am understanding the above answers correctly. First off, I believe you are saying that the shirts will come with the dark buttons....
Quote: Originally Posted by el duderino Any chance someone has this in a medium or small and wants to sell it? If so, PM me.
I am considering getting one of the 30s from Blake but was hoping for some insight from those more knowledgeable than me. Although a bit tight in the waist (which I know will stretch anyway), I can fit into the size 30s in the normal officer chinos. The fit from the thighs down is perfect but they contour to my body a bit too much above that. I was wondering whether the fit or materials of the selvedge chinos may be different enough where this would not be the case with...
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