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Yeah, that was one of the two I wanted as well. When I got there it showed that that the only size left was what I needed, but when I tried adding it to my cart, it said sold out. I am sure everyone else will start to get them in soon as well though.
I do not think anyone has mentioned it yet here but Need Supply has some of Gitman's Spring collection up already. Sadly, both shirts that I really wanted and was ready to buy are already sold out in my size. Does anyone know of other places that are already getting in the new collection?
I know Mauro has received some flak at times regarding his effectiveness as a business man, so I want to take a chance to pass on some deserved credit as well. I ordered the BD Multi-plaid Monday morning and he sent it out by Mid-afternoon. I received it yesterday and it is an awesome shirt. I think he passes the quality product and customer service tests (he has also always been responsive to questions), which to me are two of the most important hallmarks of a good...
I agree it seems a bit off in comparison to common suggested sizing, but I had ordered them prior to hearing that sizing was different this season. Based off of info details from past seasons and finding an old 32 to try on (which was definitely loose), I had guessed 31 would be optimal for me but that 30 might work. Based off of the new sizing, I would have not felt 30 would work, but I guess I may have lost a bit of weight. Plus, although I wear 32s in the low...
What about the stretch in the thighs and crotch? I finally got a pair but due to the limited availability I took a chance and went down one size smaller than I anticipated would fit best (for comparison sake, this is two sizes smaller than I typically am in low straight). Surprisingly, the waist already fits okay and is not particularly tight (at least in comparison to some jeans I have sized down on). I am more concerned about the fit in my thighs which are skin tight...
I am going to be in Chicago tonight and tomorrow. If I remember correctly OSB does not have its own store, but I figure George must have got the product in some stores there. Is there anywhere I can hit up while there to try these things on live?
I am interested (but not 100% decided yet) in the Ravello Captoe Boot, but to switch things up I would strongly prefer a last other than the Barrie, probably Plaza or maybe even Grant. I second earlier detail suggestions of antique sole edging and the double waterlock sole.
Bump for good seller. Smooth transaction, and I received my item in a timely manner.
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingLotus San fran NYC (504 Broadway) too.
Four or five news items up to see on the website, but it does not look like they can be purchased yet. Seersucker trousers and harrington jacket look especially interesting.
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