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I had been planning to air a similar complaint. I think they look okay but from a function/quality perspective are substandard. A button fell off each of the first two times I wore my new jacket. I used some pliers to close up gaps in the hooks and loops, so I think they should stay on okay now. However, I am not sure they will actually end up being more durable than buttons that are sewed on with repeated buttoning and unbuttoning of the jacket over time.
...while we are at it, I am looking for the same thing but in medium (also prefer lighter/unlined options as I live in the south).
Thanks, that is helpful. The melton wool is pretty heavy, right? I may want something a bit lighter.Does any other stockist have a lighter weight wool (I think the serge is lighter but could be wrong) or does anyone have a a medium Bedford from a previous season that they might be interested in selling?
I am looking for a previous season (this season does not fit me as well) Engineered Garments Bedford Jacket in medium and preferably navy or olive in color. The various wool fabrics are preferred but cavalry twill, whipcord, etc. work, too. Thanks!
Is there a navy bedford in wool (not the denim wool) this season? I was under the impression that there is not but saw one listed for a short time at I am not sure whether it sold out quickly or was posted in error and removed.
I think you are right about it being at the SF Bloomingdales (as of last week). I feel like Bastille may have had it as well, but I was not paying a lot of attention to the work shirts when I was looking.
Both this and stevent's pics are quite helpful, except that now I am unsure whether I may actually want to size up this year. I historically found the stark to be a bit too long on me in my size (M) but wonder if it may be too short as I am a bit taller than stevent (btw, to me the length of the new one is good on you, stevent). If someone can post similar pics to what Feji did but for the same size that might help everyone as well.
Sorry for the incorrect information y'all. Maybe the guy from TBS incorrectly looked at an old one (or was lazy and told me what he thought was right without checking). It does look like even the ones at Mr. Porter are shorter. The measurements they supply for the back length of the newly listed gray Stark are several inches shorter than the back length they list for the blue Stark at the bottom which I believe they have had for awhile. Either way, I am a proponent of...
Sadly for us shorter guys, it looks like the TBS is just misleading. I emailed them and they said the Stark measurements have not changed this year and quoted a Medium Stark as being 29.1 inches in length (I assume from top of collar to bottom but did not confirm).
I would say mid-weight, definitely not as thick or warm as flannel. Probably best suited for fall or with other heavier stuff during the winter. With that said I think they are light enough to wear in warm climates or pretty much year-round if desired.
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