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This may be a bit outdated but I think most of the LA-area stores are still accurate...http://www.engineeredgarments.com/stockist.aspxThe American Rag at Fashion Island had a pretty decent selection last time I was there (a few months ago though) and Mohawk normally has a good selection, too.
You should be good. I am 39"/40" and this season's medium Bedford fits me although on the slightly tight side.
I apologize if this is a bit off topic...but I was wondering about you all's experience with returns for online purchases and how stringently RL enforces return rules. I have an item to return and am only a couple days away from the 30 day deadline for sale items. So, I am afraid that they may receive the item after the deadline passes. Has anyone done anything similar? If so, did they accept the return or not? Thank you.
Unionmade has three of the Hill-side collabs (not the camo). I tried on the multi-color dot. It seemed pretty TTS excepted perhaps a bit shorter than normal Gitman Vintage. However, the big thing to consider in my opinion is the texture of the material. I found the shirt very rough and uncomfortable on my skin, like an itchy wool or burlap (but maybe not quite as bad). So, I would recommend trying them on first if possible
The Broadway store carries EG. From what I have seen, their staff tries to be helpful but is not very knowledgeable about what they have.I do not remember specifics off hand, but I was there a few weeks ago and was disappointed with what they had.
How do the vests (especially the cruzer fest) fit ? e.g., are they slim or full in the body, how do they compare to their shirts in the same size? In my limited exposure to their shirts, they have seemed to be fairly relaxed fitting)? But the vests I see seem to measure a bit smaller in the chest. They are at the low end for what normally fits me so how "slim" the vests are in the body will impact whether they work for me or not.
Is there a code for Context? I see LA Guy's list includes them but do not see anything on their site to indicate a discount or how to apply it. Thanks.
^^^ Have you contacted them yet? It seems feasible that it was just an innocent mistake. I would think that is at least as likely an explanation as them actively deciding to disregard your request without telling you. I am sure it seems unlikely that they would somehow overlook the customization when you made the effort to stress it multiple times. However, it seems quite possible to me that the people involved in the actual production of your boot may have not...
I had been planning to air a similar complaint. I think they look okay but from a function/quality perspective are substandard. A button fell off each of the first two times I wore my new jacket. I used some pliers to close up gaps in the hooks and loops, so I think they should stay on okay now. However, I am not sure they will actually end up being more durable than buttons that are sewed on with repeated buttoning and unbuttoning of the jacket over time.
...while we are at it, I am looking for the same thing but in medium (also prefer lighter/unlined options as I live in the south).
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