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I was told it is just the denim. I think the ones on sale are more of a lighter, summer weight denim.
If possible, I would probably be in for a brown-shaded cordovan (mahogany, whiskey, etc.). I also would probably be interested in the pebble grain whiskey you suggest but would propose doing it on a sleeker last (e.g., 2030). For that matter, I would be interested in the two-tone one they have on the site if in a seeker last.The other suggestion I have is a normal service boot in a sleek last (so along the lines of 2030 Last, Brogue Toe Cap, Dainite Sole, No Box Toe) in...
I would also love to get some insight into second hand stores in NYC that people have seen EG or Post at.On the Alden front, I would probably suggest Leffot or Epaulet as they often have some more unique make-ups (although I think some places have wider selection of Alden overall, especially in comparison to Epaulet as it is not solely focused on shoes).Food-wise, I am a huge fan of Mission Chinese (spicy Sichuan, but a bit more fusion-y or less traditional than most...
Freeman's Sporting Club on Rivington St. in NYC had some viberg boots (2030 last I think) when I was last there a few weeks ago. I cannot remember if they were specifically service boots though.Inventory also now has an NYC store at Extra Pl. They may have viberg but you probably first want to call and check.
I believe that you can make a tracing of your feet and send it to Viberg and they will advise you on sizing. However, I have never done that myself. I just think I remember reading that stated somewhere (but I may be imaging it).Although I am sure that the sizing advice on the board is overall close, It does seem like there might be some significant variance based on foot shape or something. Based on advice comparing to Alden and Red Wing sizing, I would have thought I...
Thanks SVB. That seems logical. I was concerned that it would somehow throw off the shape of the taper if not done from both sounds, but I guess even if that is the case it would not be noticeable when tapering only small amounts (e.g., tapering down to a reduction of 0.5 inches at the hem).
I was also wondering how your tailors dealt with the selvedge line when tapering the legs on your chinos. I am considering trying to get my pair tapered more. Thanks!
I was in an RRL store yesterday and saw a different version of the selvedge officer chinos that are a heavier weight again (I think over 10.5), but I believe the weave numbers were even lower than on the 9.23 oz version. What type of effect should that have on longevity and fading? The price was still $240 for those interested.
Is that their straight or slim fit?
Giving in Style is online. However, it looks like the earlier reports were accurate. I do not see any RRL included. Any chance somebody else sees something I am missing?
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