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Thank you for your response. This is the type of reasoning I was concerned I might have overlooked. With that said, I double-checked with Inverallan to be on the safe side and it looks like it is not actually correct in this case.Below is the question I asked them:"I realize this may seem obvious, but I was wondering which would be thicker/chunkier…single or double donegal?"Their response was:"Double Dongeal is thicker and more chunky."
They only have two size 38s left at this point. Amazing denim though.
^^^ Thanks for consolidating information and thank you to dotcomzzzz. In regard to the underlined portion of the following quote, I would take it to mean that the double donegal is less chunky. However, that does not seem to make much sense to me. Am I misunderstanding something? I am assuming the "it" is in response to a question and not referring back to the previous reference to "double" donegal. "In regards to the single donegal weight and thickness, its quite...
Anything on the Single Donegal yet? In particular, the order form for it. Thanks.
I can't quite put my finger on it but personally I am just not a big fan of the copper.I think the cinnamon roughout might be good if they still do it:I also like the roughout in the following pic (although it is also from a few years ago):Also, thank you for all your time and help pulling this together, Fok.
That is quite the bummer (it happens though; no worries) . Kills both of the make-ups I wanted. In regard to D, I would probably advocate the roughout used on the boondocker rather than the copper. I am also really interested in some kind of two-tone offering. So I at least would be interested in other suggestions along those lines that Guy or anyone else has.
As I understand it, orders can be placed for any of the make-ups that at least 4 people will commit to buy. So, assuming that everyone who voted is actually willing to go through with a corresponding purchase (probably only applies to the two-tone as there are way more than 4 votes for all the other make-ups), then I think all of the proposed make-ups will be made. Fok, do I understand correctly?
So are the medium Bedfords a bit bigger in the chest this year? For the year or two, the medium Bedford is slightly too tight in the chest for me but the large is much too big in all other ways. Thanks.
My suggestion would be something along the lines of: style: Service Boot leather: Vintage Tan Roughout toe cap: Brogue Captoe Baroque Toe Cap (maybe straight but probably not) last: 2030 Last (possibly 2040 if too many people found the 2030 too narrow) sole: Dainite Sole or leather sole Basically, something along the lines of the follow collaboration with Nigel Cabourn but without the pre-distressing: The other makeup I...
Do you all know if they have any lighter weight yarns available? I am afraid the ones I have seen would be too heavy basically the whole year in Atlanta.
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