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What was the tagged size?
Those cinnamons do look good...kind of regretting not taking the plunge. Although hopefully we do a similar make-up with the copper task roughout. I would definitely be in for that.
So has a decision been made on the second boot or are you going to do a vote again?
Below is a description of my preferred make-up (similar to Fok's second suggestion for this round but tweaked a bit): - Style: Service boot - Last: 2030 - Leather: Copper task roughout - if they would do it, perhaps the middle portion (?quarter?) could be oiled similar to the partially oiled boondocker in the other thread (but with the part that is oiled reversed) - Eyelets: Brass - Toe Cap:straight or brogue cap toe (personally I have no preference) - Toe Box:...
Is the above shoe from Viberg?
I like it. I think I would have done the reverse. However, I still think it looks great as-is or would look great if you finish waxing the whole thing.
I'd probably be in for something similar to the copper task roughout you suggested, Fok, or one similar to Haven's (http://shop.havenshop.ca/collections/viberg/products/for-haven-service-boot-copper-task-r-o) but with a different sole. My tweaks or suggestions would be:- Different color tongue than black. preferably something brown/tan (the black tongue may even be a deal-breaker for me)- Prefer 2030 last but I think 2040 would be okay, too- Perhaps a leather sole to...
Thank you for your response. This is the type of reasoning I was concerned I might have overlooked. With that said, I double-checked with Inverallan to be on the safe side and it looks like it is not actually correct in this case.Below is the question I asked them:"I realize this may seem obvious, but I was wondering which would be thicker/chunkier…single or double donegal?"Their response was:"Double Dongeal is thicker and more chunky."
They only have two size 38s left at this point. Amazing denim though.
^^^ Thanks for consolidating information and thank you to dotcomzzzz. In regard to the underlined portion of the following quote, I would take it to mean that the double donegal is less chunky. However, that does not seem to make much sense to me. Am I misunderstanding something? I am assuming the "it" is in response to a question and not referring back to the previous reference to "double" donegal. "In regards to the single donegal weight and thickness, its quite...
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