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Not sure about the 2060 last. It was from LA Guy's post originally. Perhaps it was just a typo on his part.
I would be all for the above make-up depending on how the 2060 last looks (if it is similar to the 2030 or 2040, I would be happy with it). I also would not mind if the boot was cap toe and/or has a double leather sole.
I would probably be interested in the above suggestion (assuming 2030 or 2040 last). I would also be in for the same but with cap toe and/or leather soles instead of Dainite.Out of curiosity is there a rough-out version of the Tan Bison (it seems that most of the smooth leathers have a rough-out equivalent)? I realize that reduces some of the uniqueness provided by being a grained leather but am curious anyway.
What was the tagged size?
Those cinnamons do look good...kind of regretting not taking the plunge. Although hopefully we do a similar make-up with the copper task roughout. I would definitely be in for that.
So has a decision been made on the second boot or are you going to do a vote again?
Below is a description of my preferred make-up (similar to Fok's second suggestion for this round but tweaked a bit): - Style: Service boot - Last: 2030 - Leather: Copper task roughout - if they would do it, perhaps the middle portion (?quarter?) could be oiled similar to the partially oiled boondocker in the other thread (but with the part that is oiled reversed) - Eyelets: Brass - Toe Cap:straight or brogue cap toe (personally I have no preference) - Toe Box:...
Is the above shoe from Viberg?
I like it. I think I would have done the reverse. However, I still think it looks great as-is or would look great if you finish waxing the whole thing.
I'd probably be in for something similar to the copper task roughout you suggested, Fok, or one similar to Haven's ( but with a different sole. My tweaks or suggestions would be:- Different color tongue than black. preferably something brown/tan (the black tongue may even be a deal-breaker for me)- Prefer 2030 last but I think 2040 would be okay, too- Perhaps a leather sole to...
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