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Quote: Originally Posted by Aries83 Just received my cable knit, opinion on fit, is it too tight? Will it stretch out some?: Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier Looks excellent to me. Looks like a good fit to me as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet We've got a Cadet Grey (tying back to our Walt/Rudy pants) and a Charcoal Donnegal Tweed. Perhaps I missed this, but will there be matching pants for the donnegal tweed? If so, will they come in the Rudy? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by zinman74 Michael- Raf from California here. I spoke to you on the phone about a pair of slim Walt trousers in the glen plaid some time ago. They are absolutely beautiful trousers. I took a chance and had them let out by my tailor, but I am on the fence about whether they are still too slim or not, nothing ventured nothing gained right? I would like to echo the sentiment for some larger sizes or cuts though, I would be content...
I assume that it is doubtful but are there any physical stores that carry Oak Street? In particular ones in NYC, Philly, or Atlanta.
Also, is the washed peach color completely sold out or perhaps was it missed getting added to the site? It is the only color I remember that is not on the new site at all, and I thought that at least fairly recently there was some stock of it left on the old site.
I just bought two shirts...I am very excited. Phenomenal deal. The new site looks good, too. Nothing too fancy but a nice, clean layout and easy to use. Mauro - Note that for me everything was by default trying to add 2 at a time to my cart. It is not a major problem as the cart quantity can be updated, but I wanted to point it out.
Did they happen to mention if they will be making the trail oxfords in the pebble grain that they used for some of the boots?
Quote: Originally Posted by Newstyle Well unfortunately their smallest size in the Alden double Waterlock Longwing in walnut grain are available in a 9.5. Are there any other sites besides shoemart, blackbird, and leathersoul that carry these longwings at this pricepoint? You could get on shoemarts seconds list or call them and see if they have the longwings you are interested in on it. I have seen what appear to me to be the jcrew longwings...
Just ordered one in merino wool. I am very excited for an option that is a a bit lighter than the ones from previous years!
Can you provide a better picture of the plaid gitman or a link to a picture of the same model somewhere else? I cannot see the details well enough to identify which plaid it is.
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