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I assume that it is doubtful but are there any physical stores that carry Oak Street? In particular ones in NYC, Philly, or Atlanta.
Also, is the washed peach color completely sold out or perhaps was it missed getting added to the site? It is the only color I remember that is not on the new site at all, and I thought that at least fairly recently there was some stock of it left on the old site.
I just bought two shirts...I am very excited. Phenomenal deal. The new site looks good, too. Nothing too fancy but a nice, clean layout and easy to use. Mauro - Note that for me everything was by default trying to add 2 at a time to my cart. It is not a major problem as the cart quantity can be updated, but I wanted to point it out.
Did they happen to mention if they will be making the trail oxfords in the pebble grain that they used for some of the boots?
Quote: Originally Posted by Newstyle Well unfortunately their smallest size in the Alden double Waterlock Longwing in walnut grain are available in a 9.5. Are there any other sites besides shoemart, blackbird, and leathersoul that carry these longwings at this pricepoint? You could get on shoemarts seconds list or call them and see if they have the longwings you are interested in on it. I have seen what appear to me to be the jcrew longwings...
Just ordered one in merino wool. I am very excited for an option that is a a bit lighter than the ones from previous years!
Can you provide a better picture of the plaid gitman or a link to a picture of the same model somewhere else? I cannot see the details well enough to identify which plaid it is.
Quote: Originally Posted by Verbal Seeing as it is one of the first posts of this thread, I am surprised to have searched and not seen more discussion of the Fair Isle sweater. Are those who bought it happy with it? As another poster got at 10 pages back, is it likely to eventually go on sale? I have the fair isle sweater but am considering returning it. I lie the pattern and coloring very much but neck seems to funnel up my neck slightly...
I have the 42-20 and like it. In my mind it is still a pretty big watch but not gaudy or anything. The 51-30 looks good as well in and of itself, but it is huge. I think for the vast majority of people it is way too big too look good.
It sounds like it may be out of your price range (honestly, it is for me at least), but Inventory has a nice lighter brown (they term it dark khaki) Engineered Garments cord blazer...http://stockroom.inventorymagazine.c...iriving-jacket. No price listed but I feel like I saw somewhere that it is around $400. Perhaps R'yon will see this and can state the exact price. The Nepenthes store in NYC also had a nice EG corduroy blazer when I stopped by this weekend. I think...
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