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If you want and plan to buy the Bison boot but prefer it on the 2030/2040 last, do not forget to reply saying so. Fok said he will try to get it made on both the 110 and an alternate last if there are at least 4 people who want it that way .
Engineered Garments (across the board) RRL (across the board) Post O'alls (shirts and vests) Gant - Rugger & Bastian (blazers and knits) Viberg (boots) Alden (all footwear) Oni (denim) Epaulet (in-house brands/collabs across the board) Converse (sneakers) Gitman Vintage (shirts) Honorable Mention: Inverallan, SNS Herning, Sunny Sports, Pure Blue Japan, WvG, J. Crew, Gustin, Sid Mashburn, Han Kjobenhavn, Persol
This is very helpful. Any chance you can post up (at your convenience) some more pics from other angles?
Thanks Fok! I am in for the Bison boot on the 2030 (or 2040) last.
I am 100% in agreement with Rydenfan. The Bison boot specs are perfect besides the last. My preference is the 2030 last but I think the 2040 last is a good middle ground that will accommodate those who want a fuller toe without being overly bulbous. So, for now, there are no make-ups that I am interested. However, if another option is added that is instead on the 2040 last (similar to the others each having a pair of options), then I am definitely in.
Bloomingdales SoHo (on Broadway) still carries EG. However, I am not sure what they have in stock. It has been a month or two since I was there.
I hear you LA Guy and definitely appreciate all you are doing here. However, since I did not purchase from the previous round, the fact that those ones were all on the 2030 last has no real bearing on me. Furthermore, I would assume that besides a few big ballers most of the people who buy this round will also not be repeat purchasers from the last round. (Of course, to be fair, some of the people may not have purchased last time because they do not like the 2030 last). ...
- Tan bison - Service boot design (scout boot is okay, too) - 2030 or 2040 last - dainite or double leather soul
Not sure about the 2060 last. It was from LA Guy's post originally. Perhaps it was just a typo on his part.
I would be all for the above make-up depending on how the 2060 last looks (if it is similar to the 2030 or 2040, I would be happy with it). I also would not mind if the boot was cap toe and/or has a double leather sole.
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