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Personally, I am a big fan of the Rivet chino changes, especially the leg taper and introduction of a zipper fly. I have often wondered, especially with raw denim, why button-flies are so popular, in particular considering how many people size down their pants.
Probably a bit off-topic (sorry), but I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for where I could get a relatively similar cardigan to the Inverallan ones for my girlfriend. She is a big fan of my Inverallan and 4HM cardigans and would like a similar chunky cardigan for herself(although preferably with a softer material, like merino or cotton, rather than the typical Inverallan lambswool). I realize it will be too late for Christmas at this point, but I am still hoping...
Yes, I have a 40 in the 3a (lumber cardigan) and it fits fine. I would probably be fine going up to a 42 as well for a slouchier fit. So, I would guess that as a J. Crew small you would be fine in either a 38 or 40. If you are on the large side of a J. Crew small, then you might need to stretch the 38 a slight bit for it to fit well, but I doubt that would be a problem (based off of my own experience at least).Note, that my experience only applies to their cardigans. I...
I would think so. I am a medium in J.Crew and can go 40 (probably a small bit short and tight at first but I think the fit is fine now) or 42 in Inverallan.
I wear Large in Gustin shirts and typically find the following size-brand combinations work for me:Medium in Gitman VintageLarge in WvG Before Dinner and Medium in WvG After Dinner (AD fits better for me)Medium in J. Crew (although there is a decent amount of variety over the years, I would say current Mediums at J Crew fit me well or are a bit big, while I have found ones from a few years ago to be a bit more loose)Medium in RRL (although there is a lot of variance here,...
I am glad someone was able to take advantage of it. Out of curiosity...how much did they end up accepting?
Exactly why I said one might want additional measurements (with instructions describing how to conduct the measurement). If not a typo, then perhaps the seller flipped the collar up and measured from top of collar down (not sure why one would but that seems like one explanation to me; yet, even then the measurement sounds off).
Looks like there might be a good deal on ebay for a 3A in white/natural (I am not the seller)...http://www.ebay.com/itm/handknitted-Inverallan-aran-pure-wool-cream-cardigan-/171235406258?pt=UK_Womens_Vintage_Jumpers&hash=item27de6cf1b2. Listed in the women's section, but I do not see anything that precludes a guy from wearing it (at quick glance it looks like a normal 3A to me). The measurements appear to indicate it to be around a 38/40 but you may want to get...
Does anyone know what stores are getting the railroad stripe in fatigue pants (or other pants for that matter)? I saw that Steven Alan has them in fatigue shorts but that is the only store that I have seen with the material thus far.
I am looking to buy an Inverallan lumber cardigan (3A) and/or vest (9H) in size 40 or 42. I am open to a range of colors and yarns but would prefer single donegal or a comparatively lighter weight yarn (cotton or some of the wool blends they have done). PM if you have something along these lines that you are looking to sell. Thank you.
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