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G&G TG73 beats 'em all for me
Love Gable ... was my first G&G.
I second that: Ben or Olfe ... don't think I would go with the Hiro.
At the time I ordered, they were not on the web site. I saw them on Meermin's tumblr and asked nicely wether they were available. Prompt answer was, that they were just being made and they would be ready in my size in about 30-40 days. I pre-ordered immediately being given the option of paying when actual stock arrived. Very happy with how Meermin handled this. Now they are available on the web site as Christian B points out.   P.S. I asked for the special toe tap...
Arrival of my first Meermins. I'm very impressed, also of the leather quality. Very good fit for me and the leather doesn’t even seem as stiff as others in this thread have reported. Here are a few snapshots.          
Have you looked at DC Lewis? The Matthew is a gorgeous shoe ...
Claytons in the wild:  
My Claytons have arrived ... definitely worth the wait:
G&G refurbishment is more than that!
I have sent you a PM.
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