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Have you looked at DC Lewis? The Matthew is a gorgeous shoe ...
Claytons in the wild:  
My Claytons have arrived ... definitely worth the wait:
G&G refurbishment is more than that!
I have sent you a PM.
Kokos Shoes London. I live in Wales, all arranged by phone and then sent over to do the job.Full long sole and toe taps set me back less than a third of what the refurbishment at the mothership would have cost.See above ... couldn't justify spending half the price of a new pair of G&G's.
Here are a few shots of my Hayes after resoling (not done by G&G).
Update: David is looking into this and has made clear that he does not think this is acceptable. He intends to find a solution.
I am gutted ... totally gutted. On the third wear of my Matthews, just walking across campus, the whole heel block came off the left shoe: This surely should not happen to a quality shoe!
Love the look of these :slayer:
New Posts  All Forums: