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Update: David is looking into this and has made clear that he does not think this is acceptable. He intends to find a solution.
I am gutted ... totally gutted. On the third wear of my Matthews, just walking across campus, the whole heel block came off the left shoe: This surely should not happen to a quality shoe!
Love the look of these :slayer:
My standard size: a UK 9.5They are slightly elongated, but that is not a fit issue, at least not for me.
I've got them in brown and they are lovely :-)
Is there any alternative to having G&G shoes renovated by G&G? Cannot cough up the £300 for this right now, but shoes need new soles. Please only serious comments. I am aware that it is best done by G&G on the original last and I don't want to ruin the shoes ...
These are from Di Mella, Napoli.
Surely my choice of the day will not find much admiration here ...
Update to my previous posting: After a full day of wearing my new Matthews, I can not only state with confidence that these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had the pleasure to introduce to my feet, but also the scent of leather has taken over the scent of glue that had initially dominated ... I definitely am most happy with these. They fit like a glove and are a joy to wear.
Received my Matthews on Friday. First impression: a really nice shoe, leather is very supple, superb comfort, sole is beautiful and they seem overall very well constructed. But, as a shoe connoisseur, I like to let all senses immerse into a new pair of shoes ... I would not have purchased these had I only been able to smell them. Unlike with other high-end shoes (e.g. Gaziano & Girling), I only get the smell of glue ... No nice leather smell :-( (note, that these are...
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