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I agree. For me they don't even fill the New Rey, maybe because they don't do the trees in half sizes, but I doubt that would actually make much difference.
Definitely add me to the list if this one goes ahead.
I'm very much in favour of something TG73 like, but New Rey is not the answer. New Rey is much pointier. From their last overview (http://meermin.tumblr.com/image/20983395357), the Ben last looked closest to TG73, but I have not seen it in the flesh.
The only two JLs I own:                  
So do I ... unfortunately, there is not much left :-(
Two recent purchases:            
Not keen on a chukka, but G&G hatch grain Hoves are gorgeous: http://www.styleforum.net/t/236162/gaziano-girling-appreciation-shoo-porn-theard/7320#post_6149337Is this going to be the next group MTO? If so, count me in.
^ Can't see the picture :-(
What I meant is that they simply don't fill the shoe very well, hence do not have the intended effect. Maybe this is due to my shoes being a half size and trees only coming in full sizes?!
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