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I'm very much in favour of something TG73 like, but New Rey is not the answer. New Rey is much pointier. From their last overview (http://meermin.tumblr.com/image/20983395357), the Ben last looked closest to TG73, but I have not seen it in the flesh.
The only two JLs I own:                  
So do I ... unfortunately, there is not much left :-(
Two recent purchases:            
Not keen on a chukka, but G&G hatch grain Hoves are gorgeous: http://www.styleforum.net/t/236162/gaziano-girling-appreciation-shoo-porn-theard/7320#post_6149337Is this going to be the next group MTO? If so, count me in.
^ Can't see the picture :-(
What I meant is that they simply don't fill the shoe very well, hence do not have the intended effect. Maybe this is due to my shoes being a half size and trees only coming in full sizes?!
I would strongly advise against Meermin trees. I got some with my New Ray Dub Monks and the fit is awful. That said, I have ordered the lasted trees with the group MTO.
Here you go ... I had posted these before. The last picture was taken a few minutes ago. Shoes have been worn several times and had to undergo a lot of dancing action on a XMas do.            
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