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In my opinion, the Cheaney Imperials are quite good value for money, especially if purchased at a discount. That said, you should not expect the quality to be in the league of G&G. The leathers are not as supple and the finishing is inferior. I would regard the width as normal, but with a slightly higher instep.
Cheaney Imperial
Another pair of G&Gs
They were not overly roomy when I first got them. Have enough toe space and actually fit snugly.
These are several years old. I took them on a city trip a couple of years back, did more walking in them than anticipated ... and ended up in heavy rain with no cab to call. Although I had shoe trees with me (not the lasted ones), I never managed to remove those creases.
Green for KG
Well, I couldn't resist and ordered ... but my favourite would have been 1) and 8) ... both not my size
I'm assuming this is the old style Clayton, right? The new batch is supposed to come with a fiddleback waist, iirc.
Funnily, these are the shoes I have got (and keep getting) the most compliments for ;-)
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