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  That last looks sweet!
On a positive note, I can report that my Museum MTO looks fabulous after a first heavy wear. I wore them yesterday 6am-6pm. Though slightly stiff at the inset, they fit me really beautifully and by lunchtime, they had softened to be one of the most comfortable shoes I have experienced on their virgin voyage. At the end of the day, I can report less creasing than I would have expected and only where it is expected. Wear to the sole is nigh ideal. This means that for my feet...
Personally don't like the Carmina version ... I'd only be in if it was the G&G model.
Have to agree. My first Meermins were on the New Rey and the standard trees are not a good fit for them. Have switched to other generic but better fitting trees.
Today's new arrivals:      
Me too :-)
No re-sole required so far. Having been used primarily as a spring/summer shoe, they have not been exposed to much rain. They have trodden on some gravel paths though, so pretty pleased with them holding up so well.
A photo of my approx. 7-8 year old Kiplins as worn today:
My Warwicks after a few wears: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
Really depends a lot on the lighting conditions, but they are a very dark green, so will often look almost black. They combine well with grey trousers in a more formal setting. Beige trousers are also great, and they look fab with dark (forest) green cords.My better half saw these and instantly felt she had to kiss them ... I hesitated for a moment, wondering whether it would be wise to let a rival into the house but then could not resist, in particular as it clearly meant...
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